Lovable Labels Back To School Packs (Giveaway)

Back to school can be a hassle sometimes. Preparing your child with all new school gear can be fun and easy if you use Lovable Labels. I am smitten with these adorable little adhesives, they stick to anything and are microwave, dishwasher, washer, and dryer safe. They come in multiple fun and unique designs suited for any child no matter what they like. Every child is unique so get them labels that show off their personal style. I just received my Back to School Pack and love it, my son likes skulls and ships, treasure and pirates, so these really suit him.

The back to school pack comes with over 165 labels:
  • 30 sticker labels
  • 80 slimline labels
  • 12 shoe labels
  • 48 press N' stick clothing dots
  • 12 square labels
  • 2 mini metal tags
That is enough labels to label all year long! I am very fond of their shoe labels, my son loves them as well.
 If you order today you can get the great price of $39.95 and get free shipping. After that you will still get an amazing deal and an even better deal if you use my coupon code AmandaGLB2 to get 10% off your order! You will love these labels just as much as I do I promise. And be sure to check out all the other amazing products and awesome fun stuff Lovable Labels has to offer! Go to www.lovablelabels.ca to place your order and check them out!

Now to win a Back to School pack for yourself or someone you love!  

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