Monday 5 December 2016

5 Ways to Prepare for a Blackout

Maybe it's storming. Maybe the electrical company is making repairs. For whatever reason, your power has been cut off, and now your family has to survive without utilities. The good news is that a little preparation beforehand can make the experience a whole lot easier than the blackouts of yesteryear. Here are just five ways to prepare for the lights going out.

1. Buy a Generator

Generators are the easiest way to survive a blackout because they'll restore your power and give you back the conveniences of modern living. Just make sure that you buy from a good, reliable brand that can be trusted when everything goes dark. Generac generators Houston are one such example, but there are many others.

2. Stock Up on Candles

If you can't afford a generator, you'll need an alternative source of light, and candles are your best bet. Flashlights can have old batteries; smartphones can run out of juice. Candles will always be usable as long as you have a heat source for the flame.

3. Protect Your Perishables

If your power goes out for more than a few minutes, it's probably a good idea to move the contents of your refrigerator into a cooler or basement. Prolonged blackouts will ruin your food sooner rather than later, and you don't want to waste an entire fridge when an ice-filled cooler takes only a few seconds to throw together.

4. Call Your Electric Company

Your electric company might be able to give you an estimate for when your power will be back on. If nothing else, you'll be able to report the problem and get assurances that they're working on it. Try not to badger them too much, however; they're probably getting tons of calls just like yours, and those calls won't make them move any faster.

5. Play Games

Your family will be quite bored during a blackout, especially if your digital devices don't have enough charge to last the duration. Playing games is a good way to get everyone's mind off things. It's especially useful if you have small children who are afraid of the dark; a good round of Simon Says will take their mind off their circumstances entirely.

These are just five tips for surviving a blackout. You can always buy an emergency survival kit that includes lots of great items for any emergency. The key is to prepare in advance and not wait until the lights are already out to start making plans. Good luck!

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