Monday, 4 April 2016

How can I make my kids eat healthy at school?

Go Gourmet, a brand specializing in super food snacks for kids, recently took a survey of their Facebook Fans asking parents how they made sure their kids made the healthiest choices for lunch at school. Below are the most common 'best practices' we received from parents. 

We asked
Moms, how do you make sure your kids are choosing healthy lunches at school?

The top most common responses:
  1. Get kids involved. Pack with kids the night before making sure  they pick foods from at least 3 of the food groups, ideally all four. 
  2. Let kids choose their own healthy snacks from the grocery aisle
  3. Create theme days & let them pick good food that fits the theme.
  4. Invest in fun.  Really fun containers helps a lot because kids would rather use them and choose which healthy food to fill the containers with than a prepackaged snack 
  5. Make lunchtime cute with healthy food in fun shapes; follow bloggers for inspiration
  6. Reward for empty lunch bails with a treat like smoothie 

For more ways to get your kids to eat healthy check out this helpful article: Healthy eating during COVID-19.

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