Friday, 1 March 2013

TGIF and Cheese Puff Review

Well its finally Friday! Which is usually good news for most working people. Or moms that have kids in school. So lets prep for the weekend by caring and sharing. First I will share some links to keep you busy this weekend:

Things to Keep You Busy:

Stop by Gift Hulk to enter this contest to celebrate international womens day. You can also sign up via my referral link: and be well on your way to earning gift cards and stuff.

Head over to Young Adult Money for a huge list of giveaways to enter!

If you wanna play some educational games with your kids head over to for 10 fun games from around the world. Very cultural.

Or if your looking for some fun things to cook this weekend why not head over to Kraft Canada for some new recipe ideas.

Cheese Puffs Review:

This week I got my order from and was super happy with their customer service!  I ordered some cheese puffs for my kids because they absolutely loooooove cheesies. ut the amount of yucky trans fat and grease and mess that come with other cheese puffs is pretty insane. So I tried these Barbara's All Natural Baked Cheese Puffs.

They are amazing! They are super lightly dusted with cheese flavor that they hardly leave any cheese on your fingers. They are made with aged blue and cheddar cheeses. So tasty! I was able to get mine for $3.69 on I have not yet seen them in grocery stores.

These are gonna be my go to cheesy from now on!

Overall:  I give these cheese puffs 5 stars for flavor, cleanliness, and health factors!


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