Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Get Your Hunting License

I grew up with a family of hunters and fishers, we always had game meat around my house and it was a great way to grow up, we saved  ton of money by stocking our freezer with healthy, delicious, game meat. I have a love for wildlife and see hunting and fishing as a way to provide for my family while enjoying a very exciting and fun filled sport. So it comes as no surprise that I just passed my CORE and obtained my hunting license. 

But how do you manage to get your CORE when you have kids at home and have little to no time to take a course? I did a home study program by www.huntercourse.com, it cost $80 and I completed the course with fantastic grades. The beauty of this online course is you can do it at your own pace when you have time, instead of having to go to a class at a specific time. Most parents don't have that luxury. Once you complete your course you will be able to book your exam and get your license.

Huntercourse.com is an excellent way to learn CORE, the program is laid out in simple and easy to understand formats and includes illustrations, videos, and a quiz after each chapter to ensure your learning.  A few tips for your exam, know your bird identification, read or know how to use your hunting and trapping synopsis, for your practical exam you need to know safe handling of firearms and know your ammunition. These are extremely important parts of the test.

Since I am going to be a bow hunter and have a crossbow I am now able to hunt with my license after I buy tags, but if you are looking at hunting with firearms you will also need your PAL (possession and acquisition license). You are required to have your CORE to get a hunting license so if your interested I highly recommend Huntercourse.com.


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