Sunday 14 April 2019

DIY: Architectural Wall Cladding In Your Home with your Hands

 Often, after some repair work, you may feel that there is heat loss in the kitchen and the walls could become weakened. Decorating the kitchen walls with your own hands is very simple, and at the same time, you can save quite some money. Look at the ideas, and you will understand that architectural wall cladding is a desirable and practical option.

 Steps To Be Followed Before Starting The Architectural Wall Cladding:

Choose A Style Or Design 

Choosing the desired style for your wall is an important step. You can choose from a variety of designs or styles that you would like to see onyour wall. There are some standard styles, which people prefer like:

• Drop siding

• Rustic Planking

• Classic style


Choose A Material

• Salvaged Wood or plywood

• Fiberboard

• Zinc cladding

• Aluminum cladding


Things To Take Care Of During Cladding

The proper gap should be given

You should always have a 3/8 inch gap in your designs especially, if you are working with wooden material because wood expands along the edges.

 Use good quality adhesives

Use a smaller number of nails for your cladding, so as not to distort the beauty of the cladding.

Start your work with a flat surface always. Don’t start with a surface that has grooves and other notches.


Remove the moisture from all the places

Before applying architectural wall cladding in bathroom or kitchen section you may have found some areas where moisture is present. Firstly, wipe off the moisture from those places then apply the cladding so that your cladding will fix there correctly.


An important rule that you should follow

During the process of cladding in your home, it's important to consider the elements like wall cladding. There is a vast variety of materials and designs that you can adapt to your work. For example, Chartek provides its customers with charred wood cladding, which not only looks incredible but even improves fire resistance in the home. It's essential to choose the right color, frame, and material so that your home looks beautiful and eye-catching.


Use wood of good quality There are some places where the use of wooden material is best which increases the beauty of cladding. But it's crucial to use wooden material of good quality and the material used should be durable so that you can use that cladding for a long time.

Nothing wrong in using vegetation filled cladding

There is nothing wrong in using vegetation filled architectural wall cladding in your work. A wall with greenery or using coating of organic things in your cladding is the best choice. It adds a natural feel in your cladding imparting a modern and beautiful look to your home.


Modernize your cladding

You can also modernize your cladding by using some modern techniques in your coating like cutting edge, giving brackets, and so on.  You can select any design for your cladding, but the design should be perfect as per your color and style selection.


Don’t overdo things

It is very important to remember that overdoing the stuff in your cladding will give it a messy look. Design should be look well-organized and free of clutter.

 Texturing is important 

When you are applying an architectural wall cladding in your home, then do not forget to select the best suitable texture for it because it gives a fantastic effect. It provides a new look to your design, and you can also experiment with it.


Whenever you do architectural wall cladding in your home by yourself, then try to plan everything first. Then apply it on a short space and observe it. If it suits your location then finalize it for further work otherwise discard it. You can also take experts or architectural advice for it; they can suggest you the best possible options for your cladding.

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