Wednesday 8 July 2020

5 Things to Look For in a New Family Home

Many families make a list of needs and wants when they're in the market for a new house. But there are many factors you may not even think to look for that can make or break your experience in your new home.

A home that meets your current needs may not necessarily meet your future needs. It's good to think about both the present and the future when you're looking for a new house.
That being said, here are five things you ought to be looking for when you're house hunting for the next best family home.


It's no wonder millennials are more drawn to personal real estate investments (79%) than commercial (49%). There's a lot of value in a home's location and for good reason. A house's location determines which schools a child will go to, the quality of those schools, the safety of the neighborhood, and more. It also determines what you commute will look like.


To quote John Mulaney, "We have a new house. It was built in the '20s, but it was flipped in 2014. Which means it's haunted, but it has a lovely kitchen backsplash."

You (probably) don't have to worry about ghosts with an older house, but you do have to worry about maintenance. On average, homeowners will spend between 1% to 4% of their home's value every year on maintenance and repairs.

The older your house is, the more maintenance it usually needs and no one likes to do a renovation when they have kids running around the house. Older houses can also be less comfortable to live in as 30% of a home's heating energy is lost through its windows. That said, if you have your eye on an older house, make sure it's properly insulated and updated before you put in your offer.


It's no secret that hardwood floors have been the popular flooring option for many homeowners in the last few years. In fact, in 2019, the U.S. flooring industry reported a growth of 3.85%. But hardwood flooring isn't for everyone. Make sure that you consider whether carpeting or hardwood is best for you and your family while you're looking around at new houses.

Outdoor space

Outdoor space is important for several reasons. It creates an area for your kids to play, for dogs to play, and for you to entertain your friends and family. A local park can be nice, but nothing beats the convenience of having your own outdoor area.


While you're checking out a house, make sure to keep an eye out for the distance between the bedrooms. If you have a baby, it can be a problem to have to walk up and down a long hallway throughout the night to get to their room. Open concept layouts are particularly popular right now because they make it easier for parents to keep an eye on their kids.

There are several factors to keep in mind when looking for a new house for your family. By keeping the factors above in mind during your house hunt, you can make finding your next home a little easier.


  1. I really needed this information now as I have to look for a new home for me and my children. Unfortunately, after the divorce in New York state, our ex-husband evicted us and said that we should look for a new home. I was shocked by this, but children are my priority. Therefore, I will definitely take into account what is written in the article for the further purchase of a house. Thank you!