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E-book: Grammarics' Pictorial Guide To Common Errors In English Usage (Volume 1)
I got to be a reviewer for a great educational book this week called Grammarics' Pictorial Guide. It is an amazing tool for common grammar errors. I even know adults that could benefit from this book. A lot of kids learn through sight, or pictures of the content they are learning best which makes this book super helpful. The program also has a ton of really informative posters as well for classrooms, home offices, kids rooms, and more!
 This e-book is available in PDF format that can be read on any computer, tablet, or mobile device. This e-book covers 42 concepts across grammar, punctuation, and word usage that are commonly confused by most people. You will receive a download link in your e-mail after you make the payment on the website.

Here is a sample from the book:
 It is grammar simplified and the pictures are helpful. I read the book and now when I say something live "there, their, or they're" I remember the little pictures. It is like a grammatical snapshot in your mind. When I was in community college they had a refresher course on this exact topic, simple grammar errors that even grown ups make. I think this book is perfect for schools of any age group as well as the posters they have. If you want to learn more or would like to buy the book click the pic below:

Grammarics' Store

Grammarics' Store   
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I was able to exceed in my challenge of getting rid of 7 items today for the declutter quest I am on and got ten items out of my kitchen. 9/10 went straight to the trash, the potato masher went into the donation box.

I also received another puzzle from, this time I got a 300 piece puzzle of my kids. I worked on it as soon as I got it out of the adorable little box. This is what it looks like so far!
This week when I get it done I will show you how cute the picture is. I am blown away once again at the quality of the product, super sturdy and laminated so icky, sticky, kids cant destroy it!
 If you haven't checked out yet I urge you to do so they have the most fantastic customer service as well as a top quality product, and many products to choose from!
In my short time as a blogger I have noticed how extremely competitive blogging is. It is not an easy job! You need to give your readers a reason to come to you for information. You need to stand out from the crowd and do something different. I have seen a dozen different blogs for couponing, freebies, debt management, but there are only the select few that you feel like subscribing to because they said something meaningful to you, or helpful to you! So the challenge is appealing to the masses and trying to approach things differently than others, well it is impossible to please everyone and some people don't like it when things are too different! So here is where we need to figure out some moderation between being unique and sticking to what works. One of my goals is to be a unique blogger people flock to for answers, granted it will take time. I have a feeling it will be a very reachable goal! Here is to a long blogging relationship my dear readers!

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