Saturday 29 October 2016

Essential Tools Every Household Should Own

Decades back, fixing something on your own was a thing of pride and craftiness. Nowadays, experts are called in for the most trivial of things. If you are old-school in this manner, or would like know your way around fixing stuff, you are going to need proper tools – not just a few days before a repair/DIY project, but permanently, in your toolshed. In my personal opinion and from my own experience, these are items everyone should always keep handy.
Safety Glasses
Almost every project, be it I DIY, or repairs has your eyes in its crosshairs. Cutting, nailing, polishing, all of these activities require protecting the most vulnerable part of your body. Sight impairment and infections are common threats, so my advice is: buy safety glasses, regardless of whether you are cutting wood, drilling holes or simply repainting!
Adjustable Wrench
Designed to fit a wide range of nuts and bolts, the adjustable wrench is a must-have. It is quite convenient and portable, which makes it useful in terms of not having to carry or store a full set of wrenches.
Pipe Wrench
No plumbing repairs can be done without a pipe wrench. It is powerful, heavy and equipped with “teeth”, in order to provide a tighter grip, which is especially convenient for plumbing. The only downside to this useful tool is its weight, but if you opt for an aluminum model, instead of one made of iron, you can have it lighter – it’s a good investment.

Socket Wrenches
Unlike the adjustable wrench and the pipe wrench, socket wrenches aren’t hugely common. This, however, is not to say that you shouldn’t getthese – they are used for properly tightening fasteners or loosening those that are frozen, which means that their use is quite versatile. The 1/4” drive is used for electronics and appliances, the 3/8” for automotive work and the 1/2” is used for basically any socket.
Combination Wrench
Combination wrench pretty much sums up the wrench part of this article. It is quite simple in terms of design – open-end on one side, box-end on the other. It comes as a part of a toolset with various sizes. Due to its simplicity in design, it is almost virtually impossible to break, which makes it an integral part of any toolshed. To wrap up the story about wrenches, all of the mentioned can be easily found in any store that specializes in tools in Sydney.
When it comes to the heavies with regards to tools, there is nothing more powerful than a good old sledgehammer, at least when it comes to basic equipment. The destructive power of this tool is so huge, it unmistakably brings satisfaction when used. Swinging it over head and bashing everything in sight isn’t the only use for this “instrument”; it can also serve as a putter to salvage architectural elements, for example. 8- to 10-pound models are the most convenient and popular, but these monstrosities also come in 16- and 20-pound options.
Putty Knife
This is actually a group of tools, consisting of thin-bladed, flexible knives and chisel-edge putty knives. We recommend the high-carbon steel blade.
Bow Saw
If you expect to be doing even the simplest type of wood-cutting, you won’t be able to get through it without a bow saw. It has a replaceable blade, which makes it a durable piece of equipment.
If you aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty, get a toolshed and then get the items off of this list. You can rest assured that the need to use each piece of the mentioned equipment will pop up at a certain point. Besides, there is nothing better than the feeling of accomplishment after getting the job done with your bare hands… okay, with your bare hands and their little helpers.

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