Monday 25 July 2022

Chemical Free, Plastic Free, All Natural Laundry & Dish Cleaning Solution

Popular Canadian brand’s effective alternatives to chemical-based cleaning products available online 

I have always been skeptical of natural cleaning products for some reason in my “media brainwashed” mind natural used to come across as not as good or a lesser product. That is a terrible way to think but I am slowly changing my perspective when I find products as high quality as AspenClean! This product gets my clothes just as clean, just as soft and has none of the harsh chemicals and wasteful plastics the other guys use. Not only am I creating less of a carbon footprint but I am using all natural cleaning products for my family.

My dishes sparkle, my laundry is clean and my family is healthier by using a natural alternative! All natural laundry soap pods and dishwasher pods are an excellent addition to every home and is so much better for the planet! 

For those of you that are sensitive to fragrance and dyes this product has absolutely none added so you can be sure your skin and families skin is perfectly safe with a natural clean on their laundered clothes. 

AspenClean, the popular Canadian brand producing award-winning safe and effective alternatives to chemical-based cleaning products, is offering its line of plastic-free detergentsto Americans through its website:  The laundry detergent pods, dishwasher pods, and oxygen bleach powder and stain remover, all with plastic-free packaging, ship anywhere in the United States.  AspenClean products are made with only natural and organic ingredients and have won cleaning product awards from Parents and Good Housekeeping magazines.

“All of our products have earned a prestigious A-rating verification by the Environmental Working Group, ​​delivering the same results as conventional products but putting family and planet first,” said AspenClean founder Alicia Sokolowski, a parent who started the product line when she was looking for safer, chemical-free home cleaning products after her baby was born.  “We focus on using organic and plant-based ingredients and biodegradable, recyclable and plastic-free packaging for a better planet.”The plastic-free product line includes:

·         AspenClean’s Unscented Laundry Pods

AspenClean’s Unscented Laundry Pods are entirely fragrance-free and carefully formulated with oxygen bleach and enzymes, using no synthetic fragrances, toxins or irritants.  The zero-plastic laundry pods are naturally formulated to remove tough stains, fight odor and fight dirt, grime and grease but are non-toxic and packaged in a compostable container. These laundry pods are packaged in a 100% recycled paper package designed for convenience while being conscious of the impact on the environment. The vegan laundry pods are gentle on sensitive skin and won’t damage your clothes with harsh chemicals. Remove tough stains and leave your clothes feeling good as new with an eco-friendly laundry pod that is still 100% baby safe, pet safe and is environmentally sustainable.  Also available are Eucalyptus Laundry Pods and Lavender Laundry Pods.


·         AspenClean’s Unscented Dishwasher Pods

Made of biodegradable, plant-based ingredients that leave your dishes sparkling clean every time, AspenClean’s Unscented Dishwasher Pods are packaged in a 100% recycled paper container with no plastic at all, while being fully compostable and safe for your family and the environment. These eco-friendly dishwasher pods remove even the toughest of food stains and eliminate grease without leaving any residue or film on your dishes or glassware in just 1 cycle! 

·         AspenClean’s Oxygen Bleach Powder and Stain Remover

AspenClean’s Oxygen Bleach Powder and Stain Remover is made of biodegradable, plant-based ingredients that gives your laundry a natural booster to remove tough stains on clothes!  The oxygen bleach stain remover will leave your clothes whiter and brighter using the natural power of mineral-based ingredients and enzymes in just 1 wash. Give your clothes a deep clean by removing those stubborn stains and restore them back to brand new.  Revive those whites and brighten those dull colors! Add the color-safe oxygen bleach powder as a laundry booster or as a stain remover to any load of laundry.  AspenClean Oxygen Bleach is suitable for standard and HE laundry machines. 

About AspenClean

AspenClean was born out of a parent’s journey to find a safe and effective alternative to chemical-based cleaning products. AspenClean offers 100% ingredient transparency and every formula is made without toxic, or even potentially toxic, ingredients. They are cruelty-free, Ecocert® certified and have received an A-rating from the Environmental Working Group (EWG).  All AspenClean products are 100% recyclable, while the company’s line of biodegradable, plastic-free products are a big step towards a plastic-free future.  For more information, please visit  Follow AspenClean on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @aspenclean. 

AspenClean Plastic-free Detergents Now Available in the U.S.

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