Scrapbooking - 5 Reasons People Are Obsessed With It!

Some would describe scrapbooking as happiness through a homemade style. It is an arts and crafts project that will simply make you feel more useful and satisfied. If you have a lot of free time on your hands and feel like you need to do something creative, you should definitely give a chance to scrapbooking.

You'll have a lot of time with it, and it will definitely keep one of the most precious moments in your life. Besides, you won't need a lot of items to complete your scrapbook. All you need is an empty book with blank pages, pictures, scissors, glue, and a die cutting machine. Everything else you can leave it to your imagination.  

Some might think that this is a boring idea, but this is where they’re wrong. For those that are not so into arts and crafts and without inspiration, they won’t have to go through all of that trouble to make a scrapbook. But for those that want to experience new and fun homemade things, they should definitely start with scrapbooking. Click hereYou’ll end up having a lot of time and continue with the process day after day. Here are some of the reasons why people love to do this: 

Photos and memories

Isn't it better for your pictures to have a home instead of staying on your phone when you can easily erase them? Memories are important. Time goes by, and maybe your kids and grandkids would want to look at old pictures of your life. You won't be able to show them on your phone because you will probably delete them by that time. But having a scrapbook of your own can make them more interested in finding out more about your life. Scrapbooks can be quite colorful and pleasing to look at. You can decorate it with different shapes and designs made by dies.

Different styles

A lot of people have taste in different things. Your scrapbook will surely differ from the one your friend has. But that's what so fun about it. You can use your imagination and creativity to make one based on your taste and style. You are free to do whatever you want with it. It will be like your own personal art project that can be beautified only by your wishes and desires. It's pretty cool, isn't it? And under each picture you place, you can write stories and dates. That way, you will always remember the moment.

Better photographer

If your goal is to make an aesthetically looking scrapbook, then you will surely devote more time into how you take pictures. You will want to make them as beautiful as they can be before you glue them into the book.

Once you take the photos, you can easily edit them to correct a few mistakes and add some filters on them so they will look artsier. As a finishing touch, decorate the photo with a gorgeous frame of die-cutting paper to make it more appealing. You can find these types of machines easily, and they are not so expensive. Check out the link for more

Creativity and relaxation

Every time you have a great idea, you can use it to beautify your book. Not many are aware of this, but cutting out pictures and gluing them together on blank pages is an extremely calming process. There's nothing involved in the process that will make you feel frustrated and angry.

If anything, it will make you a true artist with visions and ideas. Also, something that is done by your hands it will have more value for you. You'll treasure the book for a very long time because it will last until the day you die.


As mentioned above, photos and memories are important. You can easily forget something special as life goes by. If you don’t want to do that, then start gluing your favorite moments in the scrapbook. This way, you can revisit the moments over and over again and remember how happy you were.

A lot of things change during your life. You might not have some of these moments you had in the past. That's why it is essential to keep them glued in inside your favorite album.

What Makes The Alfresco Blinds Special?

Global warming affects us all in numerous manners. We can do our bit by insulating our place to stay comfortable. In the absence of any such insulation, we end up by spending more energy to maintain thetemperature of the indoor place.
At a personal level, we want to remain protected from the adverse climatic conditions and their harsh effects on our health. Windows of our house or office play a crucial role in this regard because they bring in fresh air but also provide the inlet to the heat of summer or cold air in winter resulting in huge discomfort and rising energy bills in trying to control the temperatures inside the rooms
Therefore, blinds are the best protection against harsh climatic effects at a pocket friendly budget by preventing heat transmission

What DAlfresco Blinds Do?

They keep the temperature under control
Alfresco blinds control the inside temperature by not allowing hot or cold air of the outside to get in or to go out. 
Keep energy bills down
You can install the alfresco blinds to restrict the increasing electric bill. It can keep the temperature of the room comfortable and help you to cut down the use of the cooling and heating devices that consume a huge electricity unit.  
Beautifies the place
These are so nicely designed by the modern manufacturing companies that the beauty of the entire room gets enhanced by the installation of alfresco blinds. They are good value addition to your property. Style and colors play crucial role in the choice of the blind. They give a new look to the place. 

Things Tkeep IMind While Choosing The Blinds:

When you are going to choose the perfect alfresco blinds for your place, you should not miss some important facts that can help you to get the best value of your investment. 
It is not every other day when we go on changing our blinds. One has tolook for the quality of the material used in making of the blind. You should give the prime importance to the sturdiness of the product. There are many choices available in the market. You should check and ensure the good quality material by taking the detail from the manufacturer.
Times are changing, and the product design should conform to the needs of the changing times. Therefore, one must look for innovative products in the market suiting his needs. When you are going to pick one from the lot, you should check the uniqueness of the blinds to give an ultimate satisfactory result to the consumers. 
Every house may have a different need as per the size of the window and other requirements. Alfresco blinds must be custom-made as per the requirement.
Proper advice
It is very important that the company you choose should give professional advice to the customer about his particular needs about the blinds.
Howsoever good the product quality may be, some defects may invariably crop in. It gives peace of mind to the customer if long term warranty against manufacturing defects is available at least for a limited period on alfresco blinds.
Alfresco blinds should be delivered on time and installed properly by the experts so that the user doesn’t face any further trouble.
After sales service
It is such a product that demands well after-sales- service. Therefore, care should be taken in choosing the dealer who can offer proper after-sales-service whenever it is sought. 
Therefore, installing Alfresco blinds in your home or office brings you the best protection and comfort at a low-cost budget.

Last minute Labour Day weekend getaways with HomeExchange

Labour Day is around the corner, and it’s not too late to arrange a one-of-a-kind stay in a new, exciting place. With HomeExchange, the world's largest home exchange platform, you can have access to thousands of homes across North America. Transport yourself (and your family!) to an entirely new place without forgoing the familiar.

With pay-per-night ($15) or annual membership options ($170), HomeExchange not only offers the opportunity to save money, but also allows family to experience a comfortable setting with something for everyone. Whether it’s a lush backyard, a fully-equipped kitchen, a cozy living room, bikes to ride, or toys and games for the kids, the mundane sameness of hotels is replaced with an underlying feeling of authenticity and a more suitable family vacation home!

This modern mountain home is located in the heart of Fernie, an iconic ski destination in the Rocky Mountains of beautiful British Columbia. This home’s extra-large and very private backyard is perfect for summertime barbecues and nighttime hot tub soaks, whatever the season.
Sleeps: 6

Only five minutes from downtown Kingston, ON, this home rests in Portsmouth Village on the shore of Lake Ontario. There is a patio table perfect for dining al fresco, comfortable chairs for afternoon tea or an evening cocktail, and an inground solar heated swimming pool, which stays open from late May to early September, perfect for tanning or taking a few laps.
Sleeps: 6

This log house is the perfect place to escape from urban life and is only 50 minutes from Qu├ębec City. This nature-lover refuge has direct access to a lake, a spa, and a private beach volleyball field.
Sleeps: 14

Charming Vermont mountain home located on 139 private acres. This home boasts spectacular long-range views of Vermont and New Hampshire that you can take in from the plush sofa or while sipping a glass of wine on the deck. There are private mountain biking and hiking trails nearby, a private swimming pond and pond house, indoor and outdoor showers, a second guest house, and a barn with ping pong table.
Sleeps: 5

This stunning Frank Lloyd Wright-designed home is located in an idyllic Oak Park neighborhood with fantastic nearby restaurants and many things to do. The city of Chicago, IL is only 25 minutes away. The home’s large backyard with gardens, decks, and an in-ground swimming pool are perfect for family get-togethers!
Sleeps: 8

This modern home is located on an acre of private land in a small gated community in West Austin, TX. The house has a Chef's kitchen and a stunning outdoor area complete with a pool and beautiful terrace that can be enjoyed in complete privacy. Moreover, you’re only 20 minutes from downtown Austin.
Sleeps: 15

This home sits on a cul-de-sac in a quiet, friendly gated community near Palm Springs, CA. This gem has a beautiful large stone patio with a built-in gas barbecue and bar, a private saltwater pebble-bottom pool and spa with three waterfalls, surrounded by lush and night-lit palm trees and flowers. Palm Springs is also a great place to get out and hike, bike, or hit a tennis or golf ball.
Sleeps: 6

Personalized Gifts For Every Season And All Ages

Trying to find gifts for everyone in your family can be a bit of a challenge. Whether it is birthdays, holidays or just because you always want to make a lasting impression. The greatest way to show someone how much you care is to personalize their gift in a way that they will never forget. You can get necklaces, chokers, bracelets, rings and many more items made with names on them that will last for years to come. So who should you buy these for and which product is best for who?

Teens accessorize like crazy and can add a wide variety of jewelry to their constantly changing fashion decisions. You can get many different styles that will suit the grunge teen, sporty teen, picture-perfect teen and many in between. If you find it hard to decide what style is best suited for your teen in mind you can always ask them to help you select it. It can be fun to design a personalized gift together and this way you ensure they are getting something they will cherish forever and enjoy wearing.

For small children, these pieces can be saved as keepsakes until they are ready to wear them. They look amazing in photoshoots as well if you are looking to make some more lasting memories. Think of it as a gift within a gift. Buy them the personalized jewelry that suits them and take some stunning photos together, then you can create a photo album or large prints to enjoy the gift on a whole different level. You can hang the piece of jewelry alongside the print or place it within the photo album until the child is ready to wear it.

Adults can be tricky to buy for especially if you don't see them often. Finding out someone's style can be challenging so you may want to do your homework first to ensure you get them the right gift. Luckily there are several other adult products that are not just jewelry that can be personalized to be the most memorable gift. You can get cufflinks, wallets, watches, and lockets all created the way you want. There are many items available if it is too challenging to find your loved one's style. It's impossible to dislike a personalized gift from a loved one that has been well thought out and planned.

Personalized gifts go that extra mile to show how much you care, it says you took the time to plan it, design it, and create it just for them. They will always remember something that was made just for them and not just bought at the local shopping center. Give gifts that mean something, and the reaction you get will warm your heart.

Scrapbooking - 5 Reasons People Are Obsessed With It!

Some would describe scrapbooking as happiness through a homemade style. It is an arts and crafts project that will simply make you feel more...