Friday 28 June 2019

Five Ideas for Great Family Gifts

It’s all about the experience.

The trend in gift giving is less “stuff” and more “experiences.” This is especially true if you are purchasing a gift for families. Instead of buying a tie for the dad, a scarf for the mom, a backpack for brother, and a soccer ball for the sister why not purchase a group gift that the whole family can enjoy together? Instead of purchasing matching pajamas for your spouse, kids, and dog, why not buy tickets to a local event and make memories? Instead of spending hours shopping for each person on your list, why not spend minutes at your computer to purchase a large-ticket item that the whole family will enjoy? Read on to discover ideas for great family gifts.

Vacation Gifts

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Are you a grandparent who is trying to figure out what to get for your children and grandchildren? Here’s some friendly advice for you. Your grandchildren do not need another electronic gadget. Their phones do everything for them anyway. Don’t try to pick out clothes for the important people in your life. It’s too difficult to understand individual styles. No one ever really gets excited about receiving a gift card. If you enjoy a large gift budget, why not purchase a vacation gift for the whole family to enjoy?

If you live in the north or the midwestern part of the United States, the best thing in the world to do in February is to get on a plane and fly to somewhere that is green and warm. Make travel easy by purchasing an all-inclusive travel experience. This makes it much easier to pay for and plan. You know that each member of the family will find food and activities that will cater to their individual desires. Everyone would love this gift.

Your shopping can be done in minutes instead of days if you choose to purchase an all-inclusive vacation for the family on your list.

Concert Tickets

If your budget does not allow you to purchase a vacation for the family on your list, consider buying tickets to a local concert that the whole family would like to attend. This may take a little more research than a vacation gift. (Everyone would love to go to the Bahamas, but not every person would like to go to an Imagine Dragons Concert.) Your job would be easier if the entire family enjoyed a specific genre of music. You may consider purchasing tickets for iconic artists that have stood the test of time. Almost everyone would enjoy a Garth Brooks or Paul McCartney concert.

Zoo or Museum Passes

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Does the family you are purchasing gifts for live in an area with great museums or a beautiful zoo? Consider buying year-long passes for those locations. Great children’s museums are popping up all over the country. They offer year-long programming for pre-school and school-aged children. Everyone loves going to the zoo, especially if the zoo houses penguins. Families who are science-oriented would enjoy passes to planetariums or science and industry museums. Check out the art museum and history museums in the area too. As an add-on, consider purchasing gift cards to the museum’s gift shops or tickets that cover special events that they host throughout the year.


Even young people love watching the Food Network. If your family enjoys bonding time while baking, consider purchasing cooking classes that are geared toward the family. Check with your local culinary institute to see what courses would be appropriate for all ages.

If your family enjoys creating art, there are many options of classes available. The whole family could create pottery together. Consider purchasing a painting class for all the members of your family. Board and brush classes are especially popular now.

If your family enjoys sports, you may consider purchasing SCUBA certification classes or a session with a golf pro, along with exploring the market for high-quality golf bags to enhance your golfing experience.

Other Experiences

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If the family you are purchasing for is multi-aged or have a wide variety of interests, you may consider buying a gift certificate for a unique experience that may be offered in your area. Does your family enjoy thrill seeking? Consider purchasing tickets to zip line. Escape rooms have sprung up across the country and can be a fun outing for teenagers and adults alike. Check online to find ghost tours or food tours that are offered in your area. Your family may enjoy ax throwing or bungee jumping.

When you are purchasing gifts for the entire family, consider purchasing experiences over things. Toys break. Sweaters are lost. Candy is eaten. Memories, though, last a lifetime.

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