Love Being You!

The world has become a very dark place where people are bugged or teased simply for being different. I for one was one of the kids who grew up hating school and never even made it though 8th grade simply because I was tortured from grade 4 until grade 8 and when I finally had enough I just stopped going. Why are kids so cruel, and you know it's not just kids it is older people as well judging and belittling others. As a way to say Love Being You I am completely redecorating my mode of transportation (my stroller) and proudly supporting my own style, my own decision, and trying to prove that being yourself is the best way to be! Take a stand and be yourself, who cares what other people think! This is my stroller so far:

Yeah that's right it is blue leopard print as well as zebra print. I am going to add in some hot pink as a shout out to and I will be including the saying "Love Being You" somewhere on my stroller. I want to make a difference in the world and help people to live life comfortable being themselves. 

Stand up be original and stop trying to be someone else because that's just silly!

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