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Awesome Gift Ideas Every Mom Wants for Their Birthday

Picking the perfect gift for your mother’s birthday can be tricky. Sure, everyone loves getting breakfast in bed and a bouquet, but sometimes Mom wants something a little special for a day that's supposed to celebrate her. Here are some excellent and unique gift ideas every mom out there wishes for their birthday. 1. Bamboo Bathtub CaddyThere's nothing better than a hot bath after a long day — unless you drop your book, tablet or God forbid your wine into the water. Save Mom from all of those tragedies by gifting her a bamboo bathtub tray. It's got a holder for a wine glass, a phone and a tablet or book with three different tilting angles, so it's comfortable no matter how tall Mom is or how small your bathtub is. The bamboo is varnished to be water-resistant, plus the material is more sustainable than oak or other woods. It's also adjustable if your tub is a little wider than standard, so it will be the perfect birthday gift for every mom who loves the occasional …

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