Monday 1 April 2019

Jobs for Stay-at-Home Parents: Transcription is a Leading Choice

Becoming a professional transcriber is a highly sought after remote work position, which is accessible to anyone with an Internet connection.

According to experts, remote work will become one of the major business trends of 2019, and stay-at-home parents is a group choosing remote work more than others. 
The concept of the office has changed over the last decade as employees seek a better work/life balance, and it is expected that 50% of the workforce will be able to work remotely by 2020. The biggest benefit felt by employees regarding remote working is their ability to manage and structure their own time - 65% of employees believe they are more productive working from home. Additionally, the widespread use of the Internet means that remote workers can work from anywhere in the world - therefore, companies are not restricted to hiring from their local talent pools.

For many parents with young children, the benefits of remote working are numerous. By telecommuting, parents are able to oversee the routines of their children and also spend more time with them by eliminating the need to commute to the office. For time conscious parents, remote working also removes the obligation to take part in lengthy meetings and social gatherings. In addition to the time-saving aspects, working from home also gives parents the opportunity to save on childcare costs as the costs of parenting are constantly rising. 
There are a number of jobs which can be done remotely, and they range from everything from mobile app developer, to copywriter, or transcriber. 
Transcription is the conversion of the spoken word to written text from audio or video files.  GoTranscript is a human-driven transcription service provider that employs nearly 20,000 remote staff from around the globe, and is able to translate audio files into more than 30 languages. Thanks to its team and the accuracy of the human ear, it also boasts accuracy rates of between 99% - 100%, which is higher than anything an AI-driven service currently possesses. It pays up-to $0.60 for each minute of audio and video transcribed, and employees are paid weekly via their PayPal account.
Becoming a GoTranscript professional is easy, and all that a potential employee needs is a GoTranscript user account. 
To begin the process, candidates need to register on the GoTranscript website, where they will be guided to an assessment test. 
In order to gain access to the assessment, the candidate will then need to download the GoTranscript guidelines, read through it, then take a short 14-question test about the style-guide. 
STEP 3: 
After successfully completing the style-guide questionnaire, the candidate will then be redirected to a transcription task that they are expected to complete in under three minutes. They will then be notified by GoTranscript within two weeks regarding whether they have successfully passed the test.
In addition to being full-time remote work for some, transcription also presents an opportunity for those seeking part-time employment such as parents with very young children. 
If the predictions in the rise in remote workers come to fruition, it is most likely that businesses will begin adding the ever-growing number of remote working jobs that exist at present. 
Founded in 2005, Go Transcript specialises in easy-to-use, quality-focused human-powered transcriptions delivered online around the world. For more information and a free trial, visit

Parents are taking advantage of the changing office and remote work politics. Nearly 82% of working parents are interested more in telecommuting with flexible hours as opposed to other freelance positions, citing work and life balance as their main motivation. Nearly a quarter of parents with children under 18 carry out some of their work at home in order to spend more time with their families by avoiding lengthy commutes, office politics, and also reducing the cost of childcare.

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