Thursday, 16 May 2013

Perfect Threads Review!

So as you know I am a huge advocate of children's consignment. Getting quality products for your kids at a fantastic price is what every parent wants! I got to review an online clothing consignment store this week and I gotta say I am quite pleased. I got an outfit each for my two oldest as well as a onesie and a bib for my little guy. My daughters outfit was an adorable pink shirt from old navy originally and baby gap shorts, in perfect, like brand new condition. My sons outfit consisted of a Gymboree shirt with the tags still on it, the original price was around 20.00 just for the shirt. My babies onesie still had tags on as well and bib looks like it was never used! All of this would have retailed for around 75+ dollars but through perfect threads I would have paid around 35.00. All articles are shipped right to your door and when you place an order you can also get free "clean out" bags to do consignment on and get credit to do your shopping through Perfect Threads, or donation bags where all proceeds go to help the SickKids Foundation, Rosalie Hall, Red Door Family Shelter, Covenant House, or Children's Wish Foundation. All very amazing charities. 

My sons onesie says Major Hunk and I was a little late snapping the photo so my tiny teether has drooled all over it, probably should have wore the bib. Nothing better than all natural photos though right! That is what life is all about. They ship to anywhere in Canada so go for it and see what amazing deals you can score. Check out!

 My house is in complete chaos right now with packing and organizing and three kids. Yikes, here is what I get to look at for the next couple weeks til moving day.

Cardboard brown is my least favourite colour in the world but it is in every room. Very depressing. But there isn't a whole lot I can do about it. I am not happy with my neighbours or the way the house is smelling, mold is a very scary subject though and there is rules about such things. So if you are a renter or a landlord make sure you read about the Mold and Mildew tenancy act if you have any leaks. You can find it here, this is for BC but I am sure there is one for every province and possibly state. 

So back I go to packing, cleaning, and everything in between! Have a great day!

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