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Housekeeping Tips for Reducing Your Family's Debt

  Good housekeeping plays a bigger role in our lives than simply making our houses look great and feel cozy. If you want to keep your house efficient and save money doing things the right way, there's an important money-saving tip you can follow. Read on to see some housekeeping rules that could help you reduce your family's debt all while making sure that you are living in a pleasant space. Get the Right Window Treatments When decorating your house -- such as when getting window treatments -- it's a good idea to get those that serve an additional purpose. This could be a purpose like lowering your home's cooling costs, which can be done by using home window tint. Adding window tint to your home's windows can reduce your cooling costs by up to 30% , and in this way, help you save some money. Do research based on your home's setup and the climate you live in to ensure that you make the right call. Use Electricity More Efficiently Electrical bills can add up over

5 Natural Ways to Relieve Stress

Considering the hectic lives we all lead nowadays, stress and anxiety have become a common part of our everyday lifestyle. Work-life, personal relationships, financial obligations – all of these factors can make you go into overthinking for hours.    Though you can’t control these factors, you can control how you respond to them by adopting some lifestyle changes. Here, we have discussed the top 5 natural ways you can relieve stress and enjoy your life.  1.  Exercise    If you’re feeling stressed, moving your body on a consistent basis might help. Different studies suggest that people who engage in aerobic exercise for at least two days a week report reduced overall Stress.    In fact,  exercising regularly releases endorphins ; these are natural painkillers produced by the body which help improve your mood. And who said you have to hit the gym? If you don’t like lifting weights, you can engage in other forms of exercise, such as dancing, yoga, or just brisk walking.  2.  Practice Self

Newborn Screening Tests: Ensuring Utmost Health Of Your Little One

Welcoming a newborn is indeed an exciting yet overwhelming experience for parents. After months of waiting, you can finally hold the infant in your arms, celebrate their arrival, and shower them with love.    At the same time, you’ll have to be alert about your little one’s needs to ensure their utmost health and wellbeing. Getting newborn screening in the early months can help you identify whether your little one is healthy and growing well.    Medical studies show that health conditions such as  congenital hypothyroidism , phenylketonuria (PKU), or cystic fibrosis are not found at birth; instead, they develop after birth. That’s why doctors and pediatricians recommend newborn screening.   In fact, in the United States, 4 million babies are screened every year.    The burning question is- Which health conditions can be diagnosed with newborn screening tests? Continue reading to know!    Metabolic Problems   As you already know, the metabolic process helps convert food into energy for

5 Habits to Help in Cultivating Active Discipleship

As a believer, you are a disciple of  Christ. You are  obligated to live with people peacefully, be honest and live a truthful life so that people can emulate you.  It is important to lead others through your deeds and words, which reflect  traits of a firm believer.  With that being said,  there are habits and principles that you must have to be a true disciple. In this article, we will look at habits to help in cultivating active discipleship.  Ensure your Lifestyle is Holy As a believer, you need to practice what you preach. Otherwise, you will not be able to persuade anyone to believe in whom you worship. Observe your life and do away with habits and sins that draw you away from  being a good person.  Follow the  teaching and commandments  that have been laid for you to follow. Ensure that you are living a joyous and righteous way. Treat people, animals and things you interact with wll. If you wrong  someone, you should always ask for forgiveness. Pray Daily  Prayer is a significan

What to Do in the Summer Holidays to Entertain the Kids

Six weeks is a long time for children to be off  school,  and as the parent ,  six weeks is a long time to try  to  entertain them for. A lot of the time ,  between one to two weeks  is  taken up with a holiday somewhere ,  but then  there  are the rest of the weeks to think about. Keep reading to find  some  good ways to keep the kids entertained during the holidays.   Get  T hem  O utside    It is very easy to suddenly realise that your children have spent most of their time on game consoles or phones.  The world that we now live in doesn’t help that situation,  so  always strive to get them to play outside.  Being outside can help build a child’s confidence because it teaches them how to interact with other children and also how to deal with the elements. Also ,  it can educate them on a sense of responsibility, as you have put your trust in them to not go further than a certain point ,  and to be home at a certain time ,  and this becomes their job to ensure that trust isn’t broken

How Should A GP Help those with a Chronic Illness?

Currently, more and more people are being diagnosed with chronic illnesses. As GPs gain a better understanding of what symptoms to look for, they're able to give a correct diagnosis quicker. However, are patients getting the care and support they need afte r the initial diagnosis?    The  R ole of a GP A  g eneral  p ractitioner is generally the first port of call when someone is feeling under the weather or experiencing some unknown symptoms. A GP needs to be a jack of all trades ,  as they need to provide treatment  over a vast array of areas, like sexual health, viruses, wounds, early signs, preemptive care, diagnostic testing and analysis, and chronic illness, just to name a few. GPs can often be referred to  as 'family doctor s’ , as some families choose to stay with the same GP office for generations. Caring for one family over multiple generations is an ideal situation for a GP, as you can build long-term relationships where you  can gain a good understanding of any here