Fun, Educational Programs to Watch as a Family


With so much media and entertainment available for consumption, you need to wade through the bad to find the good — or do you? Put screen time to good use by encouraging your children to watch informative shows that spark creativity and imagination. The programs your children watch may even influence their career decisions.


Keep reading to discover 10 fun educational programs to watch as a family.

1. Ask the Storybots


This kid-friendly show is available to stream on Netflix. Three seasons are out already, which means there’s plenty of content to keep your youngsters entertained and intrigued. The series follows five creatures as they track down the answers to popular kid questions.


This humorous educational program should go on your must-watch list if you have preschool-aged children. You’ll especially enjoy the informative music video featured at the end of each episode.

2. WordGirl


Word Girl combats the evil in her city using her impressive vocabulary and superhuman strength. Watch her overcome great challenges and defeat enemies using her words and wit. Word Girl makes spelling fun and vocabulary cool — plus kids will love watching her adorable monkey sidekick Captain Huggy Face.


For the greatest educational impact, parents should watch the show with their children to support their learning. It’s available on PBS Kids, Youtube TV and Amazon Prime.

3. Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation


Inspire your child’s curiosity and improve your child’s logical reasoning with this STEM inspired series. Entertaining stories about historical and modern visionaries will teach children about the turning points that changed history. It also covers modern inventions and innovations impacting the world today.


This fascinating educational program will draw in children and parents alike. It’s available to view on Pluto TV, Youtube TV and Sling TV.

4. Wild Kratts


Brothers Martin and Chris Kratts have teamed up again to star in this animated series. Each episode follows the zoologists as they encounter wild animals during their adventures. Children will learn new and exciting science concepts showcasing wildlife moments. Following themes like mystery, adventure and rescue, Wild Kratts is sure to intrigue young children.


If your kids love animals and wildlife, this humorous show is worth checking out. You and your family can watch this program on PBS Kids, Youtube TV and Amazon Prime.

5. Julie’s Greenroom


Staring celebrity, Julie Andrews, this educational and kid-friendly show is guaranteed to make you smile. Ms. Julie explores elements of performing arts with a unique cast of puppets called “The Greenies.” If your children love the theatre, then this heartwarming program will spark their interest. The various episodes feature guest celebrities like Idina Menzel, Alec Baldwin and Sara Bareilles.


The show is available to stream on Netflix, so check it out!


6. The Magic Schoolbus Rides Again


The classic Magic School Bus adventures make a reappearance in this popular reboot. You and your kids can follow along as Ms. Frizzle’s younger sister, Fiona, takes the wheel. She’ll lead the class on wild adventures and explain fun science concepts along the way. This show is entertaining, so it’s easy to forget it’s also educational!


If this original with a twist has piqued your interest, you and your family can view it on Netflix. Then again, the original Magic Schoolbus series is also on Netflix, so why not watch both?

7. Chill With Bob Ross


Parents may recognize this title, as Bob Ross has graced the screens of TV since the 1980s. His artwork and painting videos are relaxing and carefree. In fact, he makes viewers feel like anyone can become an artist. This series is excellent to watch with kids of all ages. For added educational benefits, watch the show while hosting an impromptu painting class at home.


Making art allows children to express themselves, which can help to combat depression and anxiety. Older adults who participate can improve their memory, resilience and reasoning through artistic expression. Lucky for your family, it’s available to stream on Youtube TV and Amazon Prime.

8. Mythbusters


As the title suggests, this educational series aims to discover which myths are fact versus fiction. Viewers will laugh along with the hosts as they tackle some of life’s greatest misconceptions. Tweens and teens will appreciate this series more than youngsters because of it’s detailed explanations.


If your kids love mysteries, urban legends or myths, then this show is worth viewing. It’s available on Hulu, Discovery Plus, Amazon Prime, Youtube TV and iTunes.


9. Planet Earth


Your entire family will gasp with delight as they view the breath-taking footage shown on Planet Earth. This Emmy award-winning nature documentary series displays some of Earth’s wonders, such as stunning deserts and oceans. As your children learn about the planet and its many marvels, they’ll feel relaxed and untroubled.


It’s available to watch on Discovery Plus, Youtube and Amazon Prime.


10. Antiques Roadshow


PBS describes the series as part treasure hunt, part adventure and part history lesson — what more could you ask for from an educational series? While this show may be too serious for young children, it will enthrall teens and adults. Throughout the series, specialists appraise various items such as antiques and fine art leading collectors to quickly discover whether their goods are trash or treasure.


Viewers will delight in guessing the value of the items appraised. The program offers kids a chance to become informed about antiquities without getting bogged down with too many details. You can watch episodes with your family on PBS or Amazon Prime.

Passions Drive Learning


Which will you choose now that you know 10 fun educational programs to watch as a family? When trying to decide where to start, think of your child’s interests and passions. Remember, you can always try a new show each week until you discover a favorite.

The Three Biggest Startup Trends for 2021

Like most industries in Canada, startups have had a terrible 2020. Many promising startups fizzled once the COVID-19 pandemic surged across the globe, though some have managed to eke out small gains. However, only a select few that picked the right trends were able to adjust to the new normal and thrive.


Guest author from Canada Michelle Thomas looks at current market conditions and shares her views on what she thinks will be the biggest startup trends for 2021. Click here to find out more about Michelle


As most of us around the world are in some form quarantined at home due to the pandemic, digital industries have become indispensable to our day to day lives. For instance, while the entertainment industry as a whole has struggled, gambling trends have migrated online, where digital casinos continue to rake in revenue. A large number of other industries are looking to their example and gearing up to face 2021, in anticipation of the COVID-19 vaccine.


We look at some of the startup trends that have risen to prominence in 2020, and what we believe will continue to be key drivers for new and emerging startups in 2021.


Online Education


The education sector took a hit when COVID-19 forced schools and colleges around the world to shut down. Educational institutions were forced to innovate in order to continue to provide education to their students. 


They were forced to go digital and look to teach students online and also carry out digital tests. Some schools in Canada tried to reopen quickly as they were not comfortable or did not have the tools to carry out online learning but due to the persistence of the pandemic, they had to make changes and provide digital learning. 


In the end, online education emerged not only as the safest way to conduct classes, but also the least likely to have a negative impact on student outcomes. The online education boom covers not only K-12 and university classes.


Previous years also highlighted the steady growth of corporate education, which surged due to executives’ preference for online classes that allowed them to keep working. The COVID-19 pandemic has made the online option even more attractive to safety-conscious executives.


Due to these factors, many experts predict that online education technologies will continue to be one of the biggest product trends for 2021.


Online Gambling 


The land-based casino industry took a beating due to the pandemic as casinos across the world shutdown. However, the online gambling industry in Canada flourished as Canadian players turned online to get their gaming needs met at online casinos like 1xslots.


One of the predominant gambling trends in 2021 is going to be the rise of online casinos not only in Canada but around the world. 


Working from Home


Startups have found that the enforced remote working arrangements have, in fact, been beneficial to their growth. With less costs for office space, maintenance, and utility bills, startups are able to operate with a much leaner profile.


In Canada many of us are now gone used to working from home. Some even prefer this option now over working at the office. 


However, there are still many question marks about the future of remote working. Security is a primary concern, as well as the difficulty of completing projects that require coordination between multiple office departments.


As remote working becomes a more accepted form of office work, more improvements will be needed to bring the experience up to par with the standards of the traditional office.


Several startups in the remote working industry are poised to boom in 2021 in response.


For instance, Abodoo, a freelance job platform that matches remote employers with employees has made steady gains as more qualified individuals are submitting their profiles. Bluescape, an SaaS company, has also made waves for the intuitive platform that allows for visual collaboration between remote workgroups. 


Remote working is one of the biggest trends this year. Startups that focus on improving the field’s efficiency are set to become the one of the biggest technology trends 2021 will bring.



Telehealth Care


COVID-19 spreads most rapidly in large crowds in unventilated indoor spaces. As more hospitals and other healthcare institutions fill up with COVID-19 patients, other patients may feel safer with telehealth care, where they can speak to their primary care physicians over the internet. 


Most health problems do not require a personal meeting between patient and physician. Telehealth care rates are surging in 2020 due to increasing awareness of this. As with the previously highlighted trends, the greater public’s resistance to these innovations has eroded with the pandemic.


More people are finding that telehealth care is more convenient for them, without any significant compromise in terms of care. 


In just a few years, projections of American telehealth users have risen from around 70 million during initial estimates, to almost one billion in recent estimates.


Startups geared toward the telehealth industry are widely expected to take advantage of this trend in 2021. Some of the more notable telehealth trends experts predict will surge next year are the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to assist healthcare staff and hospital administrators improve medical care and billing procedures.



If you are looking to start a business in 2021 in Canada, pick any of the above trends, and you are bound to increase your chances of success. 



5 Zero or Low-Cost Ways to Keep Your Family Exercising in the Cold Winter Months

The cold winter months often serve as an excuse for many people to avoid exercising. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is especially important in the winter, as it's a time when heavy meals and treats are often consumed. Even with gyms closed and families stuck indoors, there are several ways for you and your family to continue getting exercise at little to no cost to you. Here are a few ideas to get you started that can be fun for the entire family.

Utilize YouTube Workout Videos

First, there are hundreds of thousands of free online workout videos on YouTube available to you and your family. Whether it be workouts dedicated to strengthening your arms or legs, sculpting your stomach or thighs, or fast-paced and intense full-body workouts, there are many out there to choose from. Whether you're looking for a ten-minute full-body workout or a five-minute arm workout to do before heading out the door, check out different fitness instructors who create videos specially designed for mothers, kids, and/or families to try together.

Did you know that 90 seconds is the average response time for a text message? Instead of sitting on your phone, aimlessly scrolling through social media, and wasting time away, consider finding a workout video on your cell phone, laptop, or TV and move your body!

Try Yoga and Meditation

While living in homes surrounded by grass lawns is preferred by 90% of Americans, the snow has unfortunately blanketed the lawns of many throughout states that get cold and dreary in the winter months. This definitely affects you and your family's ability to get outside and relieve any stress you may be feeling. An alternative stress-relieving activity you and your family can try is yoga. Similar to finding free workout videos, you can also find beginner's yoga and meditation videos online either through an instructor's website or YouTube at no cost to you.

Yoga is beneficial both physically and mentally. While stretching your body and moving muscles that may be stiff due to lack of use and exercise in the winter, you will also feel balanced, strong, and level-headed. Set up some squishy mats on your living room floor, put on some comfortable clothes, and get your family together to try a yoga video or two.

Hike in Trails or at a Local Park

While exercising indoors may seem better because it allows you to stay in the comfort of your home and in a warmer temperature, being outside in the winter is beneficial, too. Getting fresh air is important for adults and kids alike. Bundle up your family members and go for a hike in trails behind your house or at a local park. A warm winter coat, mittens, a hat, winter boots, and additional layers of clothing will be helpful to combat the cold weather. Clear your heads and move your bodies by giving this zero-cost option a chance.

Go Sledding

Another way to exercise outside in the cold winter months is by going sledding. Perhaps your kids' elementary school or a local park has a sled-worthy hill. This is a fun activity for people of all ages, and kids especially love getting sent down a huge hill, screaming and laughing as they're spun around and zooming at full-speed to the bottom. While being sent down the hill is the easy part, walking back up the hill requires quite a bit of exercise, especially if you're enjoying this activity for an hour or more. Even as your legs burn while making your way up the hill, everyone will have a blast. Plus, you can all look forward to enjoying a warm drink once you're back in the comfort of your home.

Rent or Borrow a Snowmobile

In North America, the snowmobile industry generates over 100,000 full-time jobs. Why is this? People of all ages love zooming through fields and trails on snowmobiles, whether they're rented or bought by dealers across the country. If you live in an area with a great amount of snow, consider renting a snowmobile for a day or a weekend or borrowing one from a friend. Take your kids on rides in a safe place near your home. As family members take turns going on rides, the rest can walk around the area you've chosen to utilize the snowmobile. This allows everyone in your family to get fresh air, move their bodies, and have fun in the snow.

While renting a snowmobile would cost money, utilizing YouTube videos and going on walks and sledding expeditions can cost nothing. Whether you want to stay inside or venture to the great snowy outdoors to get some exercise in for the entire family, there are plenty of little to no cost options available to you. Think creatively, and consider what your family would benefit from and enjoy most. Maintaining proper health throughout the cold winter months is important, so get your family moving today!

8 Treatments Moms Can Consider in 2021


Are you feeling in desperate need of a pick-me-up? After the ravages of the past year, who can blame you for wanting a little self-care?


Fortunately, both the cosmetic surgery and holistic medicine sectors continued making advances during the pandemic. Moms, here are eight treatments you can consider in 2021 to lift your spirits and improve your appearance and health.

1. Laser Therapy


Lasers are impressive for much more than their ability to create spectacular and humane Fourth of July light shows. Laser skin resurfacing can help minimize fine lines and wrinkles, reduce acne pitting and help you respond more effectively to facelift procedures.


Your recovery time depends on the type and intensity of the laser that you choose. Those designed to treat deep wrinkles could require you to use PTO while you can undergo surface treatments on your lunch break.


Nor do lasers reserve themselves to your face. If you feel less sensation down there after giving birth, vaginal therapy could help. It can reverse signs of pregnancy and aging and help correct the loss of hormonal support.



Jeepers, creepers — if your peepers don’t see as well as they once (or never) did, why not consider LASIK? While the procedure itself is costly, you’ll liberate yourself from countless more years of buying glasses, contact lenses and various solutions, none of which come cheap, either.


When selecting a center, exercise caution and good judgment with centers that advertise prices as low as $250 per eye. While costs have decreased somewhat, it still averages $2,200 per peeper for the procedure. Often, the listed sales only get you in the door — once you have the exam, the quoted cost increases to address conditions like astigmatism.

3. Microdermabrasion


You could stand on a windswept beach, but getting sand in your eyes can blind you. If you want to regain the feel of baby-smooth skin, why not consider microdermabrasion?


You might not even have to head to the day spa for this treatment, although it is popular to combine a light chemical peel with the procedure. However, you can find handy gadgets that let you slough off dead skin right in the privacy of your bathroom. Dermaplaning, a similar procedure, also removes the peach fuzz that can make your foundation look cakey.

4. Stem Cell Rejuvenation


You used to hear a considerable bit of controversy over the use of stem cells in the news, but now, they’ve taken the skincare world by storm. Many practitioners combine this procedure with microneedling to increase the benefits.


You can also do this procedure at home, although many women report superior results from visiting a spa. However, you can find microneedling devices and stem cell media on Amazon.


Please pay attention to the aftercare instructions — you’ll need to avoid makeup for 12 hours after application, and products containing Retin-A can diminish your results. Some risks do exist, although the legal gray area surrounding the procedure doesn’t necessarily minimize them when you go pro.

5. Sound Healing


Sound moves in waves and may have the ability to do anything from easing stress to repairing DNA. Some believe that ancient solfeggio frequencies often heard in Gregorian chants have mystical properties at different frequencies.


This treatment modality isn’t as new-agey as it sounds when you think on the atomic level. The atoms that make up your body all contain electrons that never stop circling the nucleus. You might know some of these particles as free radicals — unmated electrons that go out seeking partners while leaving a trail of cellular destruction in their wake.


If you remain skeptical of the science, sitting and listening to the harmonizing tones instead of cries of “Mom, I’m hungry” counts as hardcore self-care. Many treatments enclose you in a soundproof chamber — me-time at last — although you can recreate the experience on the cheap if you have a bathtub and speakers. The water helps direct the sound waves to achy spots.

6. Reiki


Reiki is far from new, but once the COVID-19 vaccines return things to something more resembling normalcy, you might crave healing human touch. This form of therapy arose in Japan in the 1800s and targets the energy field surrounding your body.


While this procedure also sounds new-agey, today, over 60 hospitals offer the technique. Controversy remains because science has yet to measure how it works, but it’s gaining in popularity. It’s relatively inexpensive and entirely non-invasive, so why not give it a try?

7. Myofascial Release Therapy


Your fascia is a thick connective tissue that runs in sheets through your body. When it becomes inflamed, it can cause widespread chronic pain.


Fortunately, you can test whether your fascia may be the culprit behind your agony in a jiffy. While muscle and joint injuries feel worse with movement, getting your blood flowing can release painful fascial adhesions where nerve fibers get stuck and repeatedly irritated by the moving tissue.


Myofascial release therapy helps to separate fused fibers and release the pressure on nerves. It feels a lot like a deep tissue massage, and it can work wonders for folks with fibromyalgia whose adhesions can fuse into painful trigger points.

8. Trigger Point Therapy


Trigger point therapy is like myofascial release on steroids. This method uses dry needling, which is similar to acupuncture but doesn’t work by stimulating chi flow, although some of the insertion points may be close.


Proponents of the technique recommend it for treating headaches, joint and lower back pain. Some also find it helpful for arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Moms, Consider These 8 Treatments in 2021


If you’re a busy mom, you deserve a little self-care after 2020’s chaos. Consider one of these eight treatments, then get on the horn and book an appointment with your favorite practitioner.

The Best PayPal Alternatives

Are you frustrated by PayPal fees? Are you concerned by reports of PayPal freezing accounts? If you're unhappy with this payment platform, you'll be glad to know that there are several strong PayPal alternatives. Below, you'll find more information about other payment platforms that are available to you. 


Google Pay 

This service is an excellent option for personal payments and can also help to streamline payments for businesses. It's designed to be simple to use. Since many people already utilize Google service, it's also easy to convince people to start using Google Pay. For the most part, this service is free to use, which means it's a great way to avoid the fees associated with PayPal. 



Square isn't the best for businesses that primarily rely on online sales, but it is an excellent choice for businesses that depend on in-person sales. This service was designed with mobile point-of-sale transactions in mind. It's also possible to use Square for online sales. It offers many useful tools, including invoicing, payroll, and the ability to manage inventory in real-time. 



If you need to send money internationally, TransferWise is an excellent choice. You can choose PayPal or TransferWise, but this PayPal alternative has low fees for international transfers. It can also be helpful if your business needs to send invoices to clients based in other regions. With TransferWise, you can send out invoices in the currency of your choosing. 



Stripe is a payment platform that's easy to integrate with popular e-commerce services like Shopify. With Stripe, it's also easy to accept international payments.  It's also designed to be customizable. The API is far more flexible than many other alternatives. With that said, Stripe may not be the best option for you if you're hoping to avoid PayPal fees. For the most part, its fee structure is comparable to PayPal's. 


Amazon Pay 

If you're looking for a payment platform with name recognition, you may want to take a closer look at Amazon Pay. Amazon is one of the most visited sites globally, and anyone who has an Amazon account will be able to use Amazon Pay without an issue. All they'll have to do is log into their account to access their saved payment information. While transaction fees are similar to PayPal's, the popularity of Amazon makes this an option worth looking into. 



If you use cryptocurrency, or if your clients or customers would be interested in a payment processor that would allow them to pay with cryptocurrency, Skrill may be a good option for you. It has excellent fraud prevention tools and is designed to be easy to use. Better yet, it has much lower fees than PayPal does, making it a cost-effective option. 



This is another PayPal alternative that's a good fit for businesses with many international clients. It offers 87 currency options and has support for more than 30 languages. It even supports eight payment types. While its fees are similar to PayPal's, it's a more affordable option for international transactions. 



This payment platform was tailor-made for businesses that are poised to see significant growth. It can automate payments, allowing you to send thousands of payments with just one API request. It's a highly reliable service with very reasonable fees. The one major downside to Dwolla is that it's only available in the United States. Businesses that have international clients will have to focus on other options. 



Small and medium-sized businesses can benefit significantly from choosing this dependable payment processor. Like PayPal, it's possible to get a debit card to use alongside a Payoneer account. It's easy to set up, even if you have minimal programming knowledge, and it has a simple pricing model, making it easy for you to predict fees. Payments that come from other Payoneer users will have no associated fees. If you work with clients who use Payoneer, you may find that it makes sense for you to start using it. 


Shopify Payments 

This payment processor is designed explicitly for Shopify users, making it more limited than some of the other options listed above. With that said, it's an option that anyone that sells on Shopify should be taking a closer look at. It allows businesses to accept credit and debit cards directly at a Shopify store. It's a subscription service with reasonable rates. Paying with a card is convenient for customers, which means using this payment processor could also lead to an increase in sales.


While there are many PayPal alternatives available, the options listed above are among the most popular solutions. If you're frustrated with PayPal, you should know that there are plenty of other choices out there.

Great Ways To Save Money On Vehicle Repairs

If this year has taught us anything it’s how to try and be frugal and save money for emergencies because you never know when suddenly there is a pandemic raging through the globe destroying everyone’s job security! The best way to save money is to find ways to do things for yourself rather than hiring or paying someone to do it for you. 

The DIYers of the world are saving money and making money by doing things for themselves in all aspects of life. One of the biggest expenses in anyone’s life is their vehicle, this is a huge bank breaker when looking at mechanic bills, gas, insurance and all things surrounding the transport in your life. Time to start cutting your vehicle expenses by doing more for yourself with

Learn New Skills

Learn how to do small repairs and maintenance on your own by watching videos on YouTube. There are many different jobs you can do without taking your car into the shop like body work, oil changes, tire changes, small engine repairs and it can all be learned online. You don’t need an entire workshop full of tools for most of the jobs either which is a huge deal consider tools can cost a lot of money. Consider buying a socket set, screwdrivers, a jack strong enough to lift your vehicle and a few other small tools second hand to save money. 

Save With Second Hand

Always look for second hand parts when possible. Whether you’re driving a Dodge, Jeep, Ford or Toyota there are hundreds of parts you can find second hand or refurbished that will work good as new to ensure your ride is running smooth. Do your homework and find out which parts have to be brand new before making a purchase because sometimes buying used parts doesn’t always work. 

Compare Prices

When buying parts it pays to call around and look for the best price in each location. Some stores sell different styles, different strengths and different brands that all have different pricing. If you own a business it may be worth your time to look into opening a business account where you can earn a small discount for you and your employees. Each store is different so call and ask about their prices and policy. This is also a great idea when going in to see a mechanic. Some mechanics charge different hourly labour rates which can save you hundreds depending on the job. 

These simple tips will help you save money on your vehicle and put that hard earned cash into more important places in your budget. 

5 Ways Sex Will Change In 2021

2020 changed everything. Shopping. Working. Socializing. Dating. Family. The economy. There's no part of our lives left untouched by the Covid-19 pandemic, and, hopefully, 2021 will be the year we start putting everything back together. But once we've done that, things may never look quite the same again.

LELO, the world's leading pleasure brand, knows that the sex toy industry is uniquely robust, having already weathered pandemics, recessions, the dot com bubble, terrorism, and war, and yet it still grows and continues to resist the economic trends. More people bought sex toys in 2020 than any other year in history. LELO, then, is uniquely placed to predict what the next year holds for sex, and to define what the new normal will be for pleasure-seekers all over the world.

5. Under The Hood

There's never been a better time in history to have a clitoris than 2021. For years, decades even, sex toys for women have been big, ugly, veiny, phallic things that smell like chemicals and do no one any good, because they were designed by people who don't always have vaginas. In 2021, that era is finally over. Now, brands like LELO have spent years researching and developing highly focused, perfectly refined pleasure products that target the clitoris – not just the visible part, but, thanks to our increasing understanding of anatomy, the larger, equally sensitive internal structure too. Look for a raft of new clitoral sex toys in 2021 – but look hard, because sex toys no longer look like sex toys.

4. Decentralised Dating

If the pandemic has been good for anything, it showed us that going outside was overrated all along. Now, most of us have learned that we can comfortably work from home, shop from home, and even date from home. In 2021, online dating will come of age (again), and more people than ever will have a first date online. The upshot? You get a better sense of a potential new partner without a potential wasted trip. You'll therefore be able to make better decisions about whether or not to commit to sex with this person, amongst much else. It's like a phone interview before a personal meeting.

3. Remote Sex

Just as dating is moving to a virtual space for new couples, so we can predict sex might involve a new digital component for older couples too. The fact is that more people than ever are now comfortable with the way technology interacts with our “real” lives, and the pandemic has blurred the lines even for those who were previously not so tech-savvy. Since older generations have mastered Zoom and instant messaging and various life-essential apps, they can now begin enjoying the wave of digital and remote pleasure products too. Brands like LELO have invested heavily in app technology, particularly with the F1s male pleasure product. This new generation of integrated apps makes it easier than ever for couples who are separated from each other to still enjoy and pleasure each other, and 2021 will be the year it really takes off.

2. A Sex Recession

Statistics from the past few years report that, contrary to expectation and assumption, most of us are having less sex than generations before us. That was happening before the pandemic, and the trend looks set to continue, at least for a while, thanks in part to the distancing habits we've picked up in 2020. The result? Sex will become a question of quality over quantity in 2021. We'll pick better partners, we'll try harder, we'll put more effort in, and the sex we'll be having will be less frequent, but more satisfying. We'll have it less, want it more, and make the most of it when we get it.

1. A Masturbation Renaissance

Perhaps a happy outcome of the sex recession, people will begin to relearn their own bodies and relearn what solo pleasure can offer. It will be a masturbation renaissance, and it's already being proved by the huge explosion of sex toy sales in 2020. We can't wait for everyone to really start loving their masturbation in 2021, and LELO will be ready with all the tools and toys people need to fulfill the urges left by a deficit of sex.

Toddlers and Cats: How to Help Them Get Along

Having pets from an early age is a beautiful experience that creates great memories for any kid. There's a lot that toddlers can learn from these interactions. And if you adopt a pet from a shelter, you'd also be doing it a huge favor. However, although there's no doubt about this being a positive experience, you should still be aware that there are some downsides. Toddlers and cats might not be the perfect mix seeing how fundamentally different they are. Nonetheless, this doesn't have to be the case. Here are some things you can do to help them get along.

Get them acquainted as soon as possible.

Of course, it would be ideal for your child and the cat to be brought into your home at the same time. That way, they'd explore the same new territory and get used to each other much more quickly. However, this isn't realistic for most people. 

If you want your toddler and your cat to get along, you need to acquaint them as soon as you can. You can do this with the help of some DIY toys. Allow them some supervised play-time, and if you notice any resistance, take a break and relax. Nothing should feel forced. 

A toddler petting a cat. 

Getting your cats and toddlers acquainted as soon as possible is a smart move.

Don't rush into making any decisions.

If you haven't got a cat yet, maybe think about it before you get one. Something that could help you make this decision is taking your toddler to a local shelter. You can then see how they'll react to meeting kittens and if they'll have any problems getting along. Do this several times before taking the plunge.

Supervision is essential for toddlers and cats to get along.

For your toddler and cat to get along, you'll need to put in some time and energy into making them feel comfortable around each other. Of course, this period won't last forever. Try to set a good example for your toddler and show them how to treat pets. However, you'll also need to trust your kid and leave them alone with the cat for a bit. A good trick is taking out the old baby monitor with a camera and setting it up so that you can monitor the situation while you're not in the room. 

A baby monitor that could be used to supervise your toddler and cat.

You could use your old baby monitor to supervise your toddler and cat and make sure that everything is going well.

Set up boundaries

Rules are an integral part of getting toddlers and cats to get along. You have to determine some ground rules and be adamant about them. Only then will the situation be under control.

Be calm

For your cat and toddler to get along and feel comfortable, a calm atmosphere is essential. When it comes to keeping your cat serene, you can try petting it and giving it treats. Also, purchasing an anti-anxiety cat bed is a fantastic option. It'll make your feline friend feel soothed and relaxed. On the other hand, when it comes to your toddler, you need to make them realize that cats appreciate kind and gentle touch and not rough play. It's essential to model the desired behavior often.

Be realistic with your expectations.

No matter what you do to make your child and cat get along, there is no guarantee that things will run smoothly. This is something that you need to consider. Set realistic expectations. Otherwise, you'll be disappointed. 

Additional tips

Some seemingly insignificant things can make all the difference. Therefore, if you want toddlers and cats to coexist, take a look at these tips:

  • Be aware of your cat's body language.

  • Feline's body language can tell you a lot. If you understand it, you can predict certain dangers. There are plenty of online sources that you can use to look up information that'll help. 

  • Teach your child how to hold the cat

  • Approaching and holding cats requires special care. They can be sensitive and timid. The expression scaredy-cat exists for a good reason.

  • Teach your cat to play gently 

  • Your kitten should be calm, too. You need to train it to be as relaxed and gentle as possible. Do this with the help of treats. Also, never play with a cat using your hands. They are natural predators and like to chase, so scratching is inevitable. Indulge that play by using various toys.

  • Get your cat another buddy.

  • If nothing else helps, sometimes having another feline buddy might do the trick. However, don't commit fully right away. Borrow a cat from a friend and see how your pet reacts.

Two cats sleeping on a couch. 

Getting your cat another pet to hang out with might take the pressure off of sharing the space with your toddler.

Keep your child and your cat separated during stressful situations.

It's necessary to keep your toddlers and cats away from each other during stressful times. For example, storm season can be stressful for cats since they're quite sensitive to loud and sudden noise. Take the time to research and even experiment with situations that might make your cat tense. The first thing to do is to allow your cat to run to its hiding place. Teaching your toddler to leave the cat alone is crucial. Cats don't like feeling smothered, and they get bored quickly.

Buy or build a playground where your cat can take shelter. Cats usually attack when they feel they're in danger or provoked. But even in these situations, if they have a place where they can run and hide, they'll take that option instead of attacking.  

Don't neglect your cat's usual routine.

If your child or your cat feels neglected, it could hinder them from getting along. It's usually the cat that loses a portion of attention when a kid comes along. However, it's vital to try to find some time for him/her and maintain the usual routine as much as you can.

Why having a cat is great?

  • Valuable lessons

  • Most of the time, having a cat and a toddler in your home won't be very homogenous. It might not seem like such a great thing, but it actually is. Your kid will learn to deal with injustice and get a better grasp of how to fend for him or herself.

  • Dealing with loss

  • Coping with your pet dying is never easy. However, it teaches you a thing or two about life.

  • Learning about empathy and sharing

  • If you have an only child, this is an excellent opportunity to learn some lessons that they wouldn’t otherwise

Although it isn’t the easiest task, it’s imperative to help your toddlers and cats get along and teach them how to cohabitate. Your child can only benefit from growing up with a pet. And once that unbreakable bond is developed between them, and it most certainly will be with a little time, effort, and patience, you will enjoy watching them grow up together. 

Meta: Having pets and kids can be tricky, no matter how wonderful it is. Here's some advice on how to get your toddlers and cats to get along.

A toddler and a cat.

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