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How and Why to Take a Sitz Bath

What is a sitz bath? This is a form of treatment performed by having a sit-in shallow and warm water. This therapy is able to calm all forms of irritations, pain and many problems of the mid-section.       

In case you're unable to fully bathe, this is a great treatment for you to apply because it ensures that the anal area and genital areas are clean.      

Benefits of a Sitz Bath   
Having this type of bath maintains the hygienic conditions needed for your private areas. A sitz bath is vital as it brings muscle relaxation and increases the flow of blood the area of focus in your mid-section.  

There are still other numerous reasons why a sitz bath is advantageous such as:      
  • Relief of menstrual cramps   
  • Relieve pain along the prostate area, especially just after prostatitis   
  • In case of surgery, it helps to relax the anal area   
  • Relieve pain related to an anal fissure   
  • For those with hemorrhoids, a sitz bath helps ease itching and pain    

The Sitz Bath Process   
A sitz bath is achieved through two methods namely:   
  1. Using a bathtub  
  2. Sitting in a sitz bath bowl      

Using a Bathtub     
If you want to perform this therapy through the use of a bathtub, follow these tips:

  • Clean the bathtub before filling it with water.      
  • Top up your washed bathtub with 4 inches of warm water. As per the prescriptions of your physician, add either Epsom salt or medicine.
  • Enter the bottom of your bathtub. 
  • To support yourself, get hold of the rails or use one of your family members to stabilize you.      

When you have a fissure or wound you might experience pain, which should cease in a short while. The most affected area must be deep in the water. You might opt to fold your knees to allow the area affected to reach as much water as possible.      

Sitting in a Sitz Bath Bowl   
This is a kind of container made of plastic normally placed on toilets. To have a sitz bath in this bowl:

  • Have a seat on the uplifted lid of the toilet. With a thoroughly washed bath bowl, put it at the rim of the toilet.       
  • Pour warm water in the sitz bath bowl using a bucket. That water must submerge your perineum. Be cautious of water temperature. With the advice of your health practitioner, add medicine or Epsom salt.      
  • You can also decide to go by the guidelines for filling the bowl. There are kits that are come accompanied with tubing and a plastic bag. This allows the patient to put water only up to the affected region. Other bowls have an overflow hole at the back. This helps keep the floor dry.
  • Carefully sit on your sitz bath bowl. Support yourself on rails or use a family member. 

Regardless of the type of a sitz bath you're using, always use it 2-3 times on a daily basis. It is ok to spend 10-20 minutes in the sitz bath.   

Visit your doctor   
If you experience any of these signs, you need to visit your doctor:   
  • Consistent pain   
  • Worsening symptoms   
  • New symptoms
  • Swelling or leaking of a fluid through a cut 
  • Fever

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This season, PUR attitude™ announced the release of its PURenergizer™ Complete Anti-Aging Kit. The kit features the Nano Solutions Skin Infuser a handheld device that harnesses ultrasonic nanotechnology to transform targeted serums into a potent “nano-vapor” that can penetrate more deeply into the skin. This process creates fresh liposomes on the skin at the time of application, which enables improved delivery of key ingredients. The process works synergistically with the skin’s natural lipid barrier; the experience is therefore personalized for every user’s unique skin type.

“The PUR attitude brand is always on the cutting edge of advanced technology using safe ingredients,” said Jerry Rayman, President of PUR attitude. “Because we are an independent high-science beauty brand, we are nimble enough to disrupt the marketplace with innovation, while safely delivering results in a nontoxic way. The new PURenergizer™ product with the handheld Nano Solutions Skin Infuser is beyond the cutting edge of skin care technology. We’ve ventured into new performance territory.”

The PURenergizer™ Complete Anti-Aging Kit uses a waterless natural polymer system found in almost every cell of the human body. By linking these natural polymers with phospholipids, ceramides, and sphingolipids, the ultrasonic technology creates liposomes of 7.0 – 10.0 microns, which allows for the improved absorption of key ingredients through the skin’s defense wall. This process plumps the skin and softens the look of wrinkles with technology that is safe and natural.

 “While the major component of most moisturizers is water, these molecules attract each other, associating themselves through hydrogen bonding, creating a disorderly, chaotic cluster that can impede absorption and actually dry the skin,” said beauty industry chemist David Pollock, PUR attitude’s formulator, of the science behind the innovation. “Liposomes were once thought to solve this problem, providing transdermal delivery of actives for pharmaceutical and cosmetic brands. However, traditional formulations containing emulsifiers, or binding agents, were found to damage the liposomes, making them unstable over time.”

The PURenergizer™ Complete Anti-Aging Kit transforms vital nutrition for the skin using a nano-solution vapor that allows key ingredients to penetrate more deeply. The kit includes one bottle each of the new serums: MAX Defense Lift & Firm Nano SolutionMoisture Magnet Anti-Aging Nano Solution, and MAX Brightening Nano Solution.  These serums are intended to be used together to visibly improve skin firmness, elasticity, radiance and overall skin tone. The rechargeable Nano Solutions Skin Infuser is designed for daily use, and the entire process takes just minutes to complete.

MAX Defense Lift & Firm Nano Solution is an age-defying complex that delivers a powerful combination of antioxidants for broad-spectrum defense against oxidative damage. It also provides nutrients to enhance natural skin recovery and minimize the signs of aging. MAX Defense is available in 1 fl. a retail price of $45. (This is approximately a six-week supply, when used once daily.) Key performance features include:

  • Watermelon extract protects skin deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) against free radicals.
  • While most products protect against just one form of free radical damage, this serum fights both reactive nitrogen species (RNS) and reactive oxygen species (ROS) free radical damage.
  • Probiotics increase skin energy.

Moisture Magnet Anti-Aging Nano Solution is formulated to invigorate the skin’s natural barriers to help it retain moisture, increase hydration, and deliver necessary electrolytes. Moisture Magnet is available in 1 fl. oz. at a retail price of $45. (This is approximately a six-week supply, when used once daily.) Key performance features include:

  • Natural polymer acts as a moisture magnet, binding hydration to the skin.
  • Sea Kelp replenishes the skin’s electrolyte balance.
  • Lipids replenish the skin’s natural barrier.
  • Treats dry skin by nearly doubling hydration and delivering essential electrolytes.
  • Leaves skin feeling cool, refreshed and more radiant.

MAX Brightening Nano Solution was created to improve the skin’s overall firmness and lighten dark aging spots. The solution contains an active form of vitamin C that improves collagen synthesis. Max Brightener is available in 1 fl. oz. at a retail price of $45. (This is approximately a six-week supply, when used once daily.) Key performance features include:
  • Significantly lightens age spots.
  • Combats hyperpigmentation.
  • Evens out skin tone and texture.
  • Improves skin elasticity.
When comparing the performance of these serums used on their own to application of the same serum with the Nano Solutions Skin Infuser, liposomal nano-vapor demonstrated that it was 150 percent more effective in skin moisturization, 150 percent more effective in smoothing skin texture, and 30 percent more effective in overall skin care results.

Each product in the PUR attitude line is dermatologist tested and approved, backed by independent clinical studies, and follows the brand’s standards for “Safe Beauty,” avoiding harsh chemicals, parabens, PEG’s, glycols, sulfates, petro-chemicals, synthetic fragrances and artificial dyes.

The PURenergizer™ Complete Anti-Aging Kit is available at a retail price of $80. The kit includes one PURenergizer™ Nano Solution Skin Infuser and one bottle each of MAX Defense Lift & Firm Nano SolutionMoisture Magnet Anti-Aging Nano Solution, and MAX Brightening Nano Solution. Serums can be replenished individually. For more information, please go to
About PUR attitude
Based in Boca Raton, Fla., PUR attitude products contain only safe beauty ingredients and are not diluted with water. More than 1,300 chemicals have been banned from the company’s lab, which adheres to strict EU standards. All formulations for the brand were developed by David Pollock, a beauty innovation chemist with more than 20 years of experience formulating products for some of the most recognized names in the industry.

Get Her Something Sweet & Discreet

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Designed to send harmonious vibrations between you and your partner, Koa is a versatile, flex-fitting ring vibe that can mold to him and always caters to her. Providing a unique experience of intense, mutual satisfaction, this could be the ring that forever bonds you. 

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How to Gently Yank Your “E-Kids” off Their “Electronic Playgrounds” and into the Last Days of Summer Reading!

Summer reading? For adults, a lovely luxury on the beach where you can’t wait to dive into your long-awaited page-turner. For kids? Given the choice between reading and teeth pulling, they’ll always choose teeth. So how do we get our kids to read during the summer? Especially these last weeks before school kicks into high gear. How do we gently yank them off their electronic playgrounds to spend a few moments a day actually enjoying a book?

Carew Papritz, award-winning author of the bestselling inspirational book, The Legacy Letters, has found some innovative ways to “trick” your kids into reading these last dog days of summer.

* Get your kids a magazine subscription! Let your kids pick out an age appropriate magazine and sign up for a monthly subscription. They will be excited and anxious waiting for it to come. After all, kids love getting mail!

* Create a backseat “E-Free Zone” and stock it with books and magazines. Maybe on long road trips you carve out a time in which your kids just read. With younger kids, play games in the car on that long summer road trip! Read road signs, restaurant names, etc. when you drive past them.

* Add a bonus book to your back-to-school shopping! Is your kid excited about their new backpack or school clothes? Add to the excitement with taking your child to an actual bookstore to pick out a new book of their own to start the new school year.

* Remember your local library? They are not ruins from the past. They’re still great sources to get your kids inspired to read. I remember my parents taking me to the library at least once a month. It was really fun getting to browse through the book shelves and take home a stack of books.

* How about a book and movie? Pick out a book that goes with a movie. Let them read the book first and watch the movie afterwards! Then ask the great universal question of which was better—the book or the movie? You’ll be sure to get some great responses!

* Don’t forget the most reliable classic entertainment of all. Read to your kids every night and more importantly engage your kids while you’re reading! Don't just read out loud, ask questions during story time and have them read it back to you if they are able.

But it’s Carew’s unique one-of-a-kind summer activity for kids using YouTube that has parents and kids talking. So you’re asking yourself, “Why would I want my kids to watch YouTube to get them to read?”

Carew takes his love of the outdoors and his passion for reading and puts the two together in his “I Love to Read” videos. These short and fun video adventures take place while on horseback
and on the top of volcanoes, while climbing Mayan temples and exploring Scottish castles, and even while downhill skiing and river rafting.

What’s great about the videos is how easily it sparks a discussion about what this author is doing and why. Not only does Carew “read” his book in different locations throughout the world, he also reads while trying out different professions such as a cowboy, firefighter, or a jet pilot. Parents can talk about geography, art, jobs, and reading and writing. Carew wants kids to be curious, asking questions about all the things they can grow up to be—and still love reading! Go to the “CarewTube” channel today and check out another way to get your kids excited about reading!

 By Carew Papritz—Author of the Award-Winning Inspirational Book, The Legacy Letter 

5 Steps To a Luxurious Eco-Friendly Wedding

From the wedding dress to the guest list, soon-to-be brides and grooms have a lot to consider before their big day.
But with the average wedding producing almost twice as much carbon emissions as an individual does in an entire year, should couples also be conscious of their weddings carbon footprint?
To help, luxury hotel, Daffodil Hotel & Spa have created a green bride guide. The simple five step guide shows how easy it is to plan an eco-friendly wedding, and all without compromising on the creativity:
The 5 Easy Steps to an Eco-friendly Wedding
  1. Consider buying a vintage dress.
  2. With meat being one the biggest CO2 contributors to emissions, try to keep your wedding meals vegetarian or vegan-focused. If you would prefer to eat meat, stick to British meat and seasonal vegetables.
  3. Avoid using single-use plastic and decorations. Use recyclable paper, hire decorations (which will also save you money) and give each guest a personalised jam-jar for their drink, to save on single-use cups.
  4. As guests travelling to the wedding venue make up 73% of the carbon emissions of a wedding, consider having the ceremony and wedding in the same location.
  5. A long-distance flight can use thousands of kg of CO2 so why not consider a British staycation.

DIY Date Night Printables

No relationship is too old to have date nights. They are a fun way to spend time with your significant other, strengthen your relationship, and just take a break from the daily hustle and bustle. While it’s fun to spontaneously make grand plans, it gets a little harder when you have other responsibilities to think of. A really great way to keep a little spontaneity in your date plans is to make a date night box. This is basically a date-in-a-box.

This way of planning dates lets you have themed dates. You can do blind taste tests, road trips, picnics, and so many others! As a starting point, has come up with some date night box ideas with printables. They’re incredibly cute, and they work for different kinds of dates. You can easily tailor them to hobbies or memories you and your partner have! It’s a really fun way to make sure your relationship never grows old.

The Cost to Own Famous Cars from Pop Culture

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to own the time-traveling DeLorean from Back to the Future or the amazing flying car from The Jetsons? These fantasy cars are the stuff of dreams! But the payments on them might be something you could only afford in your dreams!

Image result for delorean

The creative minds at The Zebra came up with a fun infographic of famous cars from pop culture and calculated how much it might actually cost to own them. Some are actually pretty affordable! Others, like the Batmobile, you'd have to be a crime-fighting billionaire to pay for! Enjoy!

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5 Tips for Working Moms to Survive the Back- to -School Hustle

From the moment my daughter got out of school in May to the end of July, was a complete blur. It was a blur of summer camp, work, travel, deadlines, proposals and pool parties.  The fact that she was going back to school in three weeks had not occurred to me. When it did, I panicked. Where did the time go? I frantically realized I had no idea what day school started and had to ask another mom. I got a brisk answer of  “August 20th,” which I like to call the “working mom fail” response. The guilt of not knowing when my child starts 2nd grade and feeling completely overwhelmed set in. Where do I begin? I’ve got to sign her up for fall activities, get a new backpack, lunchbox, some new clothes and also manage my job, meetings, travel and various work expectations. As working moms I think we feel there is no easy way to do all of this and keep a clear head and stay on task, but I have found five great tips for surviving back to school as a working mom:
1.    Order Online:
Spare yourself the hustle of shopping. No need to throw everyone in the car in 100-degree heat to head to your favorite retail super store, fend off the kiddos requests for toys and candy while back-to-school shopping. It is not worth it. Modern technology allows us the ability to order online for backpacks, clothing and supplies. Think of the time and energy you will save by sitting on your couch and checking some boxes and swiping “check out”. This also applies to grocery shopping too, which is becoming more and more common. Download the app for Shipt or Amazon Prime and let them do the grocery shopping for you. Do it a day or two before school starts. The kids can make their requests so they get to put some creativity into their lunchbox choices.  Other positives are that it isn’t expensive to shop online and it saves money because you avoid over-buying in a store.

2.    Let the Laundry Lie:
Where does your laundry lie? Mine sits on a bed in the guest room.
Clean, yet unfolded. But clean. The point here is, let your laundry lie. It is okay to let some things slip during back -to -school time. You will have so much on your plate as it is, don’t let the mundane domestic stuff get to you. Not having every thing completed or accomplished around the house is okay. You will not get a ticket or a fine for letting some things in the household fall behind. Give yourself permission to know that it is okay if you don’t get everything done. It is completely normal, and you will eventually catch up.
3.    Get Your Routine Back:
In the summer our routines are typically off. As I mentioned, it can feel like a complete blur when so much is going on.  Activities, camp and work will run you, instead of you running them. No shock there. Bringing structure and school back into your life can be a struggle, but welcome it because it brings the return of normalcy.  Give yourself a cushion returning to the routine by practicing earlier bedtimes and waking times week before school starts. This will get us parents and kids back on schedule. Also, create a family calendar with upcoming school activities and your work schedule to make sure that all planets are aligned, and if not, this gives you time to create a family management strategy.
4.    Be Guilt Free:
 I think the hardest thing about being a working mom during back -to -school is missing school events.  The hallmarks of the beginning of the school year like Fall Festival or Meet the Teacher are big events for the kids. Missing them can make you feel disconnected from their little lives and the guilt can take over. This is also difficult because you miss the chance to meet other parents and classmates at these events. You start to feel like a constant outsider because you are the mom who isn’t around enough. Don’t beat yourself up or hold yourself to an impossible standard. Know that you are doing everything that you can to accommodate both school and work and that you are still present in your kids lives, even when you can’t physically be with them.
5.    Connect with other working moms:
I have a lot of wonderful friends who are stay- at -home moms. They tend to keep me grounded and I rely on them a lot for my sanity.  Working mom friends can be super supportive too because they are most likely experiencing the same emotions and situations. For overall complaining, coping and time management ideas your working mom friends will happily listen and help you.  In addition, their schedules will most likely parallel yours, so for all of those 2:30 play dates you have missed, you can now do play dates on schedules that accommodate the work day. The silver lining here is that you get to solidify strong relationships with other women who will stand by you when you need support.
Managing back-to-school time will never be perfect or fool proof, but working outside of the home can bring on some added stress. It is balancing act that can cause disruption as you get adjusted to the new school year and schedules. Know that you are not alone, and we are all muddling through it together.
Holly Caplan is a mom, workplace issues expert, career coach and author of Surviving the Dick Clique: A Girl's Guide to Surviving the Male Dominated Corporate World. For more information, please visit, and connect with her on Twitter, @hollymcaplan.

5 Powerfully Valuable Steps to Help Busy Parents Soothe Their Child’s Anxiety

Anxiety in children and teens is on the rise. More than 1 in 20 children in the U.S. experience serious anxiety. While occasional anxiety is part of normal life, children and teens with anxiety disorders frequently have intense, excessive, persistent worry about everyday situations. The disorder causes biochemical changes in the body, and has a bearing on a child or teen’s future behavior.


Busy parents trying to manage a family on the go need a way to quickly and effectively help their child cope with anxiety. Stable, supportive, secure parent-child and parent-teen relationships are the most important elements to resolving experiences of anxiety. Parents’ non-judgmental, empathic responses help children and teens resolve these highly tension-producing experiences.


Common anxiety disorders range from generalized anxiety to separation anxiety, panic disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorders. Parents first need to understand each episode’s meaning and to consider it a message -- and even an invitation -- to empathic understanding.


To do so, here are five steps that provide parents a way to quickly and effectively approach their child’s anxiety:


1. Step back. Parents need to first say to themselves, “Slo-o-o-w down. Take your time. Don’t rush forward. Breathe deeply. Consider what to say or do, if anything.” Without distancing themselves from their emotional response, parents often make rash decisions. If they never pause, they never allow emotions to subside and thinking to begin. By resisting the impulse to burst in with a quick solution, parents model for their child a calm manner that will help ease the child’s own distress.


2. Self-reflect. Self-reflecting allows parents to observe themselves objectively and think about the genesis of their feelings, motives and actions in response to their child’s behavior. When parents are busy, this step is often left out, but in the long run it saves time because self-understanding then leads to an understanding of their reactions to their child. Self-reflecting allows parents to discover how their past experiences of anxiety affect their present approach to parenting. 


3. Understand the child’s mind. Most parents can recognize their child’s moods, but they need time to figure out the reason for a particular mood. Anxious behavior is meaningful and it’s important for parents to examine their ideas about what elicited it with their child. This shows empathy, and when the child or teen feels understood, it can help in containing the emotions and thinking them through.


4. Understand your child’s development. When you set expectations for your child, be sure they reflect the child’s developmental level, which may fall behind or step ahead of his or her chronological age. Watch for the development of individual capacities and interpersonal skills -- impulse control, effective communication, empathy and autonomy. Being critical of a child for not completing tasks expected for his or her chronological age creates anxiety and lowers self-esteem.


5. Problem-solve. Discuss and create alternative ways for coping with anxiety that lead to resolving the internal torment and pain. The four previous steps leading to problem solving may seem linear, but parents may need to go back and forth among them. This is truly significant because the earlier steps bear directly on the process of problem solving. When children learn that their parents realize the underlying problems behind their original anxiety, they become more open to hearing what their parents have to say. It helps them to feel understood.


This 5-step approach provides busy parents not only a structured way to help their anxious child or teen, but it also offers a vision of hope. It’s an avenue for parents to better understand their children at all ages and developmental levels, firming up and fortifying the parent-child and parent-teen relationships.


One word of caution: If the child’s anxiety isn’t just occasional and fleeting, parents will want to discuss this emotional trouble with a healthcare expert. 


*      *      *

Laurie Hollman, PhD, is a psychoanalyst with specialized clinical training in infant-parent, child, adolescent, and adult psychotherapy a unique practice that covers the life span. Dr. Hollman is widely published on topics relevant to parents and children such as juried articles and chapters in the international Psychoanalytic Study of the Child, The International Journal of Infant Observation, and the Inner World of the Mother. She is the author of Unlocking Parental Intelligence – Finding Meaning in Your Child’s Behavior, winner of the Mom’s Choice Award, and the Busy Parent’s Guides series of books: The Busy Parent’s Guide to Managing Anxiety in Children Teens – The Parental Intelligence Way, and The Busy Parent’s Guide to Managing Anger in Children and Teens – The Parental Intelligence Way (Familius, Aug. 1, 2018). Learn more at

By Laurie Hollman, Ph.D

What are the home daycare equipment and supplies to buy for home daycare?

Looking to start daycare business? You may now think about the supplies you need. There are several things you need to run the home daycare business. It is an outstanding way to show your love for kids and just transform that into a thriving career. For home daycare, you need a number of equipment. You may focus on the everyday household gear and scale through toys that will be needed. Home daycare equipment can also be bought from secondhand stores to save money. Items can be bought as per the usefulness and the age group of kids. 

The desire to start the daycare center begins from love for kids. If you have planned to start home daycare business which is exclusively for kids, it implies that you want to be a positive contributor towards their development. Before opening any centre, learn the strict rules and regulations that you need to abide by. You have to possess the state licenses and certificates. Gather all the important things and gears. Here you will find the list of items you need.

Nap mats or the small cots 


When you run home daycare, you have to buy home daycare equipmentlike nap mats and small cots. When it is nap time, little ones need to sleep comfortably. The choice of the mat relies on storage area and the need. Currently, foldable nap mat is preferred. If you wish to use stackable rest cot, don’t buy specialty sheet when simple ones can do. A crib sheet which fits simply can do. Foldable nap mats can have the thickness of 1-2 inches. Some states have special requirement with respect to how far the kids need to stay away from the floor. The thickness of the mat also relies on this.


A portable crib is must have 


It is the main home daycare equipment you should have. If there are toddlers or infants, this item is important to purchase. Look for portable crib with toddler bassinet insert which offers far more nestled feeling. It provides great support to the back of the infant. If you are in limited budget, you may avoid the fancy seats and cribs.


The need to buy CD player 


To entertain the toddlers, you can play soft music. It will help if you want the kids to sleep. As naptime is difficult when different age group kids are at the same place, you can use a CD player as useful home daycare equipment to play soft music. Play soothing waterfall sound to invite good sleep.


Blankets for naptime  


Naptime is important for young kids. For comfortable sleep, kids require blankets and quilts. Buy high quality quilts or blankets to invite a restful sleep. 


The need for storage area 


You will need several items to run the daycare center. Storage area is required to store home daycare equipment and clothes, blankets, diapers, grooming accessories, etc. You require a separate space for toy storage. You may use the hanging closet shelf for storing diapers and other stuffs if the storage area is less. You may easily fit in backpacks, diapers, clothes and other stuffs. Things will stay organized and well maintained in this manner. 


Tableware for kids 


Kid-sized table is another home daycare equipment you need for children. Dinnerware sets may be procured from any of the home improvement stores. Buy the feeding bowls, cups, spoons and other stuffs. You can buy child-sized furniture from an online store. Kid-sized chairs and tables are widely available.


For easy cleaning of carpets and rugs, buy vacuum cleaner. There is no need to find carpet cleaners if you can arrange all the cleaning stuffs. Similarly, buy stools for washing hands or using bathroom. Step tool is needed to help the young kids reach out to the sink.


These are the equipment you need to have for your daycare. Make a well-versed list and buy them from a reliable supplier. 


5 Lifestyle Changes That Can Help You Save Money

Trying to achieve financial and health goals you have set for yourself? The ideas discussed here can help you make positive changes in your lifestyle that will help you save money and maintain a balanced life.

When you stay fit, it's not just your waistline that profits. A healthy body and lifestyle can also make you rich. In fact, you’ll be a pro at saving money.

Trying to stay fit both physically and financially is quite similar. Simply eat fewer calories than you burn, and you will stay in shape. Spend less than you make and you will save.

If you're working your way towards a financial goal, like planning a tour, saving for retirement, setting up a savings fund, or for emergency situations, you need to make certain changes to your lifestyle. You can start keeping money aside that will help you in the long term.

However, that does not necessarily mean that you have to give up your everyday expenses.

Here are 5 easy way you save money by making slight changes in your lifestyle. The best part is that you can start today!

1. Start working out

Exercising can set the basis for a healthy lifestyle and also save you a lot of money on the side.
Exercising at home rather than paying a huge amount of gym fee will help you save extra money.

Founder of the men's fitness magazine, Kelan Kline, along with his wife Brittney, set a goal at the beginning of the year to lose 40 pounds. With a desire to lose weight along with being frugal, Kelan decided to spend as less money as possible in the process of losing weight.

Rather than paying for the monthly private gym membership, he and his wife became members at the local college gym for only $45 per month. Simultaneously, they also started their own outdoor exercise regime that included swimming, cycling, jogging, biking and running at the local park for free.

The best part about ‘no-equipment, at home workout’ is that you can start anywhere, and you don't have to spend a lot of money either.

2. Give up one bad habit

When you’re searching for methods to save money without making significant changes to your lifestyle, start by giving up one bad habit that is affecting your life and wallet both.  

Michelle Clardy, the senior editor at the Savings and Sangria blog, says, smokers should consider giving up this habit as it will bring a positive change in their lifestyle and save them money too.

Let's hypothesize you spend $7 dollar a day on cigarettes. If by chance you decide to give up, you could save $2,555 dollar in a year. And if your insurance costs also reduce by $100, then you could save another $1,200 dollars. Being able to save this much money, you can easily fund your retirement account.

Other bad habits that you can give up to save money may include, letting go of alcohol, soft drinks, and poker. These not only are bad for your health but also your wallet. Giving up these bad habits will spare you a lot of money that you can put aside in a fund. Also, browse online fashion stores and grab the best deals on clothes,accessories.

Small changes to your lifestyle can go a long way if you stick by them and implement it in your daily life. Savings is useful for a luxurious present and a better tomorrow.

3. Stop eating out

Eating out every other day can seriously affect your budget. A report published by theU.S Department of Labor Consumer Expenditure Survey, people spend nearly 44 percent of their total expenses on dining out.  Apart from emptying your wallet, it's easy to add on extra calories if you're not careful of what you eat.

Experts at Capital Management firms suggest making changes in your eating habits will help save money. It might be difficult to adjust to a new change in the beginning, but you will eventually observe a growth in both your health and finances.

You can start meal planning by going through cookbooks and various websites. Set your meal plans a week ahead you go grocery shopping. At first, it will consume most of your time, but once you get used to it, it will hardly take 10 to 20 minutes.

4. Consume Fresh Food

Preparing your meals at home is a great lifestyle change to save money, yet to benefit from this habit it's important to choose the correct ingredients. This simply means, avoiding frozen food items, and processed food. Opting for organic products is a lot expensive is just a myth.

Many people think thateating healthy will cost them a fortune, but the fact is that you can eat healthy and fresh while staying on a budget as well.

A report published by the Consumer Reports says, that not all organic products are expensive, it all depends on where you purchase and what you purchase.

Eating healthy and fresh is all about making the right choices.  Instead of purchasing the unhealthy processed food, spend your money on vegetables and fruits like; carrots, celery, oranges, melons, spinach, grapes, vegetables like onions, eggplants, cabbage, mango, and avocados are grown organically and without any pesticides.

Healthy eating and keeping a track of your calorie count are two lifestyle changes that will boost your health and help you save money.

5. Take advantage if medical facilities

Another great way of saving more and spending less is availing the health benefits provided by your job. Many companies offer health insurance to their employees. If you're lucky enough to work in any one of these companies, make the most of this opportunity and save yourself lots of money.

Health programs are developed to provide incentives to employees to maintain good health and lifestyle. Basic benefits may include a gym membership, free health insurance, and rewards for achieving certain health goals to keep you from smoking, drinking alcohol and encourage you to lose weight.

If you're considering making lifestyle changes to save money, then you cannot ignore a health savings account (HSA).
These health funds can be useful in emergency health conditions, or you can save for future health expenditures too.

Contact your manager regarding the medical benefits your company offers and explore new ways to save money without making drastic changes to your lifestyle.

When you're working towards a financial goal, it's important to know what changes you can make to your lifestyle. It's not necessary to apply all these changes to your life. However, if you can adopt 2-3 habits, you can easily make positive changes in both your physical health and financial health. 

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

12 Simple Stress Relief Activities

Stress occurs in any stage of life. Whether you're dealing with a conflict at work, your kids are acting up at school, or your schedule is jam packed, stress is inevitable. Luckily, there are easy activities you can incorporate to your daily life to help manage it. From meditating for fifteen minutes a day, to trying out a new hiking trail in the neighborhood, or even eating that dessert you've been thinking about all week–sometimes you just need to treat yourself! Self-care and your wellbeing should take priority, especially during the hard times! Shari’s Berries lists 12 simple stress relief activities you can do at home, at the office, or outdoors in their latest post and infographic. Check it out for inspiring ideas and simple ways to relax and unwind from the craziness of life!
Shari's Berries