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Who doesn't want a list of helpful articles about lifestyle and family? My life is crazy and family is crazier but amidst the mad house I can still provide you with great reads to help you navigate your Funky Frugal Life!

Introducing your dog to your new baby!

Yummy ways to get the kids to eat better!

Make the most of your small space!

Using frugality to be fantastic!

Stay feeling like "you" during pregnancy and early motherhood!

The rural life: Is your family cut out for it?

Downsize your household possessions the right way with these tips. 

Picking a tradesman for a household repair? Read this before you book!

Keep your family healthy during the fall and winter season!

Foolproof action plan for getting and staying healthy this year!

Party hard, party happy!

Why every mom should cook with their kids from a young age

Got a growing family? Need a bigger home? Read this!

Back to school anxiety survival tips.

How to properly prepare your home for heating season.

Summer is over! How do we create memories?

Smart tactics to make school supplies more affordable.

Transform kids rooms without breaking the bank.

Nothing is more important in your home then comfort.

Do you have a growing family? Need a bigger home? Read this!

Why every mom should cook with their kids at a young age!

Dressing your office? Frugal tips to increase productivity.

Downsizing your household possessions the right way!

Foolproof action plan for getting and staying healthy this year!

Top changes you can make to ensure your family is not left out of pocket.

How to keep a sick kid comfortable

Tips for staying positive while unemployed

How can I make my kids eat healthy at school?

How spring cleaning can affect your wellness.

Tips for affordable kids room decor.

Less stressful holiday cooking tips

How playing outside improves kids cognitive skills.

Talking with your kids about bullying.

How to be a cool mom this summer.

Bouncing back after a mid life divorce.

How to revamp your kids old clothes.

Ways to encourage your kids to make friends.

How to keep learning during summer vacation.

What can I do to become a healthier person?

3 simple ways to optimize your level of wellness.

DIY activities for boredum busting.

Spring gardening tips for eager green thumbs.

5 quick and easy ways to raise enough funky funds for Christmas.

Home security mistakes you could be making.

Why move? Evolution ideas for your home.

Beating the holiday blues.

Start a sustainable home using these techniques.

Make your family holiday images picture perfect.

Is your home harboring hidden treasures?

Make the most of your homes space.

Common reasons families get into debt during the holidays and how to avoid it.

5 Things to keep in mind when buying your first home!

On your own? No problem!

Building a wonderful vegetable garden with children.

10 ways to teach your children the value of a dollar.

Essential tools every household should own.

Have a safe but scary Halloween.

Trouble or typical teenage angst? How to know for sure.

Christmas gift ideas for all different members of the family.

How to make your kids love their dentist appointment.

4 Kid friendly reasons to de-clutter your home!

Everything a mom needs to know about credit scores.

Kid friendly crafts and hobbies to take up in the new year!

How to host a fundraiser for your child's school.

How to select the right dentist for your child.

What you need to do before you move your family into a new home.

The ghost of home maintenance future: what you need to know!

How to deal with the self esteem pitfall after giving birth.

How to make reading fun!

What challenges could your family face in the new year?

Easy activities to enjoy with your kids.

Common home plumbing problems and solutions!

Whats keeping you awake at night? 5 Factors affecting your sleep.

5 Ways to prepare for a blackout.

The secret sauce of becoming a mighty mompreneur!

How to shop with kids during the holidays!

Tips you need to know for a cozy lounge area.

What to do when you lose your job. Tips to help you cope!


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