Teaching Kids Financial Values

Studies show children as young as 3-years old are able to grasp the concept of money, with their spending habits forming by age 7. This information proves how important it is for kids to learn the value of money early on. With that, I'd like to introduce you to KidsTrade, a new app that gives children a platform to trade the "stuff" they no longer use with their classmates. KidsTrade is a great way for millennials to begin learning the fundamentals of making deals, fiscal responsibility, and the value of their possessions– the app takes advantage of everyday money teaching moments to better prepare children for the future.

KidsTrade is a free mobile app that allows kids to buy, sell and trade toys within their network of friends under parental supervision. All kids have to do is take a photo, write a description, and post it for their friends to see. Kids do the legwork while parents approve each step for added safety. This easy-to-use app will ultimately make saving AND decluttering your possessions a seamless task.
Possible story ideas with KidsTrade include:
  • Raising a future CEO
  • Starting Young: Teaching Kids the Importance of Finance
  • Ebay for Young Millenials
  • More!

About KidsTrade
KidsTrade is an app created by a group of parents who watched their kids (like all kids) grow tired of their belongings almost as quickly as they collected them. This innovative app allows children and teens to trade things, like video games, toys, sports gear and clothes, with friends. Kids are connected to peers at their own school, creating a safe, closed community. Kids do the, trade and deliver. Parents can check in anytime! Available for download on iOS and Android devices via the App Store and Google Play;

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