Sunday, 4 February 2018

5 Tips to picking a good carpet cleaner

If you’ve got a house that’s fully carpeted, no doubt you need a good carpet cleaner. Note that this is 
different from regular vacuum cleaners. Carpet cleaners are specifically designed for carpets and do 
a bit more work by washing and steaming the carpet to rid it of dirt, germs, and bacteria. If you’re out 
looking for a carpet cleaner, you’ve come to the right place. This article will show you 5 tips to picking 
the right product. From considering its different functions to reading reviews for a carpet cleaner, we’ll 
guide you towards a smart buy that your house will truly benefit from. Let’s begin!

1. Consider the power of steam
If you’re getting a carpet cleaner, consider one that has steam functionalities. Steam cleaning is also 
termed as deep cleaning. And that’s because the method is known to kill close to 100 percent of 
germs and bacteria hiding in your carpet. With hot steam being pumped in your carpet, it reaches 
deep into the pile of your carpeting, making sure its sterilized all the way to the lowest layer.

If a steam cleaner isn’t something you’re considering right now, carpet shampooers also do a good 
job in cleaning and they’re not as pricey. Shampooing is one of the oldest methods of carpet cleaning 
and it sure does the job. It’s very effective in removing dirt and stains on the carpet surface.

2. Check out its ease of use
Cleaning your carpet twice a year is already an ideal schedule for cleaning. But even though you’re not 
going to regularly use a carpet cleaner, it pays to get one that’s easy to use. You don’t want to be too 
lazy to setup the thing when your flooring is due for some deep cleaning. Consider the following things 
in determining ease of use: the weight, the size of the reservoir, and the length of the power cord. The 
overall weight of the cleaner affects how you move around the floor. The size of the water reservoir 
also matters because you don’t want to keep going back and forth to the sink to refill your tank. And of 
course, a lengthy cord will enable you to cover more ground without switching the plug.

3. Don’t ditch the vacuum

Just because you have a carpet cleaner doesn’t mean you can skip vacuuming your carpet. You still 
need to vacuum your carpet to make sure the surface of your floor is clean. It will not be a hundred 
percent clean but it makes sure to keep the surface looking neat. It’s important to have both as they 
work hand in hand in maintaining your carpet. Vacuuming is actually a prerequisite before shampooing 
your carpet. It helps remove dirt on the surface and loosens up carpet fibers, allowing the chemical 
aids to penetrate deeper into the surface.

4. Choose your chemicals right
There are a lot of chemicals you can use to clean your carpet, each of them with specific functions. 
There are chemicals specifically formulated to remove spots and stains, and there are those that 
deodorize. There are sprays, dyes, boosters, shampoos, dry foam, and detergents too. At first you 
may only be advised to use a regular carpet shampoo. But as you discover issues along the way like 
pet odor, and hard to remove stains, it pays to know there are specific products you can use for that.

5. Other considerations
Aside from the functions and ease of use, there are other considerations too when choosing a carpet 
cleaner. The price should be right for your budget, and there should reliable customer support behind 
the manufacturer. Another important thing to note is reviews and feedback from actual users. A good 
way to find out about a certain product is to search for it online and look for reviews. Looking for a user 
reviews on Google and Amazon is a great way to collect valuable feedback.

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