Monday, 18 February 2013

Myself VS The Stovetop

Wow this was quite the chore. In the me VS the stovetop battle I would have to call it a draw and here is why. First I thought I would just soak all the metal pieces overnight with some CLR Bathroom and Kitchen Cleaner and my favorite dishsoap, Dawn. But when I came out of bed this morning and began scrubbing I barely got any grime off plus under the grime they were just black with spots of rust. So ugly! So here are all the steps and my final results.

This is how I left them overnight completely submerged in the water, this has worked for me in the past on previous stovetops but like I said this is THE NASTIEST STOVETOP EVER!

This is what the top looked like with all those metal things removed and burners taken out, notice the brown rings. Oh and for anyone who hasnt dismantled their stovetop before its super simple, just give the burners a nice straight out tug and they should pop right out. then the metal rounds should just come right out as well.

My tried and true kitchen cleaners, if you dont have these you can use whatever you have on hand that is safe in your kitchen and on metal.

See now this is as clean as I could get them, noot good enough for me thank you! Which led me to my next tutorial activity. How to cover up a stove you cannot get clean. You do have a few options, you can leave it as is, you can buy new stove pieces, you can buy those premade foil covers you can buy at any dollar store, or you can use what most of us have on hand already, trusty aluminum foil.

So take your foil, if you have some, if not buy some it is used for many more things!
Place the first metal ring on the counter and measure out enough foil to cover the ring.

You will have some extra hanging over the sides, just cut it off.

Now form the foil around your metal rings using your fingers. Press it firmly in place starting near the center and work your way around the edges. Then take your scissors and pierce a hole in the foil where the holes are in the metal pieces. Fold the foil around those edges to.

Now your metal things ( is there a name for them?) are covered and you cannot see any of that nasty grime that wouldnt come off. Awesome or what? 

Push your burners back in the holes carefully so you dont rip the foil.

Look at that! Does that not look alot nicer? I am super happy with it! I hope you like my funky cleaning creation! 

A very frugal way to redo your nasty stovetop. Lets face it we all boil over water and spill things on the stove. The trick is to find a funky frugal way to keep it clean!

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