Tuesday 3 January 2017

Kid Friendly Crafts And Hobbies to Take Up in The New Year

Are you having trouble keeping the little ones entertained now the hustle and bustle of Christmas is over? Then you might want to have a look at the cool kid-friendly craft and hobby suggestions below. It's always a good idea to get kids interested in hobbies at a young age as it helps them to discover what they like and develop focus. It doesn't hurt that it keep them busy and out of mischief either!  So read on for some awesome suggestions that will keep your little ones amused throughout the year.

Sketch Book

Most kids draw and it a good idea to encourage their artistic side, but have you ever considered doing a sketchbook project with your little ones? It is actually quite easy, you can get them a  dedicated book on which to draw in and then set a topic on which to work.

Good topics include: what are we eating today? What did we see in the park? Or you could try something like family portraits? Then the idea is to complete one picture a day on this topic. So in the end, you have an entire book of your child's work, which they can be proud of, and you can have a keepsake when they grow up.


If you want to draw things from outside of the home, you can always use your smartphone to take a picture and let the child draw from that reference. Or why not get them to remember or imagine instead.

Model Making

Model making it all its forms has been a popular childhood activity through the ages. Some children enjoy making Airfix model of planes or boats, while others like the more up to date offering of Star Wars spaceships.

Other kids might enjoy letting their creativity run wild and making models from plasticine or polymer clay. Polymer clay is great because once put in the over it sets hard, and is pretty long lasting, so you can display your child's models around the house.


Remember though plasticine is better for younger kids. As you can get many child safe varieties, that are not harmful if accidentally consumed.

Get Musical

Another great hobby you can encourage your little ones to take up this year is getting musical. There are lots of ways for the little one to have some fun with music. You could get them an instrument to play, get then to write their own songs with actions,  or even try their hand at some karaoke.


Easy access to technology also means that you can record their efforts too. Then you can use companies such as Nationwide Disc duplication to treat all of the family to their very own copies of your child's masterwork, as gifts.

Easy Woodworking

Woodworking is another create the hobby that kids can get involved in. Although the projects need to be safe for their age range, like this simple birdhouse. Remember to always supervise children when they are working with tools and glue, and complete any parts of the project for them that are dangerous.

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