How to Pick the Best Credit Card to Help Travel for Free

Pandemic itch get you into a travel frenzy? Learn how to use travel rewards credit cards properly to earn while you fill your life with wanderlust. The senior research analyst for pulled together tips on how consumers can pick the best credit card for their lifestyle to help foot the bill - whether they're headed for a road trip, cruise or hotel stay. Simon Zhen suggests: 

1. Review Your Previous Travel Spending: Look at prior trips and identify any patterns in travel spend. 

  • Consumers may find they frequent specific airlines or hotels and could benefit from opening a branded card geared toward extra benefits like free checked bags or hotel upgrade
  • Cardholders might recognize they’re not brand loyal so a non-branded card with flexible programs is a better choice 
  • Credit card users who don’t travel frequently enough to make a travel card worthwhile might want to consider a cash back credit card
  • Pro tip: International travelers could benefit from a rewards card with no foreign transaction fees that also covers Global Entry fees 

2. Think About Future Travel Plans: Consider any planned trips over the next two years. Check flight, cruise and lodging prices now to gain a better understanding of costs; then think about how to maximize the rewards that may be earned. It’s helpful to see if a card offers extra perks to make the trip a bit more luxe, such as airport lounge passes, free checked bags or priority boarding.

3. Compare the Annual Fee to Quantifiable PerksMany of the lucrative travel rewards credit cards have high annual fees around $500 or more. Consumers shouldn’t rule these out just because of the fee - smart spending can enable a cardholder to earn enough rewards to more than offset the annual fee. Think about it this way: if someone eats out often, a card with a dining out bonus category can easily turn those points into travel rewards.

4. Maximize Travel Rewards Redemption: Cardholders should be aware of the actual value of the earned rewards. Many premium travel cards offer various methods to redeem points and miles--some can yield more value. For example, the points could be worth more if redeemed through the issuer’s booking portal.

“Figuring out which credit card is the right fit is not as straightforward as you may think,” cautions Zhen. “Instead of simply choosing a card because of its welcome bonus or rewards rate, find a match that fits your unique spending habits. What types of purchases make up the most of your spending? You’ll likely discover a pattern that could help you maximize your rewards if you choose the card that matches your financial habits.”

View all the in-depth tips here, How to Choose a Travel Rewards Credit Card

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Air Forts Are The Hottest Toy For Staying Cool This Summer

Pandemic got you down? On those rainy days when you can’t get outside, or later in the evening when outdoor play is no longer a possibility and it is hot outside, this has got to be the coolest invention around. A fort that remains blown up with your basic household fan!! Oh yes this is the coolest fort I have ever seen..

Not only will your little ones be busy playing and using their imaginations while keeping cool but this can definitely help cut screen time down substantially this summer! 

  • BUILD IN SECONDS, PLAY FOR HOURS - No Assembly Required. AirFort inflates in less than 30 seconds, sets up and cleans up in no time, no Pillows, no Sheets, no Mess! The AirFort Size is 77" wide x 50" tall.
  •  DURABLE AND BREATHABLE CONSTRUCTION - Perfect for Parties, Playdates & Sleepovers! AirFort is big enough to accommodate lots of guests! At 6.5 ft. in diameter and over 4 ft tall, AirFort is roomy so no one gets left out. Invite all your friends!
  • THE PERFECT ALTERNATIVE TO SCREEN TIME - Honest tech-free constructive play that helps bring out your child's ever growing imagination. At AirFort we believe that fun brings the family together.
  • SAFE, WORRY-FREE FORTS FOR KIDS OF ALL AGES - Child Safety Tested and Approved. No floor for an easy entrance and exit, viewing window for kids to see in and out, and mesh fan divider.
  • WORKS WITH ANY STANDARD BOX FAN - Includes: The Original Patented AirFort, Matching Carrying Bag, 4 Adhesive Square Fan Tabs, Easy to Read Instruction / Safety Manual. (BOX FAN NOT INCLUDED)

Best Books to Read for Money Management

In this article, I would walk you through some financial success books that will change your life. These books will help you shift your attitude towards money and rich people and help you grow your business.

Besides this, you can even reach out to mentors for guidance on money management. You can do this by emailing them. Who would you like to reach out to?

And since thought leaders would get mails in thousands, it's essential to make yours stand out from the rest.

I hope you try this.

Now let us jump on to the book list that's highly recommended for money management.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

This book will transform your mindset about money. Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter have written the book "Rich Dad Poor Dad." It advocates the importance of financial literacy, starting your own business, building wealth through investing in assets. 

Total Money Makeover

In the Total Money Makeover book, Dave Ramsey shares real-life stories and thought-provoking questionnaires. This workbook would greatly help you achieve financial fitness as you work out every day on those newly coined money muscles. 


In this book, Tony Robbins created a step-by-step playbook to transform your financial life and accelerate your financial freedom. Anyone can benefit from this book, no matter your salary or stage in life. This book provides the tools to help you. 

Automatic Millionaire

In Automatic Millionaire, David Bach teaches you about paying yourself first. You have to have a plan that pays you automatically to secure your future. It's unique because you don't need a budget or willpower to make a lot of money to become wealthy over time. In one hour, you can set up a plan that makes you rich automatically.

Rule #1 

This is one of the amazing investing books in which the self-made millionaire Phil Town teaches the fundamental principle that made him a millionaire starting from nothing. These are the same principles that the great investors in the world used to invest in. The author teaches how to control your own money and beat the stock market time and time again. The best thing about Rule #1 is that it follows a one-step at a time approach that lets you retire ten years sooner than planned.

Million Dollar Habits

In this book, Brain Tracy teaches how to develop the habits of successful men and women so you can think more effectively, make better decisions, and ultimately double or triple your income. In addition, he teaches how to organize your finances, increase your health and sustain loving relationships, and take leadership roles to turn visions into reality.

I Will Teach You to be Rich. 

This book will find a practical approach shared with a non-judgemental style that motivates the readers to follow what Sethi says. This practical guide is purely based on the four pillars of personal finance - saving, investing, banking, and budgeting.

Final Thoughts

Reading these books will give you an entirely different perspective of how money works. Only by applying what you have learned from these books can you make an impact on your life.

Tips for moving your home-based business to an office space


Alt tag: Office space with chairs.

Moving your home-based business to an office space is an exciting but demanding process. On the one hand, taking the leap and expanding your business must be exhilarating. On the other hand, however, planning the move can be a bit stressful at times. This means you'll have to make some pretty big decisions soon, so prepare to turn the organizational mood on. To help you, we put together a few tips for a trouble-free move. So, let's scroll!

Make a plan 

The first thing you have to do is plan the whole move. You need to sit down and think about every step of this process. Write down everything you'll have to do and everything that can go wrong. It's a good thing to be prepared in advance because you'll be able to overcome any obstacle that may come down the road. Schedule you're business move four to six months in advance. That way, you'll have time to make changes if needed. Moving your home-based business to an office space is not an easy task, and that's why you need to be on top of everything all the time. So, if you want to stay organized during the move, get that pen and paper and start making a list!

Pro tip: Divide your tasks into categories and then make a step-by-step guide for completing these tasks. Once you complete the task, you can cross it from the list. It's a fun and organized way to keep track of your progress and stay within the deadlines.

A to do list - great help when moving your home-based business to an office space

If you’re planning any kind of move, a To-Do list is always a great idea.
Alt-tag: A to-do list - great help when moving your home-based business to an office space.

Set the budget

Moving your home-based business to an office space means you'll face some additional costs. Since your office was in your home, you didn't have to worry about rent or another utility bill. However, once you move to another location, you'll have one more set of bills to pay. In addition, you'll have to purchase the necessary furniture, machinery, and equipment for the office. Start with essentials; there's no need to empty your bank account right away. Although a home office can help you save money, if you want to expand your business, this is just something you'll have to do. So, consult your bank and set the budget that works for you!

Find the right office space 

The way you organize your office space can affect the quality of work. That's why it's important to find the place that will provide you with a healthy and motivating work environment. Here's a list of things you should consider when moving your home-based business to office space:

  • Location: it's important to adjust the location to your business needs. For example, if you work in the real estate or finance sector, it's convenient to open up office space near your clients. That will probably be in the city center or somewhere near it. The location has to be accessible and easy to find.

  • Employees: since you're expanding your business, you'll probably have employees. So, don't forget to consult them about what they seek in the workplace. This kind of communication is necessary for a healthy work environment. 

  • Size: depending on the type of company you own and the number of employees, you'll have to think about the size of your new office space. Consider how many rooms you're going to need and what their layout will be. 

  • Design: the way you decorate your office space will affect everybody's mood, be sure of that. If you're decorating a small office, don't clutter the space with a bunch of unnecessary stuff. The same goes for big offices as well. Keep it simple, clean, and fresh. Use neutral colors and let the natural light in. This kind of environment is excellent for motivation. 

As you can see, finding an office space that is right for your company can affect so many aspects of your work. So, in order to make the right choice, you should definitely consider all these before-mentioned factors.

People having a meeting in the office

Finding the perfect office space equals a stimulating and hard-working atmosphere.
Alt-tag: People having a meeting in the office.

Obtain business occupancy permit

You probably already have a business license. However, once you move your home-based business to a different location, you'll need to get a business occupancy permit. This permit validates that your company building or office space is safe for operating the intended work, and it follows all zoning regulations and ordinances in effect. You can acquire this permit from a city or county zoning department. If you're opening up a manufacturing company, it will take some time to complete this permit.

Hire a reliable moving company

Moving your home-based business to an office space means packing everything work-related and transferring it to the new location. Since this kind of move also involves relocating many new pieces of equipment you'll have to purchase, you'll definitely need some professional help. The moving crews from Gibraltar Van Lines can attest that people rarely want to handle this process alone since there are so many various tasks. On the other hand, if you hire movers, you just have to name the pick-up and drop-off points, pick the service(s) you need, and let them do their job. With their expertise and professional equipment, you won't have to worry about a thing! 

Bonus tip: Ask the moving company what kind of storage services they offer. Now that your business is growing, you'll definitely need more storage room. Think about everything in time!

A man holding a moving box labeled 'office'

If you're moving your home-based business to office space, you'll need professional help, so hire a moving company.
Alt tag: A man holding a moving box labeled 'office'.

Final thoughts on moving your home-based business to an office space

We can all agree that moving your home-based business to an office space is a life-changing event. However, the journey you're about to embark on is not an easy one. You'll need to stay focused and organized during this whole moving process to do everything right. That's why we wanted to help you with these crucial tips. If you follow them carefully, you will get through this trouble and stress-free. And isn't that a dream? Also, if you have any other helpful advice, feel free to share it in the comment section below!

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Is Your Child Ready for School? Important Things to Look Out For

Most children end up going to school at some point. Some children stay at home right up until they need to start “real” school – also known as grade one. Others may be placed in a daycare center at a very young age, due to their parents having to go back to work. Generally, though, children spend most of their time at home until they reach the age of about two or three – this is where most parents start considering sending them off to a childcare center. While there is much debate happening around whether it’s best to send your child to school earlier or later, the truth is that each child and family are different. However, one thing is importantyou need to make sure your child is ready for school.

How do they handle change?

As a parent, you surely know that children need routine. Any break in this routine often leads to a severe reaction from a child. This isn’t because they are naughty, it’s just because change is hard for them. However, some children struggle even more with change than others, to the point where such a sudden and severe change could seriously affect them – mentally, emotionally, and physically. Look at a few childcare centers in your area and ask them how they would help your child adjust. This may help you pick a preschool, or even help you decide whether it is the right time to be making this change. If you’re in New South Wales, you can use Toddle NSW to help you locate childcare centers in the area.

Do they have social skills?

Many children struggle with the social aspect of school, especially if they are an only child who spends most of their time with their parents. It can be hard for them to learn how to interact with children their age. If your child doesn’t have these skills, consider encouraging them to make friends with one or two children before you put them in a childcare center where they are surrounded by dozens of kids.

How attached are they to you?

This is a problem that goes hand in hand with both their ability to handle change and their social skills. If for most of their life, your child has spent the majority of their time with you, it can be incredibly difficult for them to suddenly have to navigate life alone. If you’re worried that this may cause your child some anxiety, try teaching them the independence they need to make the transition easier.

Consider why you are doing this

Some parents have a set age when they want their kids to go to school. Others may have no other choice – they have towork, so they need someone to take care of their child during the day. Sometimes, however, parents send their children off to school because they become a bit too much to handle. Unfortunately, sending them to school likely won’t solve this problem. There may be a deeper problem that you need to pay attention to. If your child does have any behavioral issues, such as tantrums, be sure to inform the school of them.


8 Necessary House Repairs to Prepare for The Rainy Season


Monsoon is one of the most thrilling seasons of the year, and you feel most connected to mother nature. Although spring showers may keep you indoors, the rainy season also provides an opportunity to prepare your home for the warm months ahead. It is that season of the year when your property and its components require special attention. It’s a fantastic time to get your home maintenance done both inside and out.

 But what is the point of preparing in the first place? Should we do it every time the season comes to an end?

The reason is, failure to protect your home against the rain can lead to expensive and complex repair and maintenance. Moisture or mold can be dangerous for you and your family members. The most impacted places are the wall and roof.

Hence, you must proceed with cautions before the arrival of the monsoon to ensure that your home is free from damage from prolonged heavy rain. We have gathered some handy practical tips that will help you prepare for the rainy season:

1.      Install New Water Heaters

It is advisable to install new water heaters to have hot water in the rainy season. Many times, rain can rust and damage the old water heaters creating a massive problem. And while it’s pouring, it’s close to impossible to call experts and fix the issue during rainstorms. A viable approach is to install new water heaters ahead of the rainy season. And if you happen to reside in Orange County, California, you can hire professional help. You can avail of water heater installations Mission Viejo CA for high-quality services and well-trained staff. Owing to the possibility that technicians will be unable to visit due to storms and bad weather, you should get them fitted ahead of time.

2.      Clean the rain gutters

When the gutters get clogged, they can cause several problems. It includes leakage in roofs and foundation damage. They may get jammed with debris like leaves, sticks, or dirt during winter or fall. Cleaning the rainwater gutters will save you money on repairs and safeguard your roof. You can clean the gutters yourself using a ladder and a high-pressure nozzle. Various companies provide gutter cleaning services. Hence, you can always opt for professionals.

3.      Check your roof

You should thoroughly inspect for broken flashing around vents, loose shingles, and chimney issues. Make sure there are no broken or moved tiles. Water rings, mold, or drip spots on your roof may signal that it requires a repair. Therefore, fix it as soon as possible if you see a leak or seepage of water. Accumulating water on the roof can potentially weaken the roof causing it to fall and cause injury to you or your family. It can also change the color of the wall if overlooked. Ensure that the roof does not become a breeding ground for malaria breeding mosquitos.

4.      Reduce the water level of your pool

Rainwater is acidic. It lowers the pH of your pool water. This water can damage the heat pump and filtration system of the pool. Besides, rain also carries pollutants from the atmosphere. The leaves and debris can clog the filter. And the most troublesome aspect of excessive rain is that algae thrive in acidic, nitrogen-rich water. Therefore, lower the water levels and maintain disinfectant levels. Also, add an algaecide to prevent algae. Brush the walls and floor and install a proper filtration system.

5.      Check the walls

Before the rainy season starts, paint all the exterior. The paint you choose is essential because it not only protects your wall but also prevents wall seepage. You can use leak-proof paint to keep your walls dry. Make use of water sealant, which acts as a protective coating on concrete walls. You can also use cladding or weatherproof coating to achieve weather tightness. The cracks, wetness, or water rings in the wall can be repaired with Plaster of Paris. Damp block solutions can bridge the wall fractures and prevent water seepage.

6.      Examine electrical wiring

Electrical wiring can become brittle and peel apart due to wet conditions during rain. As a result, make sure the power cord is insulated. Or if it is damaged, then replace it with a new one. You will notice that some of your electronic devices aren’t performing well and causing downtime. It could be because of the failure of resistors, capacitors, and diodes. You can use humidity sensors, controllers, and HVAC systems to avoid damage.

7.      Check your walkways

Rainwater should drain away from the house through walkways, drives, and porches. Make sure to dispose of your trash regularly and keep the walkways around your home clean. Inspect concrete slabs for cracks and, if necessary, fill them with concrete crack filler. Remove any empty cans, tires, or other items that could collect water. Clean the garbage, debris, and leaves that get accumulated due to wind storms.

8.      Install Ventilators

To ensure a healthy humidity-free atmosphere, install ventilators to prevent dampness in high-humidity areas of the home. Ventilators work like a door, allowing fresh air to circulate freely and keep the air in your room dry. You can close the vent for a while if there is heavy rain. Before it rains, make sure there is enough cross-ventilation and that fresh air enters the house. Ventilators are beneficial because they prevent the growth of mold and fungus by keeping humidity levels in check. A ventilated place has fewer chances of damage caused by condensation.



Summing up, the rainy season can bring tranquility and peace to our minds. However, if you don’t prepare for it, it can quickly deprive you of your peace. Therefore, you should keep aside all the rugs and carpets that can grow mold and increase the chances of allergies. Before the rain, prune your gardens and hedge to prevent the growth of weeds. Test the fire alarms and smoke, install water heaters, inspect the roof, and whatnot. There are several other measures that you can take to prepare yourself for the rainy season and enjoy it to the fullest. Don’t get discouraged by the rainy season. By following essential guidelines, you’ll have no worries while it pours.

Advantages Of Availing Roof Restoration Services

Why Roof Restoration?

The roof, without a doubt, is an integral part of your home because it protects you and your family from the elements such as fire, cold, wind, storms, and rain. Inspections and roof restorations on a regular basis will help keep the roof in good shape, extending its life and ensuring your protection. Roof repairs are much more necessary in Australia because of the severe weather conditions.

Roof Restoration

Here are some of the reasons why you should have your roof inspected and repaired on a regular basis.

Advantages Of Roof Restoration

  • Safety:  

Although roofs provide protection from the elements, damage to them can pose a safety risk to those who live beneath them. A cave-in and serious injury may be one of these dangers. Furthermore, damaged roofs may allow water to seep into the building, causing damage to electrical equipment or a short circuit or electrocution, all of which may result in serious injury to the occupants.

  • Protection From External Environment:

Birds and animals can nest in the cracks of a damaged roof. Invading pests may build nests and migrate to different parts of the roof. They could breed and do so much damage to the roof that you'll have to rebuild it entirely. Furthermore, you will have to spend a lot of money to get rid of them from your house. Calling a specialist roof restoration company to fix even small cracks and losses is the safest way to deal with this situation. So, if you live in Australia, have your roof repaired before it causes harm to the rest of your house and the people who live there.

  • Comfort & Energy Efficiency

A well-maintained roof should have adequate insulation and a sufficient ventilation system to maintain a consistent indoor temperature in your home. Keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer season, this makes your house more comfortable and will help you save money on your energy bills.

Why Take Help from Professional Roof Restoration Services?

  • The process of roof restoration includes renovating the old roof that might have withered or weakened due to continuous exposure to the external environmental elements. Some of these damages may not even be clearly visible.
  • The method of roof restoration entails renovating an old roof that has withered or deteriorated as a result of constant exposure to the elements. Any of these damages may not be readily apparent, making routine roof maintenance checks all the more significant.
  • A leaking roof that is ignored can lead to the growth of mould and mildew in your house, which can cause serious health problems. Once mould and mildew have spread, repairs are much more difficult and expensive. As a result, hiring a contractor to restore your roof is the best option.
Roof Restoration

Winding It Up

A professional will check various needs of your roof and then decide what material and repair type will be best for the roof of your house. The structure of the house, along with the different weather conditions of the region are also part of deciding factor.

A nice-looking roof is a selling point that raises the value of a house. Buyers are hesitant to purchase a home with an older roof or one that could need repairs. A roof that is newer and well-maintained will increase the value of your home significantly. When your roof begins to display signs of wear and tear, it detracts from the overall appearance of your house. Since a home's roof is one of its most visible features, one that is attractive and well-maintained would add value to the property.

OC Acoustic Delivers Ultra-compact Newport Plug-in Speaker

 New Bluetooth 5.1 Speaker Produces Crystal-Clear Sound 

While Remaining Out of Sight

OC Acoustic, a lifestyle audio company dedicated to developing high-performance products with a distinct aesthetic appeal, is now shipping the Newport Plug-in Bluetooth speaker. Unlike the majority of compact Bluetooth speaker options for the home, the Newport plugs directly into an electrical outlet, thereby freeing up counter space and adding a clean appearance to any home or office.


The Newport’s 2” speaker is housed in a 3.62” x 2.48” x 3.35” enclosure that nearly disappears. Though compact, the Newport pumps out a powerful sound for such a small speaker, thanks to countless hours of research and fine-tuning that results in sonics that contradicts its small form factor.


Featuring an adaptable design aesthetic conceived by the company’s Founder and CEO, Kenji Kawaguchi, at his facility in Irvine, CA, the Newport Plug-in speaker is a green approach to replacing battery-powered lithium products with a speaker that is wire-free and clutter-free, and always on. Bluetooth 5.1 ensures maximum reception range with multiple connections. 


“As much as I enjoy streaming audio to portable Bluetooth speakers, there is the inevitable clutter of charging cables and the eyesore of having random speakers take up space when all I want to do is listen to music,” commented Mr. Kawaguchi. “The Newport solves every one of these problems by virtually disappearing in a room while filling the space with superb, crystal-clear audio.”

A picture containing accessory, case, bag

Description automatically generated

A “Party Mode” makes it easy to spread the music across multiple speakers with a push of a button. Up to 50 speakers can be added to the single stream, as long as they are within range and sight of the source’s Bluetooth transmitter. Also, each Newport Plug-in speaker includes a USB charging port for added convenience.


The Newport Plug-in speaker is available in four appealing color combinations: orange/black, charcoal gray/black, light gray/white, and champagne/white. The suggested retail price is $69.95.


Added Mr. Kawaguchi: “Even the most ardent audiophiles sometimes need a simple solution for enjoying music without adding clutter to a room. The Newport Plug-in speaker is the perfect solution, and its affordable price makes it easy to fill a room with sound without breaking the bank.”


For further information, visit


# # #

About OC Acoustic

Founded in January 2020 by a talented group of audio industry veterans with an extensive background in acoustic engineering, OC Acoustic is committed to delivering audio lifestyle products that put high-quality sound within reach of consumers who only care about enjoying their favorite music without the clutter and inconvenience of typical streaming products.

This speaker has amazing bass and sounds unlike other tiny speakers that seem distorted and muffled. This tiny speaker packs a punch and is small enough to remain hidden although the sleek design is suitable for any decor. Absolutely love this little speaker! 

I absolutely love how easy and quickly it sets up, it is literally a plug and play device without any hassle. My kids want one for each of their bedrooms so they can rock out in their little bubbles as well. 

I will definitely be filling my hone with these little music makers! 

Touch a 'cloud' with new rainbow sensory adventure!


A new rainbow sensory bin takes children on a colorful, touchable, mess-free adventure while strengthening fine motor skills and encouraging screen-free, imaginative play.


Children will dig past soft cotton balls, or ‘cumulus clouds,’ and sift through a blue rice ‘sky’ to find rainbow blocks, loose gems, a scroll that reveals a map (to color) of ‘Over the Rainbow Land’ and a golden-colored treasure chest. Inside the chest, kids will be surprised by a sparkly plastic ring, another gem, and the real treasure – a tiny book.


The sensory bins are the creation of 3-year-old Rosie and her mom, who run ROSIE READER, a website that reviews popular children’s books then creates free activities and printables for kids ages 3 to 5. While the rainbow sensory adventure is available for purchase for $14, each bottle holds a link to where anyone can go, even if they don’t purchase a bin, to download free rainbow activities. The rainbow PDF is free and includes additional maps to ‘Over the Rainbow Land,’ an I spy weather activity, a lightning tracing sheet, a dot to dot sun, and a color-by-number rainbow.


“Rosie is obsessed with rainbows and she loves sensory bins and treasure maps, so we came up with the idea of creating a rainbow in a bottle,” says mom, Maria Coder. “Well, the bottle itself was a lucky happenstance; our go-to sensory bin boxes were out of stock.”


The clear plastic allows children to see what’s inside, creating a three dimensional I Spy bottle. The sound of the rice and the movement, is comforting and calming. Children and adults are able to easily pour the bin’s contents into their preferred container at home or onto a paper plate – which makes clean up quick and easy. The contents all fit back into the bottle for repeat play. When the unfurled map begins to wear, adults may print a new one for free, along with the other free activities, at


Sensory bin play holds many benefits, such as:

·      Sensory play encourages kids to use their different senses, like: touch, sight, sounds, taste, and/or smell to learn and explore.

·      Sensory play helps children learn to play together, socialize and talk.

·      Sensory activities are a great way for children to learn to communicate, practice sharing, and participate in exploratory play.

·      Sensory play can also help to boost a child’s language development.

·      Sensory bins tend to be filled with different objects, offering an opportunity to discuss items.

·      Sensory play also helps kids with cognitive skills like sorting, counting, and categorizing. 

·      Sensory play helps strengthen fine motor skills  when kids scoop, pour and grasp using their hands, fingers, and tools, which are the building blocks toward writing!


In addition to the rainbow sensory bin, Rosie and mom also have a pirate treasure sensory bin, a firefighter sensory bin, and a construction sensory bin. reviews a new book each week, which it then builds book-inspired activities around, including free printables for preschoolersfree book-inspired play ideas for kids, and easy crafts for kids (as well as easy Spanish-language lessons, using items adults are likely to already have at home. Every book on the site is reviewed (as relayed) by 3-year-old Rosie, with added insight from Mom. Coder, a former journalist, hopes to build a community of avid and engaged young readers and to add value to parents who find themselves unexpectedly homeschooling, as well as teachers seeking additional free resources to use in virtual classes or offline classrooms. She’s also hoping the watercolor imagery and simplicity of her website will create a moment of respite for adults.



ROSIE READER is a website that creates reading adventures for children ages 3 to 5. For more information visit

The kids in my daycare had a blast doing the activities included and sifting through the sensory bin! As a childcare provider I am always looking for new and exciting activities for the kids to do and learn from, is the perfect educational resource for busy moms and daycares around the world! 

How to Pick the Best Credit Card to Help Travel for Free

Image Credit Pandemic itch get you into a travel frenzy? Learn how to use travel rewards credit cards properly to earn while you fill your l...