Monday, 2 February 2015

14 Days of Random Valentine's! (RAOK)

I like teaching my kids to give back or give to those less fortunate. I also like to teach them that being kind to all humanity can make you feel amazing. It doesn't hurt to throw in the fact that everyone deserves a gift from the heart no matter how rich, poor, old, young, sick, healthy, etc. and I can't stress that enough to my kids. There is such a terrible separation between people these days due to how wealthy they are, personally the class separation bothers me and I am trying very hard to overcome judging or comparing myself to those who live a wealthier lifestyle. 

So part of my overcoming and lessons for my kids I have created this "Random Valentine" series. My kids and I have filled these white envelopes with a $2 coffee card, chapstick, coupons, and a small note explaining the random valentine and wishing them all the best. I am hoping we can spread around some smiles.

I also created a cute poem for my kids to read everyday when we deliver our Random Valentine's!

It is fun to watch the kids run around the house and find the items, my son has to read it everyday and then they have to find the stuff and we deliver an envelope. The items they find are just random toys or whatever they find or see in the colors red and blue, sort of like eye spy. Then each day they name something sweet but cannot repeat an answer from the previous day! What do you think of my Random Valentine game?

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