The Skrapr Review!

The Skrapr | Family of Products 

I got to review the family of Skrapr products and wow am I ever impressed! I tried the Skrapr Heavy Duty on my windows of my french doors because they were covered in spray paint and I was able to scrape over 4 feet of glass completely spotless without a single scratch! It was so easy and worked so well I now use the skrapr everywhere I can. Yesterday I made pancakes and had not taken the time to wipe up a couple drops of pancake batter off the stove top, so it dried onto there and was rock hard. With one simple scrape from the Original Skrapr I removed it, with no cleaners or scratchy scouring pads just a simple Skrapr! 

These are just some of the awesome products I received and I have tried every one and they are all just amazing! They do so many different jobs with just the one tool it is unbelievable! I really enjoy using the Scoopr (ice cream scoop not shown) and The Grillr (Grill Skrapr also not shown) The quality of the craftsmanship is perfect. Not to mention the cute little bonuses that are added into some of the packages. With the Skrapr you get a mini Skrapr keychain, with the Curv you get a rasp that you can use for mincing garlic or ginger. There is so many neat things they have created with this product line I could probably talk about it for a while. But I will let you take a look for yourself. Go to and see the product line for yourself. Then rip over to your local retailer and scoop up some Skrapr's for yourself because this is a tool every home needs!

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