Funky Frugal Tips

  • Save every drop of bacon grease in a mason jar. That stuff is like liquid gold, you can use it to fry potatoes, eggs, sandwiches, onions, mushrooms, all while infusing your food with bacon flavor!

    • Open your blinds and curtains as soon as you wake up not only will you save cash by not using electricity turning on the lights but you will also let in any sunlight allowing the sun to naturally warm up your home. 
    •  Did you know some newer TV's have energy saver settings? Take a look around in your menu and see if you have one, it dims the brightness of the TV using less electricity.

    • Did you know sponges are machine washable? I rarely throw away a sponge unless it is falling apart in my hand. I also love having one of those scotch brite dish wands that you fill with dish soap, the heads that you can take off and replace are also machine washable!

    •  Trying to save money on your water bill? Wanna do your part for the environment? Try filling a 2L bottle with water and putting it in your toilet tank or you can use a large rock or big brick, you will use less water with every flush!
  • Buy items marked down for clearance, just because they say it is best before a certain date does not mean it is officially spoiled on that date. It is just an estimate.
  • I have 3 kids so that means a lot of hot water at bath time, but it doesn't have to. I give my baby a bath first since he is the cleanest, then instead of draining and refilling the tub I just add more water and bubble bath for my other two. I save like 10 litres of hot water!
  • This is a pretty awesome money saver, if you have a Lysol No Touch Soap Dispenser and see how expensive the refills are, don't worry you can refill just one over and over again with your favorite hand soap. I just wedge a butter knife under one side of the lid and gently pull it up then put the knife on the other side and pop that side up as well. Once you have the lid off use your favorite liquid hand soap to refill and pop the lid back on. It just takes a little push til it pops back in place! Now refills are no longer on your shopping list! Watch my Youtube tutorial here:

  • Don't throw away your white ends of your green onions! Place them in a glass of water and they will grow back, this also works with celery! And yes it works I have done it! I have heard this works with lettuce as well but have not tried it.
  •  Grow your own! We have a nice big veggie garden here with animals that create terrific compost. Our garden supplies us with tomatoes, corn, potatoes, carrots, cucumber, peas, and so much more. We work very hard on it all spring and summer and then harvest eat and freeze whatever we can to save us a ton of money!
  • I'm sure we all hate paying for electricity right? Well I know your always encouraged to unplug things but I can never remember to do this. So here is my tip. Invest in a few power bars with the nifty little on off switch and put them where most of your largest groups of electronics and such are plugged in. Then whenever you leave the House flip the switch. No unplugging!
  • In the summer when the kids use a kiddie pool and the time comes to refill with fresh water, don't just drain the water out on the lawn. My kids enjoy taking buckets full of dirty pool water to the garden and all the plants. Saves me from watering later.
  • When I buy laundry soap and get the 2x concentrate I do a few loads with very little detergent until it reaches just over 1/2 way full then fill the remainder with water. It makes very little difference and you get way more soap!
  • If you have chickens, ducks and other farm animals save as many organic fruit and veggie scraps as you can. Also try digging up worms for them instead of buying them from pricey stores. Also if you like buying your animals fruits and veggies check out the discount bins or clearance rack for bruising or moldy fruit marked down.
  • Raising kids can be expensive if you let it. Your kids do not need every electronic or movie out there. Entertain your kids with books from the library, tag outside, hopscotch, coloring, etc.
  • Clothes shouldn't rule your wallet I get lots of clothes from friends and family, and if I desperately need something I buy used. Clothes are very unimportant to me, for my kids I get lots of hand me downs, and ask people to include it in gift options for birthdays, Christmas, etc.
  • Do not waste baby wipes on your everyday messes when your at home. I know some people who buy baby wipes just to wash their kids faces when they are done eating. Why waste that kind of money when you can just use a face cloth? I always keep one near by so I'm not tempted to use my wipes!
  • Drink more water. Did you know if you drink a big glass of water before eating you won't eat as much and you will digest it easier. I drink at least 6 or 7  (refilled by the tap) bottles of water a day.
  • Do you hate wasting the little end pieces of bread off every loaf? No problem, take the pieces each time you have a loaf of bread and put them in a freezer bag marked bread ends, or other clever name, when you have enough of them, let them thaw and then you can slice into cubes toss in melted butter with your preferred seasonings and bake them at 300 degrees for 15 mins. Stir once or twice while baking. Then you have croutons, or put them in a food processor or blender and pulse to make bread crumbs.
  • When I give my kids apple slices, bananas, or any other fruit but for some reason they cant seem to finish I put them in my "smoothie" bag in the freezer. By this I mean label a freezer bag smoothie and any left over fruit from snacks gets tossed in there and when we want a smoothie we have all kinds of frozen fruit ready to go! No more waste and another delicious snack!
  • If you run out of corn syrup in the middle of baking and don't have the time or money to go buy some here is a simple substitution for you. If a recipe calls for 1 cup corn syrup combine 1 cup granulated sugar and add 1/4 cup additional liquid used in the recipe. Mix separately and then add.
  • If you run out of chocolate or don't even have any but have a mad craving for brownies don't worry just use unsweetened cocoa powder, margarine or shortening, and sugar. Or if the recipe calls for unsweetened chocolate just don't add sugar. Easy as pie!
  • Save all your vegetable trimmings, onion peels, carrot peels, pea pods, celery tops, etc. You can keep them in a freezer bag just like your bread pieces and when you have enough you can make vegetable stock. You just put all your peels and scraps in a big pot and cover with water. Let boil for 3-4 hours then strain. You can either freeze it or use it right away!

    • Did you know you can rent DVDs at your local library? That's right almost all libraries now have DVD rentals available. So not only can you learn through the power of books but get your entertainment fix through the library for free as well.

    • Health care is expensive. Medication is expensive to, did you know you can save a little by asking your doctor for samples? Doctors offices, and clinics get samples of all kinds of medications, like Advil, Tylenol, Senakot, allergy meds, birth control and a whole lot more. It never hurts to ask, if you don't use them they expire and get discarded.

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