Friday 22 July 2022

Celebrate Start of School with Personalized Supplies & Memory Makers

Many kids don’t get arts and crafts in school, but these back-to-school projects are fun and easy ways to personalize a few school supplies and capture school memories,” Sandy says.


Sandy has created 7 easy Back to School Crafts that include pencil toppers, a time capsule project, a bookmark, a notebook cover, a magnetic frame for lockers, and two types of handmade fidget toys.


“Typically, fidgets are made to be manipulated or held in the hands. They come in many shapes and materials. They help decrease stress and anxiety, and provide an outlet for anxious, restless, or nervous behaviors,” Sandy explains. “Fidget toys/tools are often incorporated in the classroom to help children focus and improve learning. They can also help to calm an anxious student.”


These projects are easy for even the youngest student to create! The back-to-school bookmark only uses 3 craft supplies and one of the fidget toys uses 2! 


Pencils top the school supply list! Why not personalize with creative pencil toppers? Below is a link to step-by-step instructions and supplies needed for this and all of the back-to-school craft projects!

 Here are 7 easy back 2 school craft projects: (click on each link for step-by-step instructions)

Pencil Toppers Project

Back to School Bookmark

Back to School Time Capsule Project

Notebook Cover Project

Magnetic Photo Frame Project

Hair Tie Fidget Toy

Yarn Doll Fidget Toy


Back 2 School High-Res Project Images:

Pencil Toppers

Back to School Bookmark

Back to School Time Capsule

Notebook Cover

Magnetic Photo Frame

Hair Tie Fidget Toy

Yarn Doll Fidget Toy


There are so many proven benefits of crafts for children. “Crafts give children, the ability to get artistic and work together in a ‘hands on’ capacity. It teaches them to stick to a task and accomplish it, in their own way,” Sandy explains. “There is no right or wrong way to create. If your child created it, then it is awesome!  Plus, when the crafts are completed, children are rewarded with a huge sense of accomplishment.”


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Sandy Sandler is creator of the QVC best-seller, the Bowdabra. Her frugal craft projects and activity ideas are designed to transform the creatively-challenged into creative pros. Sandy’s focus is on creative and easy projects that parents can do with their kids and that kids can even do on their own that are both frugal and green in nature. Visit:


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