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Searching Through National Moving Companies for Your Long Distance Move
Moves are stressful and that is no longer news. However, long distance moves are a lot more stressful and therefore requires that more care be taken to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. To this end, we shall be looking specifically at companies that fall into a particular category. Wcall them National Moving Companies.
When we talk about national moving companies, we are referring to companies that operate throughout the country. They have the capacity to move you and your goods from any part of the country to any other part. We can therefore simply refer to them as nationwide movers.
These are different from local movers who may only be able to operate within a given state or a specific region. When you are doing a really long distance move, these are the kinds of companies you look for both for efficiency as well as affordability.
In this article, we will be looking at some important factors to consider when making a choice of any such company to work with. We shall also give you a head start by sharing some of our recommendations for your consideration.
Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a National Moving Company

A company that operates nationally, which is across several state lines, has to meet certain important criteriaWe will list and briefly discuss some of the most important ones here.
There are specific licenses that any such company ought to possess. Such a company MUST have a USDOT number. This simply means a United States Department of Transportation number. This is issued by the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) which operates under this department of transportation.
Thankfully, you can easily confirm if the number that any company shows you is authentic or not. This can be done on the FMCSA managed website.
A company’s reputation should precede it. You should attempt to find out what people are saying about the company. The reviews you find online, offline or on rating sites like BBB (Better Business Bureau) should be positive enough to give you the confidence to work with them.
More than just having a license and having a good reputation, the company should also possess the capacity to handle the type of job you want them to take on. Be sure that whichever company you choose will have what it takes to properly execute your job.
This of course is an important consideration. While you may not necessarily be going for the cheapest option, you at least need to be sure you are getting a very competitive price and very good value. This is one of the main reasons why you may need to get a couple of quotes for the purpose of comparison. Three to four quotes should be enough to help you make an informed decision.
Insurance Cover
A company that will operate across state lines must meet the federal regulations for moving insurance. It is important that you have access to proper insurance cover for your stuff. This could be the released liability cover which should come as part of your payment or the full value protection which attracts additional payment.
The difference between the two is that while the moving company is obligated to replace anything damaged or lost in the course of the move to the tune of 100% its replacement value for the full value protection, the release liability only requires that the company pay cash for the items based on current market value, repair damaged items or replace lost stuff with items that look like new.
For more on this aspect of insurance, you can read this article here.
A Few Recommendations – 5 Top Companies to Consider

Like we promised earlier, we will now give you a few recommendations that you can start with. The five companies we will be listing are among the most highly rated in the country.
American Van Lines
American Van Lines offers a complete moving solution for corporate customers. They move stuff locally, nationally as well as internationally for the military, commercial and corporate entities. They also offer storage services. You can only access their services if your stuff weighs at least 3000 pounds. You will also be required to make a deposit of about %50 of the total cost. This cost begins at about $2,500 per bedroom for a cross country trip.
Colonial Van Lines
This company specializes in servicing corporate clients for long distance moves as well as storage facilities. They also offer assembling, disassembling as well as packing services. To book a move with them requires almost 50% deposit with an interstate move starting at about $2,500 per bedroom.
International Van Lines
This is a full service company that offers some of the most comprehensive services. Any kind of move you need is covered. This includes international, national or local ones. It also covers both commercial and residential customers. You can enjoy packing services, car shipping, ocean and air freight as well as a bouquet of other services. You can get a detailed quote for whatever services you may need from them.
Interstate Moving & Relocation Group INC.
Your local, national and even international moves can be handled by this company. This covers both commercial and residential relocations. To reserve their services, you will need a deposit of 33% of the total cost. You can get their services from $1800 per bedroom for a move cross country.
National Moving Group
This company offers both commercial and residential moving services across state lines as well as cross country. They also offer, auto transportation, storage and even packing and unpacking.
You can check out a lot of other companies as well on this website:
Before choosing any company, be sure you understand what you need done. You may first want to consider your budget to know what you can afford to spend. You can then make a choice based on this.
Long distance move, though really stressful, can be well-managed to reduce this stress. One area in which you do not want to make a mistake is in the choice of the company to work with. This can either drastically reduce your stress or astronomically increase it. Choose wisely!

Tips on Storing Your Kids Toys

Children love playtime, but when they've had enough, they will simply move away and let the adult deal with the toys. This is why you'll be stepping on toy cars, dolls and blocks in every corner of the house. You'll have to bear the pain and gently explain to the crying toddlers that it was an accident and you'll get them a new one soon. Toy storage is important not just for team sake of organisation and saving money but also for the safety of everyone in the house. Here are a few tips that will help you store your child's toys when they are not using them:



This is the best way of figuring out how you will store toys. Separate the blocks from cards, you cars, dolls and others. Small ones like cards and blocks can easily be put in boxes or containers then placed on a shelf in the child's room. Cars and larger toys need to be arranged somewhere where they can't roll over and trip someone. Inflatable toys and slides need to be placed away from sharp objects. You can donate or sell any toys that the child doesn't use to declutter their room. 



They may never learn the value of responsibility unless you show them by action. Most children may choose to simply ignore what you are showing them unless you explain why. Tell them gently that the toys may injure them, someone else or even their pets. Tell them that they may also get damaged and you may not buy others. Make sure they pick them up with you. Show them where they should be put and watch to make sure they do it. 



Most parents keep toys in the children's rooms. It not only gives them quick access but also serves a decorative purpose. 

Sometimes the toys may be too large or too many to be placed in their bedrooms. You'll need to find storage solutions elsewhere. You may have to move your white king-size bed frame to create more space. A clever way of adding space would be to convert the garage to a playroom. You could also build then a treehouse (if they are old enough to climb) and put some toys there. 

If you have a large backyard, you could build a little playhouse for them (or buy one). 



You could buy and install additional storage units to increase the space for keeping the children's toys. Adding shelves to their closet or getting a tallboy with many shelves is a good idea. You could also get additional boxes to store stuffed toys. 


In conclusion, storing and organising your child's toys is essential for the sake of safety, organisation, saving costs and ultimately, your peace of mind. Remember to get storage solutions that match the rest of the house's decor to avoid colour-clashing themes.

Amazing Gifts For 12 Year Old Boys!

Is your son’s 12th birthday on the horizon? Here’s some great gift ideas!

Turning 12 can be a tricky one – at this age your son will have started secondary school and will want to feel like he is being treated more like an adult and less like a child. With this in mind, it can be really tricky to find great toys for 12-year-old boys, that they will both appreciate and use.

Here we’ve collated a few ideas which should help to give you some inspiration for your son’s next birthday – if you’re still stuck, you ought to visit Wicked Uncle’s website – there you can see a huge range of gifts which can be filtered by age, gender and budget to help you find some great options.

Big budget options

If you have a fair budget to spend on your son’s birthday, one of the first places most people start is with a games console. One of the newest on the market is the Nintendo Switch. The unique selling point of the Switch is that it can be used both as a traditional console but also as a portable one. Being under the Nintendo brand, it’ll be a throwback to the days of Gameboys and DSs and comes automatically equipped with a range of games.

Drones can also be a really popular choice, with different kinds of drones available on the market which can record footage and do tricks, if your son is gadget-mad then these could be a great choice.

Alternatively, why not opt for an experience over a gift? If your son is into football, then you could look to take him to a match or stadium tour. If football isn’t his thing, maybe look at supercar experiences where he can experience the thrill of being driven around a racetrack in a flash car.

Mid budget options

At 12 years old, your son could still be into the more technical Lego building sets, which offer both the enjoyment of classic Lego sets, but with trickier builds but bigger pay offs. You can also get a lot of themed kits now, including licensed content such as Star Wars, Minecraft, Jurassic Park, Harry Potter and much more.

Go Pro cameras can be quite reasonably priced nowadays and can give your son the opportunity to document their bike rides, relive rides on rollercoasters or even capture underwater content. Kids nowadays love YouTubers, and the opportunity to create their own similar content might also give them a little prod to get out from behind the computer and to get outdoors!

Low budget options

If you don’t have a huge budget to work with for your son’s upcoming birthday, don’t fear, there’s plenty of great options which you could buy without breaking the bank.

If your son loves his games console, why not buy him some vouchers to use on Xbox Live or the PlayStation Store? This will enable him to get new games or unlockable add-ons for his existing games.

Alternatively there’s loads of mini gadgets that you can find online, along with other accessories that he can use to put his own stamp on his bedroom, such as smartphone docks, speakers and much more.


Staying Money-Savvy - How Coupons Can Benefit You and Your Wallet

With prices skyrocketing, saving a coin or two here and there will only be beneficial. Too embarrassed to shop using coupons? Oh c’mon, even Kourtney Kardashian uses the money-saving tickets and she’s dripping in gold! In fact, a survey by the University of Arizona found that the rich use coupons more than those who need to save. 

Moreover, a Ramsey Solutions study showed that 93% of millionaires use coupons. Overall, 96% of Americans use coupons, at the very least occasionally. Looking at the many benefits of using coupons, these numbers are not surprising. There are people who don’t use coupons even though every penny saved is most certainly a penny earned. 

Why Do Some People Ignore Coupons?

Considering we live in a digital era coupon usage is only rising. In 2014, 16 billion online coupons were redeemed. In comparison, about 31 billion e-Coupons will be redeemed this year which is a massive upward trend. Then how is it that there are still people out there who don’t use coupons? What is their reasoning? Many people do not use coupons because they think finding and clipping coupons is a tedious process. 

These folks are unaware of how easy and straightforward fetching coupons has now become thanks to the internet. With websites like EMUCoupon that accumulate variety of coupons in one place, couponing has become extremely convenient. 

Moreover, there are still people out there who believe in the stigma attached to coupons - that they make you spend more or that using them means you are cheap. Considering there are infinite benefits of using coupons and even celebrities are getting in on the act, these stigmas are juvenile to say the least

Stats reveal that using coupons can save shoppers from $30 to $50 per week. This means annual savings of $1600 to $2600 can be made. At the end of the day, it depends on one’s own shopping habits if or not he is likely to spend more with a bunch of coupons in his hand. Then there is the brand loyalty factor that some individuals harbor. Though another brand offering the same product may be giving a coupon discount, they’d still stick to the brand that they’ve come to trust and prefer. 

Top 5 Benefits Of Using Coupons When Shopping 

If you are money savvy, coupons can help you save a good amount of money - this is the first and most obvious one among the many benefits of using coupons. However, there are also other reasons why couponing is a good idea. Let’s dig into the benefits of using coupons below: 

1. Save All Year Round

According to a Cyber Monday insight, sales worth $7.9 Billion were noted on this marketing event in 2018. Similar figures are observed on Black Friday. However, these are just two days of the year.

What of people that need discount on normal days? Well, this is where coupons come in. Whether it’s December, July or any other month, coupons are available throughout the year. This distinguishes coupons from other discounting opportunities

2. Stockpile products for use later

If you are able to get any non-perishable products on discount owing to the availability of a coupon, you can buy in bulk. You can stockpile items for future use in this way. This means you won’t need to make additional trips for the products that you are able to stockpile. Moreover, the amount saved is also likely to be good compared to buying single items at full price. 

3. Get dream products without pressuring your wallet 

Often there are some things that we want to purchase but we resist because they are costly. These can be electronics, that one dress you’ve been eyeing for prom or just any other items. With a coupon, you can easily purchase without having to worry about the price since you are able to fetch the piece at a good discount. 

4. Give more by spending less 

Many people have a routine of giving in charity. They don’t give money and instead provide food, clothing and other necessities to those in need. If you are someone like that, the use of coupons can help you save more. Savings enable you to give even more in charity or save some money for yourself. 

5. Invest in whatever you want 

Have you been trying to save money for a summer trip? Or for starting a small business? Know that starting small can be helpful. If you are even able to save $20 every time you shop, you may be able to save a good amount of money within a year’s time. This can be especially helpful for mums living a frugal lifestyle or students with low-income jobs.

6. Know when to shop 

If you are someone who keeps an eye on when his favorite brands offer coupons, you will also learn when to shop. For instance, instead of wasting all your money in September, you can shop in the Halloween sale season. Moreover, you will also know when to expect coupon codes for shopping from clearance sales. 

Unlike how it used to be, finding coupons is simple these days. All you have to do is visit couponing sites for coupon code insights. You can also find coupons by subscribing to the newsletters of your favorite brands and keeping an eye on their social media channels. Remember, the key to saving while shopping with coupons is buying only the things that you need and nothing extra.

7 Ways to Make Your Home Healthy and Safe for Your Family

It’s not easy to keep everyone in your family safe all the time, especially when you all have to go outside at some point. However, it seems that you can’t be 100% safe inside your own home either. This is why it’s important to take the necessary steps which will boost the health and safety of your personal environment. 

1. Keep the Home Clean from Dust

Dust can be a huge issue for a lot of people, and especially young children. Dust allergies can turn really ugly rather quickly, which is why you want to maintain your home dust-free as effectively as possible. For starters, you need to establish a weekly cleaning routine; there’s no way around this one if your goal is to get rid of dust. That said, vacuum, swipe and go over the surfaces with a damp cloth at least once a week. A great way to boost the air quality in your home and minimize dust and other allergens is to invest in a good-quality air purifier. 

2. Proper Ventilation System and Fire Protection

Speaking of air purifier and air quality, things won’t be healthier or safer if you neglect the importance of a proper ventilation system. What’s more, you need to clean this regularly as well since these systems aren’t prone to dust accumulation. Furthermore, an efficient ventilation system together with top-notch fire ducts will considerably improve the safety aspect of your home, thus protecting your family in case of a fire hazard, too. Together with a proper fire alarm, these are definitely home safety essentials. 

3. Go with All-Natural Cleaning Solutions

We’re not done with cleaning. After all, what kind of agents do you tend to use when you clean your home? More often than not, off-the-shelf home cleaning products are filled with chemicals and very toxic for both your family and the environment. The fumes can cause various health issues such as headaches, nausea and dizziness, and ultimately lead to allergies. Therefore, it would be best to switch to eco-friendly cleaning solutions. What’s more, you can easily make your own natural cleaning products with just a couple of ingredients!

4. Use VOC-Free Paint

In case you’re planning a renovation soon that involves giving your walls a fresh coat of paint, make sure to opt for VOC-free paint. VOC stands for volatile organic compounds, which are released in the air as part of the fumes you usually tend to smell right after fresh paintwork. While that smell goes away rather quickly, VOCs actually stay in the air, sometimes even for years! They can be very dangerous for one’s health due to their toxicity. That said, it’s time to pay attention to this aspect of every paint, coating and lacquer from now on. 

5. Child-Proof Your Home

If you live with a small child, it’s essential that you protect your kid from accidents inside your own home. For starters, if there are stairs in your place, make sure to use child gates at the top and bottom of the stairs. You can use these for other areas as well that you believe your child is still too young to access. Aside from that, it’s also important to cushion the corners and edges of sharp furniture. Moreover, don’t forget to install window guards as you never know when your toddler might get curious to peek through and climb up. Also, prevention against scalding in the bathroom is always useful, so keep your water heater properly set up. 

6. Reduce the Chance of Slipping

Slippery floors are also a reason for concern when it comes to the safety of your home. After all, people tend to fall and break a bone inside their homes more often than outside. If common rugs don’t seem to work with the slipping, definitely look into different options you get with anti-slip rugs and mats. Some of these are very functional when used in bathrooms and kitchens since they’re also water-resistant. 

7. Test for Lead and Asbestos

Lead and asbestos were compounds commonly used in the structures and paintwork of older homes. If you and your family live in an older place, it’s important to have it tested for lead and asbestos. Only professionals can do this properly and effectively remove the compounds in case they’ve been found. Therefore, don’t try to DIY this particular project. If you’re unsure, deal with the testing as soon as possible since disrupting the paint or structure during renovation can disperse the toxic particles in the air, which are very harmful to one’s health.

Health and safety of your family are priceless. In that respect, it’s crucial that you take the time to reorganize and prep your home properly, and make sure everyone in your family is safe and healthy inside their personal environment. After all, this is the least you can do for both yourself and your loved ones. 


How Residential Fencing Have Evolved To Become More Than Barricades?

Residential fencing is not merely used only for keeping off animals or intruders but has become an integral part of the architecture in the new trend. The fences require low maintenance and can be obtained in a range of designs to add a distinctive look to the property. From horizontal lines, metal and brick interchange, to a solid block there are immense possibilities that one can explore with fences. Depending on the material used, the fences can create a unique identity to a property. Both residential and commercial units are opting for the differently styled fences, audacious and unconventional in design. Some of the fences work as excellent noise cancelling agents too. The right kind of fencing can always amplify the value of property, and make it appear more distinct. Steel structures and metal fencings have created a reputation for being absolutely sleek and contemporary. 


If you want budget fencing, durable and aesthetically pleasant, timber is the most preferred material. However, timber would require careful maintenance to prevent rot, termites and eventual decay. It is always favorable to consult a specialist for construction of these barricades. In this manner, the best advice can be obtained on choosing a material that would comfortably fit within the budget. Fences are nowadays designed to strike a fine balance between design and security and factor should never overlook the other. Moreover, the material of fences should only be decided considering and to evaluate its elaborate maintenance options, or the final appearance against the property. 


Advantage Of Choosing The Right Company For Residential Fencing 


The aesthetics of a fence will never be overlooked by the company when constructing it in durable material. A reputed company must have the means to accommodate clients’ preferences and manipulate the previous designs to adjust. For construction, there are many options available each differing from the other in price and essential features. The common materials used are;


• Vinyl
• Bamboo
• Wood 
• Aluminium
• Bricks

 Materials should be chosen after a careful inspection of the site, weather condition, and other requirements of the property. Wood blocks are exceptionally relevant in resorts or hotels to form as protective fence. Similarly, a quaint residential structure would look impeccable in intricately designed metal panels. The same would completely look out of place if the residential fencing is installed in front of a commercial apartment. You can also go for DIY fencing if you have a particular era or period in consideration. Thereafter, you can crosscheck it from a professional company to find out the loopholes and make substantial improvements on it. Before choosing a company, look at its resources and the kind of designs that it is capable of offering. They must have a solid grip over the latest trends in Residential fencing that would make the property look vogue. Checking out galleries of the various professional residential fencing companies is also required to know in-depth about the practical limitations associated with a DIY fence. Consider going for a free chat session with the company to gauge how far they can act as per your references and choice. Online reviews are also an excellent source of guidelines, where important information like maintenance and decoration ideas is available.


If you are blank about creating proper designs, you can develop an idea from these feedbacks. Fencing surely serves as an invaluable asset in ensuring privacy while at the same time acting as a decorative element around the house. It is, therefore, necessary to make sure that the design of the Residential fencing is overshadowing its exquisite features or making no technical errors in erecting the structure of the fences. 



A fun and imaginative way to expand your drawing and character design skills, step by step.

Build your imagination and drawing design skills while following the step-by-step instructions of Draw 62 Characters and Make Them Cute (Quarry Books / November 19, 2019 / US $19.99) in this third book in the quirky illustration series Draw 62 (following Animals and Magical Creatures). 

Beloved illustrator and Instagrammer Heegyum Kim takes you on a fun journey to expand your character-building skills as she shows you how to draw 62 creative, imaginary characters and make them cute! Your character may have particular personality traits, or perhaps an interesting career. Your character may be part cat and part kangaroo! Discover the pleasure of dreaming up, mashing up, and lighting up the pages with your wonderful imaginary characters.

Whether it's an elephant plumber, a catopotamus, or a furry superhero—you will delight in the charm of this cute character collection. Fresh, modern, and with a dash of silly humor, you won't find a more enjoyable way to practice your illustration and expand your imagination.

Heegyum Kim is a graphic designer and illustrator. She holds a Master of Science in Communication Design from Pratt Institute and is the author of two illustrated books featuring Mr. Fox, the charming and humorous character whose activities and musings drive her popular Instagram account and make her followers giggle, as do a menagerie of other delightful animal friends. She is also the author and illustrator behind the Draw 62 series of books, which provide step-by-step instructions for drawing different types of cute characters. She lives in Jersey City, New Jersey. Follow her drawing adventures on Instagram @hee_cookingdiary.


By Heegyum Kim

On-Sale Date: November 19, 2019

$19.99 US · $25.99 CAN · 128 pages · Paperback

National Moving Companies - The Search For Quality

Searching Through National Moving Companies for Your  Long Distance  Move Moves are stressful and that is no longer news. However, long d...