Hicustom T-shirt Review

Who doesn't like originality and uniqueness? I love to be unique and I love new clothes, so who could pass up the opportunity to try a new shirt from Hicustom? Not me, I jumped on board and began designing my new custom made t shirt and I love it. The print is super hi quality and the shirt is as well. You can make your shirt any way you want, making you in control of the whole design experience! Simply amazing if you ask me. I did print on the front and back of my shirt, and since I am trying to find new ways to market my blog I put this on the back:
"Become super by visiting www.funkyfrugalmommy.com"

A terrific way to show my love of blogging and hopefully gain more traffic. I really enjoyed creating my shirt and I know you will to so check them our at http://hicustom.net/. You will save $10 instantly just by registering. Now head over there and make your dream shirt!

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