Wednesday, 28 May 2014

5 Reasons I Dislike Facebook

I love being social as much as the next person I think it is great to get out and make friends and have a good time. What I don't like is seeing pictures of my loved ones half naked or hearing about how this guys butt hurts from falling asleep at a party last night. People don't realize what they are sharing with the world until it is too late and by the time you want to take it down all your friends have seen it and it's too late. Being responsible on the internet can be tough for some people and I think Facebook makes it too easy for bad things to happen. So here are the reasons why I dislike Facebook:

1. Too many young kids posting disgusting pictures. Not only are they making it uncomfortable for family members who see them on there but what about sick people that prey on young kids. All your pictures are on there for anyone to see and it just creeps me out. Don't forget when your trying to get a job, rent a house, or apply to college your superior has every right to look at your FB page to see if your a good fit.

2. Status updates for most people are just dumb. Like "so and so is having an OK day", or "I just left my house to walk to school" not only is it completely pointless but there comes that creepy factor again. Anyone who knows you or reads that update is going to know where you are.

3. Games that people are constantly inviting you to play. I have much better things to do with my time then sit around playing Farmville for 4 hours and so should you. Think of all the amazing things you could be doing like making money or playing with your kids, or even reading a book. Sure if you have the time play a game here or there but know when to stop.

4. Friends posting and liking annoying things that get shared with you. If I want to see or hear something from you I will contact you by email/phone/text/in person don't post some sick joke right on my page where not only my friends can see it but so can my family. And for the stuff your liking and posting is visible by everyone. So if you go and like fetish videos or bulk sex toys your about to be judged by all your friends and family.

5. I hate how being a blogger forces you to be on Facebook. If you want to make an excellent social statement to any companies you need a million Facebook friends. Well I say that is bologna because I can have just as big of social impact by sharing on my blog, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, and of course face to face intereactions with my friends and family. I bet I have created more of a buzz with all the products I have reviewed just sharing them with my friends and family then I ever would on some stinking FB page.

I can probably think of a million more reasons why I dislike Facebook but I will only bother you with 5.  Hopefully you will all spend your time a little wiser and we can try to travel back in time before FB existed. Get out and do something constructive, I think it's better to get some face time then it is to get Facebook time.

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