Saturday, 21 February 2015

DIY Woven Chair

I was looking at my old computer chair that had been missing its back for a couple years and thought I would not need to buy a new one if I just fixed the backing. Why add to the landfill when my creative mind can easily solve the problem. I looked around and found some old stained shirts that were also heading to the landfill. This project instantly turned into an awesome Reduce, Reuse, Recycle item. Challenge accepted!

First you need to make a rope out of the shirts. I used a simple technique I found here: T Shirt Rope but I didn't do the twisting part I just left it as a basic string type. 

Begin going back and forth with the rope as pictured above and tie off on each side as you are going back and forth. Do this until your entire backing is full of horizontal weaves and then switch to vertical making sure to weave through the rope as you go to perfect the basket weave pattern. I really wanted to do two colors because I thought it would look cool but you can go with any colors or any single color you like. When you are done you should have a product similar to this one:

I was able to reuse my chair and clothes and create this super comfortable, creative, and stylish chair!

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