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Emergency Food-Replacement Pill 

Have you ever dreamed of a world without hunger? Where everyone in every part of the world could live without hunger pains? I have dreamed of this many times especially when those really sad commercials come on TV  about children starving to death. If only there was a magical solution. Well we may not have a magical solution but this is a start. These are LifeCaps and they are used for relieving hunger. I have tested them out by only eating these for an entire day and I have to tell you I felt pretty good. I love food so unless it was a true emergency I wouldn't want to survive on them, but they do work and could really change the world. Here is some additional information on LifeCaps.

World's First Survival Pill!

This is the story as told by owner and creator Daryl Stevenett.

Shark Tank – LifeCaps Aftermath
I just got word that our episode was the “highest ranking” Shark Tank show to date with over 8 million viewers. I want to say that people have been asking questions and want more information about my product, LifeCaps (a top rated weight loss pill for women).

 It was frustrating for me to watch myself on TV, knowing that I did indeed share wonderful information about LifeCaps, but very little of it was in the final edit.
When I left the studio that day after taping my show in front of the Sharks, which was about 45 minutes of actual unedited footage, I felt confident in my performance but knew the final cut was entirely in the hands of the producers.

Some people have criticized my product, saying it is nothing more than a multi-vitamin. The Sharks asked the same question, but neither the question nor my answer made the final edit. So here is my answer. Yes, LifeCaps contains 25 vitamins and minerals in a mild dose so it can be taken on an empty stomach. If you tried to survive on a multi vitamin and water only for three days, you would feel terrible, have an upset stomach and probably throw up. You would not feel comfortable as I claim you would with LifeCaps. People can take the challenge for themselves. Try taking regular vitamins with no food for three days and see how you feel. Over the counter vitamins are supposed to be taken WITH food, not on an empty stomach, and most vitamin labels say that.

Keep reading to learn more...

Is LifeCaps a diet pill?
The accusation was made by one of the Sharks that I had merely designed a “diet pill,” disguised as a survival pill, and was trying to deceive the public. Mark Cuban then made the comment that I was a “snake oil salesman,” to which I responded, “Mark, I take offense at that comment!” He then replied, “You’re so full of crap!” to which I responded, “By the way, I haven’t eaten in 8 days; there’s no crap in me. Trust me.” Then I said, “Mark, I challenge YOU to go 8 days with no food.” He had no comment.

Side note: According to my contract with Shark Tank, I am not allowed to lash out, demean, or be mean to the Sharks in any way. They on the other hand can say anything rude or offensive in return. I was very respectful to the Sharks. It is not my nature to fight back with rude words. I respect the Sharks. They are powerful, wealthy, intelligent business people who have experienced more success than I probably ever will. I respect the Sharks and learned from my experience.

Back to the Question: Is LifeCaps really a diet pill disguised as a survival pill?

When I make the claim that LifeCaps suppresses, curbs, or satisfies hunger, it may appear as though I am describing a diet pill. But let me ask you this... If someone wanted to design a “Survival Pill” to be used when food might not be available, when one had not eaten for hours, or maybe days, while stuck in a traffic jam as everyone rushes to get out of town- the kids are crying, and Mom and Dad are irritable- wouldn’t it make sense that one of the main functions of your “survival pill” would be to “relieve hunger” and make someone feel “more comfortable?”

LifeCaps is NOT a diet pill and was never designed to be a diet pill. In fact, we specifically designed it to inhibit weight loss as much as possible, because slowing weight loss enables one to survive longer in a survival situation.

For example, most diet pills have one thing in common… they contain stimulants such as caffeine, guarana, maw wang or ephedra. The purpose of these stimulants is to speed up your heart rate so you are more active and burn more calories and body fat. So you run around with this energy spike, but then you crash. Stimulants make you jittery and your heart races. They are not generally healthy things.

LifeCaps contains NO stimulants. LifeCaps is “stimulant-free.”
In an emergency situation where you haven’t eaten in hours or maybe much longer, the worst thing you could do is take a stimulant. It would be bad for you. It could cause cardiac arrest. People take energy drinks today at record numbers. The ill-effects of taking energy drinks, one after another on an empty stomach, can be severe. This isn’t a good thing to do. Some energy drinks have actually been banned in some countries due to their “ill-effects.” LifeCaps has been found to create true stamina, not just a quick energy rush.

Am I trying to trick the public?
So there I was, Friday, January 24, 2014, 8 pm, sitting in a room with dozens of close friends at the Gibson Lounge at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, watching myself on Shark Tank being eaten alive by the Sharks. It was uncomfortable to say the least. I’m an adult, I knew what I was getting into, and I should “man up” and take the blows. I don’t have a problem with that. I’m fine.

So here is my frustration.
I walked away that day back in July from my Shark Tank experience feeling good about myself. I had just spent 45 minutes explaining all about LifeCaps. I told the Sharks how I had traveled down to Galveston Island right after Hurricane Ike to try and help people, by taking thousands of LifeCaps to the displaced citizens of Texas. These people were homeless and camping on the beach. Their homes had been flooded by salt water, which contained sewage and oil from all the refineries in that area. The streets of Galveston were lined with refrigerators, all duct taped shut to keep the stench of rotting food in. It didn’t help; the whole town stank terribly.

I walked around, handing out packets of LifeCaps, explaining how they would help. I said they contained vitamins and minerals that would help sustain them. The Red Cross was offering one meal a day to everyone in the area. Most people were on foot and it was a 3 mile walk to get the free meal. Vehicles were out of gas. People were out of money. The banks had just barely put up make shift trailers and allowed people to withdraw only a few hundred dollars every week or so. Even if you had a million dollars in the bank, they couldn’t give it to you. This was reality. It was amazing to me as I had never realistically comprehended what happens when a hurricane takes out your town.

After a few days I returned to the beach. Many had left the area, as it is illegal to camp on the beach, and law enforcement kicked them out. How ironic! But many were still there trying their best to survive. I got some video of folks thanking me for the LifeCaps I had given them days before, insisting they did indeed work, as they asked for more. I refrained from bringing out the video camera too much, as these folks were in a bad place. Out of respect I just talked with most of them off camera.

I could go on and on about the town meetings I attended in Galveston, about how I gave out handfuls of LifeCaps packets to mothers with their children all lined up in the dark at 5am in a parking lot, trying to get a $100 dollar Free Wal-Mart gift card. There were hundreds of people waiting in line, all wrapped in blankets and shivering with their children, some wearing only a T-shirt, shorts and flip flops. Only 200 cards were given out. Many waited in vain and walked away disappointed. Keep in mind it was still hurricane season. It was windy and very cold.

Question: If I were trying to trick people, why would I even go to Galveston with my team, spend twenty thousand dollars on the trip and give out free product? Folks, my heart and intentions are in the right place. I do care about my cause to help people in need.

Again, LifeCaps is not a cleverly disguised “Diet Pill.” I really don’t care about the stupid money. I live in a one-bedroom apartment and drive a 1991 Chevy van. I play music in restaurants and write jingles for a living. Will I get rich from the sales of LifeCaps based on the orders coming in? Yes. Will I probably die broke from giving out more LifeCaps for free in times of emergency? I hope so.

I can’t tell you how sick I feel watching the suffering going on in the Philippines right now. Knowing that I have something that could help those people, but because I am not financially in a position to manufacture, ship, and give for free my LifeCaps product, I sit and remain helpless.

But I am Not Helpless! Thank God for Shark Tank!!!
By some miracle, out of 35,000 entries, I was selected to appear on Shark Tank. The episode I was on last Friday broke all records with a viewership of more than 8 million, not to mention all the reruns via CNBC, who just bought the rights for cable. CNBC broadcasts to 100 million homes in the US and 400 million in China, in addition to many other countries. LifeCaps is getting huge attention. LifeCaps will be in every glove box, every backpack, every purse and every office desk in America. And because of this, LifeCaps will one day be able to ship pallets of packets with bottled water to hurting people during times of hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados, or any emergency that cuts power and transportation, depriving people of much needed food. LifeCaps will be a “worldwide product.” This is going to happen. It is a product that will help millions of people and it all started by a very difficult appearance on Shark Tank. LifeCaps, I feel, was an inspired product.

Clinical Studies on LifeCaps
I listened to the advice of the Sharks. I have contacted the University of Utah, and clinical studies will be commencing soon. Not to prove that LifeCaps is safe, but to find out if we can improve upon it. LifeCaps is 100% FDA-compliant. The FDA only approves drugs, because drugs have to be “tested safe” before they can be brought to the public. Supplements such as vitamins and minerals, all of which are in LifeCaps, have already been proven safe by the FDA as long as they are on the GRAS-certified list. GRAS stands for “Generally Recognized as Safe.” LifeCaps, vitamins and other supplements, by law, must comply with these FDA requirements, and LifeCaps is in full and complete compliance.

In addition
We are also organizing a trip to Africa where we will conduct a clinical trial on an entire village of people. Men, women and children will be given LifeCaps to see if they help improve their daily lives, and to see how they help the children be more alert in school. They will be taking LifeCaps in conjunction with food as more as a daily supplement. I will report more on that later.

Final Word
Our website has been busy. Thousands of people are still searching us out. Orders are still coming in. Am I excited to buy a new car? Not really. I have a van that runs just fine. I am however excited to have the money I need to advance the cause, to have inventory on pallets, ready to be shipped at a moment’s notice. I am excited to partner with FEMA and first response teams to get our product to people quickly, to help ease their hunger until real food arrives!

And lastly, I am so grateful that I didn’t get a deal with the Sharks. I would have given up 30%. That is money I can now allocate to assist in emergencies that I’m sure lie ahead. It is money that will help us as a company, to be prepared and ready to help!  

World's First Survival Pill

Daryl Stevenett 

Powerful words from a wonderful man. The only way to make a difference is to start a movement and do what ever you can to help. We are all capable of helping one another all it takes is the willingness to do it!
Disclaimer: I received a bottle of LifeCaps to try and write about, I was in no other way compensated for my review. This product does work and I do recommend it!

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