Sunday 14 April 2019

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Every second week of May there comes a day when mothers should receive a token of appreciation for all the hard work and love they give us all year around. However it seems that mothers are rarely put on the pedestal, so use May 12 to remind mothers how special they are.

Sleepless nights, constant mess, cooking, caring and most of all worrying is an everyday routine for most mothers. They do not put themselves in the first place after those little devils come and own their hearts and space. We are all familiar with women with baggy eyes and messy hair who just want some sleep, women called mums. They sometimes don't have time to shower themselves, so it comes as no surprise that they can't find time for pleasure.  But pleasure is a crucial part of everyone's life, for wellbeing and peace so we should remind them that they have to take time for themselves.

Unfortunately, when mothers receive gifts from their loved ones, they are in most cases not what they want or deserve. Do you think that a mother is delighted when she receives a vacuum cleaner or even worse no gift at all?

LELO conducted a short survey to see what mothers really want for a present.
36% of mothers prefer handmade gifts, 22% of them would like a day off, and the lowest on the list was candy and jewelry. When asked what would they prefer, flowers or a pleasure product, convincing percentage of 66% chose the sex toy.*
And the top of the list for mothers is a good night sleep, where sex toy can help a little bit.

So when choosing a present for your beloved wife, partner and a friend do not put yourself in the first place. Think what she really wants and deserves. And what can boost her energy and self-confidence more than some time for herself, meaning really herself.
Society tends to put moms in the brackets of sexless objects, and we have to emphasize that women are not vessels but sexual beings which does not change after giving birth, it is rather a little bit neglected, especially when you have toddlers.

But one must not forget that sexuality is an essential part of everyone's life, which does not exclude mothers. So why not give mothers sometimes that would remind them they are made of flesh, bones, and desires. And that does not mean buying your wife sexy lingerie which is, to be honest, a present for you, and not for her. Give her something that she can enjoy on her own, when she wants it and how long she wants it.

LELO, a luxury brand for intimate products with its rich portfolio comes in handy when choosing a present for Mother's Day. If you are not sure what to pick, you can always go with beloved LELO SONA.

If you decide to give yourself more time and more orgasms, you can go with a full fledged experience. Light a candle, put some bath petals in your hot tub and take your curvaceous pleasure bomb called SONA with you. But if you have only 5 minutes before the entire family arrives, SONA is here to solve that problem as well and solve it fast. So regardless of whether you're languishing in a decadent bath, sipping champagne, or trying to catch a quick one while you still have the house to yourself, the SONA will make it an experience you're not likely to forget.

And to sum all of this up, what can explain it better than a parody song Motherlover from the Lonely Island and Justin Timberlake? Even though guys make fun of the day, we could not agree more with the line “Every Mother's Day Deserves a Mother's Night”.
So mothers give it a go and enjoy yourself, you deserve it!

66% of the mums prefer to recieve a sextoy rather than flowers

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