All In A Days Work!

There is always something going on around my house, and usually it involves me being very busy cooking, cleaning or taking care of the kids in general. So its nice when you get to just look at your life and laugh! And boy did I have a good laugh this morning. Why is it as soon as your back is turned kids get into everything? Well my daughter came out of the kitchen looking like this:

She is sporting the ever fashionable coat of baking powder! As soon as I left the kitchen to change my babys bottom I hear giggles and then this is what greets me around the corner!
So what do you do when life throws you crazy curve balls.... Laugh! We laughed and then I swept it all up and told her not to touch. So take the time to laugh in the chaos we call life. It will help you enjoy life and your family will thank you for it. Happy Mommy = Happy Family!
So find something to make you laugh today to starting with these:
Get your Joke of the day
And more Jokes
Then head over to Break to see some hilarious videos!

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