Saturday, 8 June 2013

Game Access Review!


I had a lot of fun reviewing this awesome game rental service. They have games for all consoles including Xbox, Xbox 360, PS2, PSP, PS3, DS, Game Cube and much more. We have a 360 at my house so that's what we rented. They have no late fees either so if your itching to beat a game and don't want to return it right away, you don't have to.You can choose the type of account you want: Platinum, Gold or Silver each with its own features and the membership prices are very reasonable considering if you buy a game brand new it can cost upward of $60.00. You can also sign up for a free month trial. To see the hundreds of game titles and features they offer go to
The #1 Game Rental Service in Canada and Much More!

Founded in 2005 by two young Montreal entrepreneurs/gamers, Game Access is now Canada’s largest online video game rental service with thousands of happy customers across the country. In October 2008, Game Access also became Canada’s first online video game mega store.

The One Stop Shop for Console Gamers

Whatever your console, Game Access is the first place you should shop. We have the best prices in the country for console games and accessories as well as the largest selection available. Whether you wish to buy or rent, Game Access has a solution that will fit your budget.

A World Class Gaming Resource

Constant innovation is what Game Access is all about. Amongst other things, Game Access is the first online store to offer free HD videos to its customers while they shop. Our Advanced Game Search Engine is also the World’s most comprehensive game search engine built to date. The Game Access Community is also a great way to share your passion about video games!

Proudly Canadian

Game Access is a proud Canadian company, operating out of Montreal, Quebec. When you shop with Game Access, you support not only us, but also other local businesses that create quality jobs right here in Canada.

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