Tuesday 7 February 2017

Why Every Mom Should Cook With Their Kids From A Young Age!

As parents, it’s our job to raise our kids to be happy, healthy, and well-rounded adults. Part of that is teaching them the skills that they will need for adult life, such as how to cook, for instance. Of all the skills that you can teach your kids, showing them how to cook is one of the most important - here’s why:

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It teaches them valuable skills

Cooking is a great way to teach your kids an array of valuable life skills. You see, cooking requires an array of different skills, it’s not just useful for showing kids how to make different dishes, but also for teaching them various other life skills.

For example, reading out the recipe from the recipe book or food blog that you’re using to cook with, will help your little ones to improve their reading skills.

Weighing out the ingredients and dividing recipes in half when you don’t want to make as much food as the recipe creates, allows your children to develop their mathematical skills.

Then there’s the fact that cooking is also a great way to teach kids about time management. You see, cooking requires good time management skills to ensure that everything goes into the oven when it should do and that nothing burns.

Is a fun way to bond and make memories

Another reason that cooking with your kids is an activity that you should prioritize is because it’s a fun way to bond and make memories. Spending time in the kitchen with your kids can be a lot of fun, and a fantastic way to make some incredible memories, so it’s an activity that’s definitely worth making time for, even if life is incredibly hectic.

Don’t just bake with your kids, teach them how to cook proper meals. Teach them the difference between the different cooking utensils and what they’re used for. Show them what each type of pan is used for, explain to them the difference between rock frying pans, a cast iron skillet, and a wok. Show them how to beat cake batter and how to whip eggs. The more you can teach them in the kitchen, the better.

Encourages kids to be healthy

Last but not least, another benefit of cooking with kids is that it teaches them the importance of healthy eating. You see, a lot of children are oblivious to what goes into their food. However, by teaching them to cook, you can show them how to determine whether a certain food is healthy or not.

The great thing about cooking with your kids is that even if they are fussy eaters, they are always going to want to try what they’ve made. So, even if it’s a meal packed full of vegetables, your little ones are twice as likely to eat it if they have made it. This means it becomes much easier to get them to eat their greens and try new foods.

Cooking with your kids from a young age is a great thing to do, as it not only helps to aid their development but also encourages them to lead healthier lives and eat more healthily.

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