Thursday 12 January 2017

Downsize Your Household Possessions The Right Way With These Top Tips

In this day and age we tend to have more 'stuff' than ever before. Despite the fact that houses are getting smaller, we as a nation seem intent on filling them with more and more possessions. If you are a mom, you will already know that having a family only makes this problem worse. It is pretty hard to be a minimalist when you have children's toys spilling out of every room, and you can barely keep track of what's going in and what's coming out of your home. If you are feeling the need to downsize on some of your household items, you may think that putting everything in the trash is your only option. In reality, this couldn't be further from the truth! If downsizing is already on the agenda, you may as well do it in a useful manner if you can. Here are some ideas about how you can rid your home of the excess 'stuff' and do something good in the process 

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Rework the item in question

This is one for all the money savers out there! Often with certain household items, we get rid of them to make way for a newer, more improved model. An example of this could be your kitchen table, which you may consider dated and not too stylish anymore. Sure, there is nothing wrong with simply disposing of it and getting yourself a new one. But take a second look at your old table, this time with fresh eyes. Is it really so bad, and with a bit of work, could it look completely new? Upcycling is now extremely popular, so make use of your DIY skills and see if you can turn an item you had previously written off into something desirable.


There are some items, however, that are pretty difficult to rework. These tend to be bulky items that serve a specific purpose. For example, you may wonder what to do with an old refrigerator. When it comes to these kinds of things, more of us than would care to admit it tend to shove these items in the garage and then forget about them for six months. But if you do your research, you should be able to find a local haulage company who will come and take items like this off your hands, hassle free.

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If you have a bunch of old items that still work and/or are still in good condition, it could be a waste to simply throw them out. Instead, why not make sure they go to a good home by either donating them or selling them on? If you go with the latter option, you could always hold a yard sale in order to attract interest from your local neighborhood. This also saves you having to sort out things like postage, which can come at an extra cost to you. If you don't feel like selling anything on, simply donate it to someone who you think will appreciate the item or give it to charity.

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