Favorite Color Swap and Burnt Memories!

I am so very excited that I am participating in my very first Swap! I have seen other bloggers post about their neat packages they send and receive and it always looked like so much fun! So I joined Chaotic Goddess and her favorite color swap! So exciting! My favorite color is blue, and I can't wait to see what my partners favorite color is. I absolutely love getting packages in the mail! It is so sentimental and heart felt it makes you feel cared for. I love sending packages to friends and family when I can and I will begin kicking that up a notch as well as my Random Acts Of Kindness! My blog has really began to pick up so I am feeling the need to give back in as many ways as I can. I have already began by sponsoring other bloggers and will continue to do so to get my advertising up to par! But anyways if you care to join us in this nifty little swap head on over and sign up HERE

In other news one of my most memorable places in town burnt to a crisp a few days ago. So sad, I had some of my favorite teenage memories in the Youth Centre and then attended an amazing wedding last year in our poor community centre. They are connected and both burnt and below the community centre is a school for misdirected/misunderstood students. Here is what they look like now :( 

Absolutely destroyed. They say it is a very suspicious fire, which really doesn't surprise me in the least because there are quite a few homeless people, and drug abusers that hang out around there. It breaks my heart because the youth centre provides food and fun for teens. I remember when I was that age and we never had food, the youth centre was always there to help, and now those poor students that barely stood a chance to begin with are no longer able to attend there. And the beloved community centre, people have their weddings their, they host weight watchers meetings, senior programs, pancake breakfasts for special events and so much more. I am hoping they build something new and better! What we really need in this town is a bowling alley with an arcade so the kids here can do more than just get into trouble! Hopefully someone will scoop up the opportunity because not only will it help the community but they would make a whole lot of money!

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