Top 3 Reasons To Perform A Security Audit Of Your Home

Crime rates have been jumping in more and more cities and it has been a shocking way to discover how unprepared we are for an emergency or a crime committed against us. People are being robbed, homes are being broken into, cars are being stolen and many of these things are avoidable! If you live in a city with a high crime rate it may be time to perform a security audit on your home and fix things up with the help of a locksmith Ottawa. 

Here are 3 reasons you need to perform an audit and secure your home and protect your family! 

Your locks are outdated or not being used enough. Believe it or not just because your door locks doesn’t mean your safe. If you live with teenagers that frequently forget to lock the door when they leave or go in and out at night leaving your door wide open for intruders it may be time to upgrade to a tech product. They have created locks that can be used with your phone and let’s face it teens are already on them all the time so let’s tie this into play and I bet they remember to lock the door. 

You don’t have camera or alarms! 
There are very affordable options available for cameras and security systems so there is no excuse not to have them. Cameras not only scare away certain jumpy criminals but can provide proof when something bad happens and you need to contact the police or insurance company after a crime is committed. An alarm system can definitely scare aware criminals of all types as they usually alert the authorities making the crime reported even when you are not there. 

You leave your vehicle unlocked. 
I have actually done this and had my vehicle raided by thieves before. You go out to the car or come home late and forget to push the lock button, it happens and we are not perfect but stop leaving valuables in your cars! When I was robbed from leaving my door unlocked all they got was some change and a fabric garbage can because I don’t leave things in my vehicle overnight. Too many stories have surfaced where people have had computers, wallets, phones and even firearms stolen from their vehicles. If they are worth that much don’t make it that easy, mistakes will be made your doors could be left unlocked so leave it empty so the thieves get nothing even if they can get in! 

5 Pieces Of Furniture You Can Upcycle To Make Money

We are all trying to find ways to make extra money these days, and if you are a creative person with a flair for decor it may be worth your time to start scanning the local thrift stores for old furniture pieces you can recreate and upcycle into gorgeous new items! All it takes is an eye for a unique piece that could use a new paint job, new handles and other hardware and you can turn it into a real treasure. 

These pieces are the most sought after and can make you a decent profit if you choose to start upcycling furniture. 

Everyone needs a nice dresser and people love the look of antique drawers to stash their belongings. You can find so many options already styled for you in a furniture store. But if you feel like customizing your own piece you can start from a second hand model and make it your own.

Night Stands
Night stands are a must have in most bedrooms and can be as simple or as fancy as you like. Some people like bright and flashy colours while other like the distressed look. Whichever they choose you can create it all in the comfort of your home.

Bed Frames & Headboards
There are a number of options available for bed frame and headboard options and you can really create an amazing look and feel with very simple items. The look of plush is always a winner in the modern home, others prefer barn wood and simple stain but whatever they choose it turns out to be simply beautiful. 

Coffee Tables 
Coffee tables are usually a common area to gather within the living room. You can choose ones with multiple drawers and nifty little cubbies or a simple table design with nothing more than legs and a top. People have begun creating resin tables that are out of this world, they can be a learning process but the end result is amazing. 

Chests & Antique Pieces
Hope chests, sewing tables, kitchen pieces and more are such an amazing way to restore historic pieces found in our grandmothers homes. You can recreate and redesign these pieces to become stunning new styles and bring out the true beauty of their old fashioned memories. 

Measures You Can Take to Save Money and Keep Your Children Safe

Keeping your children safe is every parent's top priority. However, saving money is also important when it comes to raising children. So how can you do both? Below are some measures to keep your kids safe—without breaking the bank.

Vehicle Maintenance

Investing in a family-friendly vehicle is the first step toward keeping your children safe. However, regular vehicle maintenance is also essential to keeping your vehicle (and your precious cargo) as safe as possible. Every year, approximately $60 million worth of vehicle maintenance goes unperformed. This statistic is alarming, mainly because it implies that many people underestimate the importance of regular vehicle maintenance and what it can mean for their family's safety.

Regular vehicle maintenance can also save you money in the long run as potential problems can be detected, and fixed, in a timely fashion. While most states require a yearly inspection to ensure vehicle safety, pay attention to potential warning signs that your vehicle may need to be serviced. Also, be sure to get the oil changed, tire pressure checked, and monitor other essential fluids like windshield washer fluid and coolant to make sure your vehicle is running at top efficiency. If you have vehicle maintenance questions or aren't sure if your vehicle needs attention, contact your mechanic or dealership to schedule an appointment. After all, your family's safety relies on a functional, smoothly running vehicle.

Another way that regular vehicle maintenance can contribute to your child's safety is in the event of an accident. No one likes to think about an auto accident, but it's always best to be prepared; especially as statistics show that in 2018 the total cost for motor vehicle injuries was about $445.6 billion. Performing regular maintenance means that your car is safer—for both your family and other motorists.

Home Improvement

In 2018, most homeowners spent between $5,000 and $10,000 improving their homes. Home improvements are essential for any home, as they can increase your property value while also ensuring your home is as safe as possible for your family. Many homeowners do not even think about child safety when improving their homes, however, there are many things you can do that will increase your property's curb appeal and value while also protecting what you value most—your children.

One of the best things you can do to make sure your home is safe is to check the property for anything that might cause injury to your children while they are playing outside. This includes old or dying trees, uneven ground, storm debris, and unsafe lawn equipment or harmful fertilizers. Old trees could end up costing you money if they fall during a storm, and they may also act as a potential safety hazard for unaware children. Keeping your property safe is a great way to also keep your property looking nice, by making sure everything is trimmed, put away, and kid-friendly.

Another money-saving tip for home maintenance is to make sure your home is at low risk for fire. This can be accomplished in a number of ways that can help save you money as well as guarantee your family's safety. First, check your electrical systems, including plugs, breakers, and light switches to make sure everything is in working order. This may be especially important if your home is a little older. Next, be sure there are smoke detectors in every room and that they are working properly. This may seem like a small step, but it can make a big difference in the event of a fire. Small home improvements like this go a long way toward keeping your family safe as well as saving you money in the long run.

Your child's safety is paramount—so be prepared for any eventuality by taking preventative measures like a regular vehicle and home maintenance that can help protect your loved ones. Often, these measures can be doubly beneficial as they create a safe environment while also being fiscally smart; and that's something that any parent can appreciate.

How to know when it’s time to replace your windows

We all want to keep our homes looking good and ensure that they remain in great condition for as long as possible. Part of this is due to the fact that house renovations can be very expensive, and as such, we often put off big changes until they cant be avoided any longer. However, this isnt always a smart move to make because leaving upgrades like new windows for too long can end up costing you more overall due to the problems it can cause. 


If you invest in good quality windows, they can usually last around 20 years, depending on what theyre made from and the weather conditions where you live. Sometimes you can easily see that a window is damaged and needs replacing, but other times its not as obvious. So if you think that you might be due an upgrade, here are four signs to look out for.


1. You find it difficult to open or close your windows

This can often be the first sign you notice of a problem with your windows. There are many potential causes behind windows that are hard to open and close – such as warped frames and bad paint jobs – but whatever the reason, its important to get it fixed. Windows can be crucial exit routes in an emergency or an easy way in for an intruder, therefore to ensure the safety of everyone in your household, you must be able to fully open, close, and lock them with ease.


2. Your windows are letting in drafts

Windows play an important role in insulating our houses, so watch out for drafts around yours. If you can feel cold air coming in from outside, then youll be losing heat from inside – which will cost you more in energy bills and increase your environmental impact too. By having new windows installed, particularly ones with double glazing, you can reduce your costs in the long run. Google Windows West Midlands (or your local area) for more information.


3. The soundproofing is inadequate

Cold air isnt the only problem you might find your windows are letting in. If you hear a lot of noise from outside, this is another sign that your windows are aging and not providing enough soundproofing. This is particularly important if you live near the main road or in a busy neighborhood, as being exposed to high sound levels can cause stress and hearing damage over time. Thick curtains can provide some respite, but new windows are the best choice for a long-term fix.


4. Your windows have a lot of condensation or are actually leaking

If you notice puddles of water forming around your windows, thats a definite sign that youre in need of new ones. Water damage can be insidious, so its important to deal with any leaks quickly to avoid an expensive repair job. Even condensation can cause problems, not just in terms of being irritating to wipe up every day, but in terms of mold that can have a negative impact on your health.

Here come the waterworks: Understanding the mystery of the female body and sexuality

The anatomy of female pleasure seems to pose more questions than offer clear answers. One such is the question of squirting and/or female ejaculation.

Cluelessness about the female body and female pleasure runs deep in modern societies. Understanding pleasure still has no place in modern sex education, and if it does sneak its way into it, it is still more about the male sexuality. Overall, the male sexuality is even now more privileged in comparison to the female sexuality. Take for example the clitoris. It was lost and rediscovered throughout history and It was not until 2005 that the Australian urologist Helen O’Connell revealed its full anatomy.

And yet, there are facets of female sexuality that continue to baffle scientists. Squirting for one. Squirting is a powerful bodily experience coming from the vulva or vagina. This involuntary emission of fluid (or squirting) can happen before, during, and after orgasm. It can even happen without orgasm. And as squirting is a natural part of the female sexual experience, it is time for people with vulvas to be completely open about it and learn as much about it as possible. So, let’s dispel some common misconceptions about squirting. These may not be that new, but it is worth repeating them.

Squirting is a new discovery
In fact, it is not - first mentions of the “female semen” date back to the Kamasutra, but the popularity of it is a more recent thing. According to Pornhub, the rise in the search for squirting videos increased between 2013 and 2015, and it is still one of Pornhub’s Top 20 categories of videos.
The ubiquitous question - is it pee?
No. It is a watery liquid and is released through urethra during sexual arousal or orgasm. It is either milky white or clear like water, and has no smell. Since it comes from urethra, it is not to be confused with the cervical fluid that lubricates the vagina when a woman is colloquially said “wet.” It feels like peeing, but it is not pee. And yet, sometimes it can be accompanied by an urge to pee or even small amount of pee. Don’t overthink it, and don’t let it ruin the experience. Thinking too much about it may lead to hindering the capacity to squirt. Pee before having sex, relax and focus on your pleasure.

All women can squirt
Well, yes and no. The research in this department leaves a lot to be desired, but it is definitely more common than women think. Estimates say that up to half of women ejaculate, with some scientists suggesting that all women ejaculate and yet do not know it, as the fluid goes back into the bladder which makes it hard to come to any clear conclusion. Let’s just say that the strong stream expulsed from the vulva, as you might have seen in porn is not that common in real life.

Squirting = female ejaculation
Again, there is no unison decision on this. But there are scientists who believe that these two should not be used as synonyms, as these two phenomena have different points of origin and do not happen simultaneously. While squirting comes from the bladder, female ejaculation comes from the Skene’s glands.
 Squirting is the result of the G-Spot stimulation
Much like the entire phenomenon of squirting, the jury is out on this one. There are proponents of both yes and no answer, but there seems to be a general consensus saying that if you want to increase the odds of squirting, you should focus on another great mystery - the elusive G-spot.

You need a partner to squirt
Most definitely no. Arguably, you need to be in tune with your body to be able to squirt and in order to be in tune with their body most women need solo play. As stimulating the G-spot increases the chances of squirting, use your fingers or a toy - stimulating the G-spot, as well as the right clitoral stimulation and/or vaginal stimulation with the like of LELO ENIGMA will make you ejaculate.
Partner or not, just like many women’s journey to achieving an orgasm, squirting requires sexual arousal, relaxation and being comfortable. Once you are completely comfortable follow these steps:

Step One: Get yourself in the mood by rubbing the clitoris. That will not only bring about sexual arousal, but will also allow blood to flow to the genitals. Take your time, it’s not a race but a fun adventure and a new way in which to get in-touch with your body.

Step Two: Move focus from the clitoris to the G-spot. Place your ring and middle finger inside the vagina until you reach an area that feels slightly raised and bumpy. This is the G-spot, erectile tissue that surrounds the urethra, and it’s found along the front wall of the vagina. Hint: You may want to use lube for this, to aid in comfort and ease. By rubbing your G-spot, you’re essentially moving your urethra so that it’s at a different angle to the bladder. In this way, fluid can be expelled easier. To increase your chances of squirting, try to keep your pelvic muscles relaxed.

Step Three: The art of squirting takes more time and a bit more effort than normal. It requires intense pressure that may be hard to achieve manually. For that reason, you may want to use a G-spot stimulator sex toy that can attend to your hard-to-reach places.

Step Four: When you begin to feel as though you’re about to urinate, this is when your squirting fun may begin. The pressure you feel on your bladder is the Skene’s gland hard at work! Note: Maybe put down a towel first though?! And have fun!

LELO is not just a sex toy brand; it's a self-care movement aimed at those who know that satisfaction transcends gender, sexual orientation, race, and age. We're offering the experience of ecstasy without shame, the pleasure of discovering all the wonders of one's body, thus facilitating our customers with confidence that leads to a fulfilled, intimate life. LELOi AB is the Swedish company behind LELO, where offices extend from Stockholm to San Jose, from Sydney to Shanghai.

How to Choose The Best Content Format

Whether you’re trying to make money for your existing online business or through your blog, you can leverage content to attract users who would be interested in the products or services you sell. But finding new content ideas is not easy. In fact, it’s the number one challenge of content creators. To choose the content format for your business, start by answering these questions: Who are the people you’re trying to reach? Who are your competitors? What type of content do they use? What’s your budget for new content? Can you create it yourself or do you need to pay someone external? will this content format work for you?

You should also deliver the right type of content based on the marketing funnel stage of your visitors. For example, social media content might be better to attract new users, while creating contests and templates will increase their interest in your business. content types wheel

How to Set Your Children Up Financially

As parents, our one hope is that our children have a bright and prosperous future full of incredible opportunities. However, knowing how to help them achieve that can be difficult. All children should understand the importance of hard work and financial management.


Luckily, it is possible. The trick is to teach them and kickstart their savings as early as possible. This way, they have the funds and skills to help them throughout their entire life.


In this article, we are going to discuss some different ways to set your children up financially for their future. Want to learn more? Then keep on reading!


Set yourself a reasonable goal 

In order to get started, the first step is to set yourself reasonable goals. You’re not going to be able to help your children unless you have a clear understanding of your own financial situation. Assess your income, create a budget and think about how much you can afford. Remember, you always need to take care of the essentials first.


Create bank accounts

Most parents choose to set up bank accounts for their children as soon as they are born, so if you haven’t done it already, it’s an excellent place to start. Aim to have one for spending and one for saving so that they understand the importance of each. This will also make it easier for you to make contributions in the future. Another thing to keep in mind is the amount of interest it will accumulate.


Put away a small amount of money each month

Once you’ve completed the above, you can start putting money away into their accounts. However, this doesn’t need to be a significant amount. Even just $10 a month can add up to almost $2000 before they turn 16. Obviously, the more, the better, but a little really does go a long way.


Help your children establish a credit history 

This one might sound strange, but believe it or not, it is possible to help your children establish a credit history by allowing them to become authorized users on your credit card. They can build a credit score which can be used when they need to obtain a loan in the future. Alongside this, it also allows them to understand debt and the importance of paying it back.


Consider investments

Investments are a great way to accumulate money for your children, but understandably you may be skeptical. There is a lot of risk for reward, and you want to make sure you go about everything in the right way. From stocks, shares, and mutual funds, there are many types of investments to consider. Do your research and think about speaking to a professional if you’re not sure where to get started. You can check how to invest in stocks in Canada by clicking the link.


Teach your children about financial responsibility

Having money is great, but in order to save, you need to be able to manage it properly. Teach your children about financial responsibility and how to reduce your costs so that you have more to spend in the long run. Some areas you may want to think about include:


Energy-saving tips and understanding household expenses

- Shopping discounts and using coupons

- Negotiating and haggling (in certain situations)

- Bargain hunting and researching for the best deal


Create opportunities for your children to earn money

We spend most of our lives working for money, so our children must understand this. By creating jobs and opportunities for them to earn an income, they can save and take on more responsibility. Alongside this, they will establish that more complex jobs generate more money. Some tasks you may give include:


- Mowing the lawn

- Washing the car

- Watering the garden

- Walking the dog


Remember, there are some chores that children should do regardless, as a way of helping out the family. It’s not always wise to give them money for things they should do anyway, such as making their bed or helping set the dinner table.


Help your children create a budget

Above, we talked about how you should create your own budget. Well, now it’s time to do the same thing for your children as well. Allow them to keep track of their money and teach them to review the cost of certain expenses. This way, they will understand the value of specific items. Some other tips to follow include:


Teaching them about over-spending – If they are saving up for a particular toy but spend the money early, they need to be aware of the time it will take to save back up again.

- Setting goals – If they want something, help them establish an achievable goal. It might be putting away $5 a week for three months until they can afford the item. If they save more, they get it sooner.

- Needs and wants – Some things are essential; others are things we desire. Help them understand the importance of both.


See a financial advisor

Budgeting, investing, and choosing the appropriate accounts can be challenging, especially when you are also trying to manage your own finances. Instead of getting overwhelmed, consider speaking to a financial advisor to help you through the process. They will be able to go over the best course of action for your child so that they have the best possible future. Trust us when we say it can make a big difference.


Set an example

Finally, one of the most important steps to follow is to set an example yourself. We learn from our parents, so being responsible and smart with your money will significantly impact your children’s future choices. Be a role model and an educator so that they can continue along the path of financial success. Even if you make a mistake, show them how to fix it and give them the tools to avoid it.


And that's it! What do you think? Are there any other tips you would recommend? 


3 Signs You’ve Found the Right Partner

 Relationships are hard to define and knowing whether or notyou’ve found ‘the one’ can be a difficult thing to determine. Yet before you make any commitments for the long term, such as marriage or moving in together, it’s good to have at least an idea of whether or not you have found the right partner. It will save you and them – not to mention any children you might have – a lot of heartache if you are as sure as you can be that you are making the right choice. Read on for some ideas about what to look out for in a relationship so that you’re comfortable taking the next step.  

You Are Like-Minded 

One sign that you will have a strong relationship is that you are like-minded people. 

Being like-minded does not mean being exactly the same; if that is the case, then the relationship will often become boring and can fall apart for this reason. Instead, being like-minded means that you have the same goals and ideals and believe in the same things. How you get there and what your plans are might differ, but the end result will be something you both strive for. If you’re looking at life goals that are in opposite directions, are you really going to be able to be happy for the long-term? 



You Both Intend to Work athe Relationship 

Love is important, but it’s not everything – there must be work put into every relationship to help make it grow and thrive. This is the only way to ensure that your relationship is satisfying and happy well into the future. If only one of you wants to put that work in, or neither of you is committed enough to the relationship to put in any effort, then it won’t grow. 


A relationship that doesn’t grow will fall apart. This is because people change, and unless the relationships change too, they will become highly unsatisfying and even miserable. Work and effort are the only ways to ensure this doesn’t happen, and it needs to take place on both sides. 


If you find that over time that you are working much harder at the relationship, then make sure to speak to your partner about why this is the case. If this still doesn’t improve the relationship, although you might not want to do it, undoing it might be the best case for you both, especially with good family solicitors Lichfieldto assist you and make the process easier. 


You Are Attracted to Them aa Person  

Physical attraction is not the be-all and end-all, and it’s not something that an entire relationship should be built around, but it is still important. It’s often how a relationship will begin, with two people who are attracted to one another wanting to be close to one another. 


However, as well as physical attraction, there should be a mental connection. You should like the person you are thinking of spending your life with. In this way, even when looks fade as they surely will, you will still be happy to be with your partner. If you are only with them because you think they are beautiful or handsome, then the relationship won’t be able to last for decades to come; more is needed.

Ways to Protect Your Home Against These 3 Emergencies

No one wants to come home to find that there has been a disaster that has left your living space in tatters. Hopefully, you will be lucky enough to not have to deal with any of the following, but the truth is they could happen to anybody. This is why protecting your property as best you can against these circumstances is important. Use the tips below to help avoid your home being destroyed by these three emergency scenarios.

1. Fire

Faulty electrics, accidentally leaving the stove on, or the open flame of a roaring fire or candle are all situations that heighten the risk of your home going up in flames. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of a candle-lit bath or a romantic dinner with your partner, but just try to take the following precautions. Always make sure candles are not close to curtains or other flammable furnishings. If your lights are flickering or plug sockets are sparking, call an electrician to take a look at your wiring as soon as possible. You should also make sure your smoke alarms are working, and perhaps invest in a fire extinguisher or fire blankets in case of emergency. 

2. Flood

A burst pipe could flood your home, but if you live near a river or other body of water you will also need to be mindful of the risk of natural floods as well. If the latter is relevant to you, having tiled flooring instead of carpets, at least on the ground floor of your house, can help to reduce the damage. You might also want to think about having your plug socketsmoved to a higher position on the wall if they are currently low and close to the floor. Also, look at signing up for flood alerts so you can prepare yourself if there is a higher risk. 

3. Storm Damage

Floods might come as a result of stormy weather, but there are other ways this could damage your home as well. Falling trees and other debris getting thrown around in the wind can break your roof tiles or do more significant damage depending on the size of the object and how fast it is traveling through the air. While you might not be able to avoid all damage from a storm, keeping any trees on your property cut back and looking at reinforcing the glass in your windows could help reduce it.

Protect Your Home from These Emergencies with Insurance

The best way to protect yourself from any of these emergencies is by getting house insurance. It can help you financially if you do need to make repairs to your property following any of these incidents. It could also help you if your home was ever broken into by thieves in the form of content insurance. You can find out more about what you can get covered with house insurance at

If you want to help protect your home from any of the above, use these tips to do it. It’s better to be prepared and reduce any potential damage than to get caught off guard and be devastated by it.


How to Keep Looking Youthful

 Although everyone should be glad to grow old considering that the alternative doesnt bear thinking about, that doesnt mean everyone is going to be glad to see the signs of aging on their faces, hands, or other parts of their bodies. This is especially true if we seem to be aging prematurely thanks to the environment, stress, DNA, or other lifestyle conditions. If you are someone who is concerned about these things, dont worry; there are actually a number of different ways to keep looking youthful that will help you feel good, keep you confident, and allow you to live the life you want. Read on to find out more. 


Keep Your Weight Steady

Did you know that maintaining a steady, healthy weight is much better for you than allowing your weight to keep rising and falling? This is because yo-yo dieting’ leads to a higher percentage of body fat, an increase in appetite over time, muscle loss, and fatty liver, among other things. Its far better for you and your aging process to reach a healthy weight and stay there. 


This is not always easy, but it can certainly be done. Cutting out large portions and eating less, exercising regularly, eating more fruit and vegetables rather than unhealthy snacks, and even drinking a large glass of water before each meal to help you fill up can all help. Your body will remain healthy, and your skin will look good when youre getting the right nutrients, ensuring you look younger.  


Use Botox 

Botox, short for botulinum toxin’ might not sound very pleasant, but its a very safe procedure that many people have gone through and that they find reduces the signs of aging very well. Botox is injected into the skin, and it helps to smooth out wrinkles and lines because it essentially paralyzes the muscles. This is not permanent, lasting for between three and six months, after which you can book another appointment for Botox in Miami should you want to. 


Although you probably wont want to use Botox all the time, its great for a special occasion when you want to look and feel your best and combat the signs of aging in a temporary fashion. 


Apply Sunscreen 

We briefly mentioned environmental issues that can lead to looking older more quickly for some people, and one of the biggest of these is the sun. As much as its wonderful to be able to go outside and enjoy the fresh air (and in fact, fresh air is known to be good for your mental health), it can also advance the signs of aging. This is why you should always apply sunscreen to your skin even if the sun doesnt seem to be very strong and the temperature is not high. The suns rays can penetrate the earth even through a layer of cloud, meaning that your skin can be damaged without you knowing about it. 


As well as aging, the UV rays from the sun can cause health problems such as skin cancer, so applying sunscreen, especially one that has a moisturizer included within it, can help you look good and stay healthy. It is definitely worth a few extra moments of your time to get it done.

Top 3 Reasons To Perform A Security Audit Of Your Home

Image Credit Crime rates have been jumping in more and more cities and it has been a shocking way to discover how unprepared we are for an e...