Why can’t the government print more money to save us from this crisis? Prepare for another wave of pandemic!

I have been researching the reasons why the government can’t simply print more money to save us from this crazy mess we have found ourselves in. 

The reasoning doesn’t make a ton of sense in my opinion. 

The biggest fear is inflation due to people receiving more money from the government. Once people receive more money they want to buy more products which sounds great but then businesses raise there prices due to supply and demand. If they can’t keep up with demand they have to hire more employees and make more products in turn making them lose profits. 

So why can’t the businesses apply for more funding to keep up with the demand and hire more employees? Produce more products? 

The way I see it is every business should be bailed out and given funding to keep up with demand once people receive more money to get themselves situated. The economy could be completely revamped if it was done right and we printed more from the federal reserve and pumped it into the right places at the right time without allowing for inflation. 

There is no excuse for this recession the government is threatening us with, other than instilling fear into those that will listen. 

We do need to prepare for this next wave of pandemic that may come ripping through our homes. People may lose their jobs again, stores will be closed, and people will panic buy again. Cold and flu season is going to scare a lot of people so be aware of what’s to come by taking precautions now. 

How to prepare for another wave of COVID-19

Get all your doctor and dentist appointments up to date over the summer time! These places may close again.

Get ahead on your bills by a few months or at least start a decent emergency fund.

Slowly stock up on essential goods like toilet paper, beans, pasta, soups, meats, and other products that have been in short supply lately. Buy a couple extra every time you shop and put them aside for winter.

Buy extra cold and flu medicines in the same fashion. Grab an extra pack every time you shop and keep it aside.

Learn to simplify your beauty and self care routines by not dying your hair, learning to do it at home, tweeze your eyebrows instead of waxing, don’t depend so hard on beauty salons and it won’t affect you when they shut down. 

Learn to cook some of your favourite restaurant meals or as close as you can get to duplicating them so when they do shut down it doesn’t have much affect on you. 

Start communicating more with friends and family online. It is good to talk to people in stressful situations so build up your connections and try to include more people in your life. 

Prepare for the worst even if it doesn’t happen. Remember how everyone was scrambling when this thing first hit? Take that as a constant reminder of what you can do better to maintain your sanity in a bad situation. Prepare for winter, prepare for another wave, don’t get caught with your pants down! 

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