Perfect Threads - Don't Pay Retail, Save With Resale!

I am constantly finding my kids growing out of their clothes before they even get a chance to wear them out. I can't stand buying brand name clothes at local retailers, it literally makes me sick to spend $20+ on clothes my kids are going to wear for a month tops if I'm lucky. 

These are the reasons I am so thankful for businesses like Perfect Threads. They sell brand name high end fashion at 80% less then the retailers. Talk about savings. Perfect Threads sells boys, girls, men's, and women's clothing all in mint condition. Saving money on clothes is one of the best and sometimes most challenging things parents have to face.

You can also buy these amazing bargain boxes that contain numerous outfits for your munchkins for one rock bottom price. They ship to Canada and the U.S. and if you spend over $50 your shipping is free. You could literally buy your entire family a new wardrobe for less then you ever imagined. 

All of your purchases are guaranteed with The Perfect Threads Promise. If you are not happy with any of the items you purchase Perfect Threads will do their best to make it right. Read more here.  
So if you want your little ones decked out in Baby Gap, Osh Kosh, Hilfiger, and more but don't wanna pay those crazy retail prices or search for hours in store, visit Perfect Threads today!

**Perfect Threads is a proud supporter of the Heart and Stroke Foundation.**

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