Manning Canning Review and Coupon Fairy!

I got the pleasure of reviewing some fantastic products from Manning Canning! I received 4 different kinds of preserves, 2 sweet and 2 savoury. I got a raspberry jam, strawberry jam, spicy tomato jam, and a zucchini relish.

I love handmade preserves, I eat a lot of store bought jams and such but nothing ever compares to handmade. Manning Canning makes a fantastic product. I decided to have toast with my jams this morning, for both myself and my kids and I was in love at first taste! My kids had nothing left but sticky faces and they were very pleased with how delicious the jams were. I am very impressed at the subtle sweet flavor of the strawberry jam. It is my favourite. The raspberry jam is perfectly balanced and not too sweet, so yummy!

The spicy tomato jam is sweet with a mild kick of spice to it, I would like it on hotdogs, hamburgers, or just eating it with chips! The zucchini relish is sweet with the perfect combination of spices. It is such an amazing texture unlike the store bought ones you can tell this is carefully crafted and made by hand. The owner and head chef of Manning Canning is Christine Manning and she is a pleasure to work with! Very friendly and obviously is no stranger to making fantastic comfort food! If you would like to see what she has to offer check out! I can guarantee any product she makes will be fantastic!

I think it is time for a good deed. I really enjoy helping my community thrive and help people be able to live a happy comfortable life! So today I am going to do some shopping to grab a few groceries and place valuable coupons all over the store along with my business card! Just call me the coupon fairy! I hope I can help people save some money and help them to buy more. I believe we hold the power to change our economy, we just need to do more things like this for eachother as well as buy local and help out in the community. I love where I live and I love helping people all over the world by doing anything I can. One person can make a difference!

The other day we were walking through the parking lot and found a beautiful Lamborghini! I just had to take a picture of my boy with it!

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