When Parents Worry about Money, Their Kids Feel It

Kids are sponges. They absorb everything that their caregivers do, for better or worse. So, if you’re stressed about money all of the time, your kids are going to feel it. 



Children Feel Parental Stress

Young children may not understand personal finances, but they can recognize when their parents are stressed about something. They see the worry across your face whenever you open a bill. They hear tense bickering and heated arguments with your partner.  


Children’s mental health is directly correlated to the environment they grow up in. Studies from various universities have found that parental stress is passed down to their children in the forms of anxiety and neuroticism.  


Fix Those Financial Problems 

Putting in the effort to reduce your money-related stress will have a positive effect on the household in the present and a positive effect on your kids in the future. 


Bad Spending Habits

If you’re stressing about the money in your bank account, you need to take a close look at your spending habits. You can figure out all of your unwise purchases by going through your receipts or online accounts. Then, you can create a more effective budget and work towards breaking your bad habits for good. 



Some debt can’t be surmounted with budgeting. If your debt seems too severe to get out of on your own, you should consider filing a consumer proposal. This method helps settle your debt with unsecured creditors and stops problems like wage garnishments, building interest and collection calls.


Go to a licensed insolvency trustee to discuss the option. You can click here to read the most commonly asked consumer proposal questions and concerns ahead of time. If you’re an appropriate candidate for this kind of debt resolution, the trustee will start the consumer proposal process. 


Couple Fights

If money is a significant matter of contention between you and your partner, you need to do more than tackle your financial problems. You should also go into couple’s counselling. These sessions offer a safe space to air out your anxieties and grievances, where your kids can’t overhear. 


Teach Your Kids to Avoid the Same Problems 

You can also teach your children to have healthier relationships with money. The earlier you start, the better because financial expert Beth Kobliner writes that kids’ money habits are set by the time they are seven years old.  


When they’re little, give them a piggy bank and teach them the value of coinsWhen you’re shopping, explain the prices of products. It will help them understand why they can’t have a new toy much better than saying “because I said so.” 


When they’re a little older, introduce an allowance for simple chores like washing the dishes, raking leaves or taking out the garbage. It teaches them that money is often earned. It also teaches them not to treat their allowance lightly


Every parent wants their children to have it better than them. If you have financial stress, you don’t want to pass it down to your kids. And you certainly don’t want them to be in the same position when they’re older. That’s why you should tackle the problem now before it’s too late.

Getting a basement finished like a pro

When you first look at the bare concrete walls and exposed plumbing of your basement, you might not see a lot of potential, but contrary to that, there is a lot of potential space that can be utilised in your basement - and not just for storage purposes, but even for living as well, adding a ton of value to your home. If you are looking to make such a finished basement, then this article will help you understand the process and give you insights that can help you succeed in this endeavour.


So here it is - if you are looking to finish your basement like a pro, you will need to insulate the walls, get good flooring installed and add a good ceiling to totally transform this area into a liveable space for you and your family. Before getting started on the finishing project, you will first need to clean out your basement. You can have the family pitch in with you. Get rid of all the junk that is present in the basement, be it old, used boxes or trash cans - all of it goes out. Make sure that the basement floor is clean and stripped down. This is critical to the entire process going smoothly and for you getting the appropriate finish. 


The next step in the finishing process is to check for moisture issues - particularly leaks. This is an important test that needs to be performed - and as an outcome of the test, you will get to know whether you have to leak proof the basement or not. If this test is not properly done, you will not have a finish basements - but a leaky version, and that isn’t good. 

 Once this test is performed, and the leaks have been sealed with some waterproofing mojo from the experts, it is time to get started with the actual remodelling work. 


Make a run to your local hardware depot in Mississauga to get some basic tools that will be need for the remodel. We start off with the insulation install - the simplest way to get this done is to attach polystyrene sheets directly to the walls. Ensure that you cut adequate amounts of foam to the right sizes that will help the sheets sit properly on the walls - and use good amounts of glue to set the polystyrene to the wall properly. 


Once the insulation process is completed, it is time to install a frame and put a drywall all around. This is very important as this will give a proper aesthetic look to the space, as well as keep moisture at bay. Once the dry wall is installed, it is time to focus on the ceiling. False ceilings are a great and budget friendly way to get a good look, whilst covering pipes and other utilities. The next step is to do the flooring - you could get a hard wood floor done or otherwise go for a tough carpeted floor with foam installed underneath, which is both durable and looks great. Once this has been done, the finished space is yours to tweak further.

Top 5 Homework Distractions of 2019 & How to Conquer Them

When it comes to homework, teachers have heard every excuse in the book, and for good reason; it’s hard to focus on your homework when there’s so much of it to do. Students are devoting hours each evening to their take-home assignments, some say to the tune of 17.5 hours per week.

In a survey of 1,000 Brainly users comprised of students in middle and high school, 70% said they have trouble focusing on their homework. Brainly asked respondents to pick any of the following five options that distract them from their homework at least once a week. Here are the results: 
  1. Social media (47% selected)
  2. Video/mobile games (39%)
  3. A noisy home environment (39%)
  4. Extracurricular activities (25%)
  5. Job or work (22%)
Changing habits like these takes repetition and dedication. Luckily, there are five actionable habits students can use to make homework more focused, more efficient, and eventually more successful. They can be easily remembered with this simple acronym: 
>> SPARK: Space, Prioritize, Attack, Relax, and Keep at it. 

1. SPACE yourself.
Nearly half of the respondents cited environment-related options as a diversion from homework. This included 46% of middle-school students choosing video games, 51% of high-schoolers selecting social media, and 39% overall picking a noisy home environment.
It’s essential to make after-school workspaces as clean, quiet, and distraction-free as possible. Clean means organized and clear of disturbing clutter. Check the writing surface and surrounding area. How much more likely would a student be to grab a device sitting at arm’s reach than if it’s put away?

Another crucial aspect of this process is noise. Separation from attention-grabbing sounds, like TVs and chatty family members, keeps a student's mind following the pages their eyes are seeing. Another good tip is to put phones on silent (not vibrate) and place it face down, far away from the desk. This ensures students aren't encouraged to check it habitually and can focus on the task at hand. 

Try and keep the designated homework space as consistent as possible. Stick with a repetitive location whenever possible, which will allow a student's brain to put on its thinking cap more quickly. And just say "no" to homework in bed!

2. PRIORITIZE a schedule.
Colleges take notice of the activities you take on after school, especially when they help you display passion or leadership. However, it’s important to leave time for homework too so that grades don’t suffer.

Balance is critical to keeping a sane, realistic after-school schedule. If students are overloaded with extracurricular activities, they’ll struggle to find time for everything else. At the same time, if they spend too much time on homework they’ll start to lose quality in their answers.

Extracurricular activities proved to be detrimental to homework productivity for 24.5% of respondents. Jobs and work affected 12% of middle-school students, as opposed to 25% of high school students. Of the users Brainly surveyed, those in middle school said they have more time to finish their homework. 40% said “always/yes,” as opposed to 28% of high school students. Only 6% said “rarely/no,” as compared to 13% of highschoolers.
If students have activities after work, they should make to also schedule in homework time. Furthermore, if a student is finding it hard to fit all their homework into their schedule, it might be time to reconsider chosen activities. The key to prioritizing success is to plan.

3. ATTACK homework problems.

A problem set or multi-page assignment can look insurmountable, especially if someone's not feeling totally comfortable with the material from class. It’s easy to get lost in preparation.

Don’t waste time trying to understand everything; get hands-on and hit problems one issue at a time. Something started is one step closer to being finished! Break the questions down into what is already known, and use those parts to work towards the answer. Taking a step towards the solution makes a person more invested in getting there.

If a snag is hit while trying to answer the problem or question, that’s a great time to go back into the concepts to try and find the specific resource. Students can use a glossary, textbook, or notes from class for a reminder of what was taught. 

4. RELAX and take breaks.

Here’s the good news: As long as they’re scheduled and not abused, taking breaks can actually help a student finish their homework! A quick pause can help to rejuvenate some of that motivation that got them started.

If stress sets in, take the opportunity to relax. Students can close their eyes and take a few deep breaths. If it helps, put on some relaxing music. Another way to take a proactive break is to do something active. Stand up and stretch to get more oxygen flowing to the brain. If this is a more extended break, do some quick physical exercises or walk around outside for a few minutes. Everyone gets through their work a lot faster when their minds are feeling alert!

Even a regulated screen break can help students refocus. Taking a minute to check newsfeeds, respond to messages, or play a quick game can enable the brain to decompress and ready itself for the challenge ahead.

Be careful to limit these breaks so as not to waste time. To start, keep it at 10 to 15 minutes and try to accomplish at least an hour of work before taking another one.

5. KEEP at it.

Whether it’s a tough question or just a seemingly endless assignment, it’s easy just to give up. But, when a student is equipped with everything they need and keeps their focus forward, they can get through it!

Start by getting equipped with everything needed. Finish by keeping the focus forward and knowing when to move on. Before starting, gather everything that can help with the homework. Textbooks, print-outs, and websites all qualify. This way, when a student gets stuck, they’ve got everything that could help right in front of them. If resources have ran out, it's best for the student to take their best guess, make a note, and move on.

These are all critical steps to success. Use what is known to make the best possible educated guess, and remember to ask a teacher or mentor about it the next day. And move on quickly, so the brain stays motivated to attack what’s next.

For information about the survey methodology and key takeaways, visit https://brainly.com/insights/homework-distractions/

De-bloat this Thanksgiving with Ultra-Fiber Chewables

With Turkey Day on the horizon, all we can do is salivate on the thought of all the delicious food we’re about to chow down on. But along with overindulging on Thanksgiving dinner comes the dreaded belly bloat that we all seem to overlook every year.

Helping you to stay on track and help rid the Thanksgiving bloat are the Ultra-Fiber Chewables! These tasty orange flavoured high-fibre supplements are the perfect solution to help treat overall sluggishness all while supporting and maintaining a healthy digestive system. Keep your gut happy and enjoy the Thanksgiving festivities with no regrets this October! Also available in a Caplet format in 150ct bottle. Sold at Grocery and Drug Stores Nationally.

Keeping healthy during these holidays can be a challenge but with proper diet and nutrition, we can all stay healthy and feel great. Remember Thanksgiving is simply a warm-up for the joyous festivities to come when the winter months hit us. Maintain a healthy amount of fibre and plant-based nutrition to keep on top of your well being and you will feel great straight into the new year!

For some tips on keeping everyone healthy, this holiday read this great article on food safety tips for thanksgiving dinner!

Check out these awesome free printables to add some flare to your fall festivities!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a bountiful fall!

Child-Proof Your Bedroom With Roller Shutter


Rollers shutters offer a lot of advantages over other kinds of window treatments. Whether you want to protect your house or business area, roller shutters are extremely beneficial. You may simply attach the roller shutter to your window or even the doors. It is used extensively in the offices and warehouses. They may be availed in a variety of sizes and thus you may cover everything from the garage door to the windows. Whether you choose the window roller shutters or the plastic ones, you need to be careful about the installation and the overall maintenance of the shutters. Also, you should consult with the professionals regarding when to change, repair or reinstall the shutters. 


High Quality Roller Shutters Ensure The Safety Of Kid’s Room


You may use that in your kid’s room to enhance the security level. Roller shutter installation is the best way to ensure that the child’s room is secured. You may install that to the room windows and that will protect the children from intruders and from outside weather. The best part is that you may use the automatic version of the roller shutter and the operation is so simple that even the kids can handle it. With the manual or the motorized features, there is complete ease of operation. The Ziptraklocking systems and the motorized blinds and shutters all work well with the help of a remote control system that even a child can use.


Roller Shutters Are Made Of Different Materials: 


Roller shutters for kids’ room may be made up of metal or fiber glass. Owing to their strength and durability, they are just perfect material options. It can fabulously deter anti-social element and also prevent any graffiti from making it to your abode. The installation of roller shutters will take care of the aesthetic beauty and the safety level of the abode. You may also use spray paint on the roller shutter and pull it up. The shutter will seem to be out of sight this way while the cleaning is also easy and convenient. When it comes to the material options, metal is better than fiberglass. It is economical and offers more privacy and insulation.


Offers A Good Level Of Shade:


Roller shutters offer the level of shade required in the kids’ room. Just roll down the roller shutter and the room of the kids become cozy and comfortable. This way, the toys, and kids’ furniture will stay in the best condition. When there is enough shade in the room, the room stays cool and cozy. 


Light Control And Complete Noise Insulation:


With the installation of roller shutters, the outside noise cannot enter the area. It also offers light protection which is so good for the kids. The noise from inside cannot move outside and vice versa. You may contact the professionals to do that. Experienced installers can do the installation work perfectly.


Why Choose UPVC Material For Roller Shutter?  


At times you want more privacy than security in your kid’s room. The glass window can give the level of insulation you want. It is also available in plenty of color options and so you are sure to find something as per the requirement. If you want to avail an upgraded version of the roller shutter, then choose an electrical one. The electrical shutter can be installed easily and don’t require any manual hauling.


When you choose a window product, it is necessary to compare the styles and types. Choose something which blends with the room interior. Aluminum is the preferred choice in material for it is lightweight. You can now choose roller shutters from reliable online portals for interior decoration. You can compare the best colors and prices and then choose accordingly.

Spooky Halloween Party Printables

It’s the one day of the year when it’s perfectly okay and even encouraged to pop out and scare people to death. For those that need a hint to what day this is, it’s Halloween. Preparing for Halloween takes a lot more time than you can imagine. For some Halloween enthusiasts, they plan their costumes a year in advance while others scramble to put together a last-minute costume from the clothes they have in their closet. At the end of the day, millions of people will take to the streets with the hopes that their costume has the potential to scare someone to the point where they might soil their pants. However, scary costumes aren’t the only aspect of Halloween. 

The gut-wrenching decorations that people manage to put around their homes truly takes Halloween to another level. The zombies emerging from your neighbor's lawn, the gigantic spiders hanging from the trees, or the skeletons greeting you at each door are some of the many ingenious decorations that people put out for the sole reason to scare the life out of “intruders” or trick or treaters. Going from house to house to see the various ways people decorate their homes is something that always keeps the trick or treaters on the verge of continuous panic attacks.

However, before you and your family take to the streets to gather as much candy as possible, why wouldn’t you want to make a custom goodie bag to distinguish your bag from everyone else's? So instead of someone stealing all your kid's candy thinking that it was theirs, use these spooky printable to make your child's goodie bag stand out. These printables can be completely customized to your child's preference. You can make them as spooky as possible or as light-hearted if your child isn’t a fan of scary things. Believe it or not, these printables aren’t just for kids. Included in these printables are custom wine labels that you can get you and your guests into the Halloween spirit. 

So before you start putting together your Halloween costumes take a peek at these Wikibuy printables to take your Halloween experience to the next level. Also if you are looking for the spookiest Halloween decorations from stores like Halloween Express or Spirit you are in the right place. 

Printable Download Link: Wikibuy Halloween Printables

Tips To Moving To A New Town With Less Stress And More Fun

Moving can be a stressful time for anyone, whether you are moving to keep your job, get a better job, move away from a bad situation or simply make a change. There are many ways you can make moving easier and have fun while you do it. Take a look at these key points in successful moving:

Make a list and organize each task.
Take an inventory of all the things you need to do as you think of them. Keeping track of what needs to be done and what has been done can save you time and energy in an already daunting task. The best way to ensure things are organized during moving is to do a room by room check and mark off as you pack and clean. Organize your stuff in the order that you will need them last in the place you are staying and first in the place you are going to. For example, you don't want to pack up your bedding and toothbrush if you plan on staying another night in your old place. This is also true if you wish to unpack your clothing and toiletries at the new place first to get a jump on the day. Sifting through boxes to find the things you need can be time-consuming and frustrating causing more stress rather than creating a relaxing move. Bekins Moving Solutions has a great guide on how to start over in a new place.

Label everything and clean as you go.
Have you ever seen someone move with unlabelled boxes, garbage bags and totes filled at the last second? It has got to be one of the most unorganized ways to move from one place to another creating chaos and headaches when it comes time to unpack. Label each box with contents and room placement to ensure you can find exactly what you need when the time comes. As you complete a room clean it up a bit to make the major cleanup go by quick and painless. You can save the floors, walls, and windows for the very end but if you want to shorten the clean remove the trash and sweep up large messes to get a headstart.

Research local restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and other important stores and hangouts.
Find out what is located around you before you move to know how far you need to travel for necessities. Knowing there is a great grocery store around the corner can save you a trip and help you maintain your sanity when your elbow deep in boxes. Looking to go for a drink in a nice quiet bar after unpacking for hours, luckily for you, you took the time to research what is located where and what the ambience is like there.  Read reviews to find the places that will suit you rather than just going in on a whim, your time is precious so don't waste it nasty dives or run-down shops.

Join groups, get to know your neighbours and colleagues.
The locals will know better than anyone where to hang out and places to avoid. Having friends in a new town can help you get settled faster to learn more and grow as an individual. If you have moved on your own, have no family close by and need to connect with people take it slow and be cautious. Not every friendly face has the best intentions for you and it is always a good idea to watch your back. Tell people where you plan on going if you go out alone, stay in contact with friends and family on social media. Missing people are noticed regularly by family and friends who cannot connect with them on social platforms or on their cell phones. Go out and have fun but do it in a safe way. JS Dolls can ensure you have companionship in the safest way possible.

When Parents Worry about Money, Their Kids Feel It

Kids are sponges. They absorb everything that their caregivers do, for better or worse.  So, i f  you’re  stressed about money all of the t...