Friday 28 June 2019

6 Things to know about LASIK eye surgery

The most effective treatment for most eye problems is LASIK eye surgery. We will discuss what you should know about lasik eye surgery and its major benefits.  Wearing glasses and contact lenses have been the main methods of treating vision problems. Most people are not aware of new and effective laser treatment for glaucoma and other eye problems. We will discuss some basic things you need to know about LASIK eye surgery. It is safe and anyone can undergo the surgery if they are willing to incur the cost. Most of the special hospitals offering such services are found in India and other Asian countries.

Here are 6 Things to know about LASIK eye surgery;

1.    Success rate

The eye is a sensitive part of the body. Most people will consider the success rate of carrying out eye surgery using lasers first. Research shows that there is a ninety-five percent success rate in LASIK eye surgery treatments. This is according to statistics from data of patients who have successfully undergone LASIK eye surgical treatment.

2.    Insurance cover

Since this is an elective surgery procedure, most insurance companies may not cover it. But you may find out from your medical insurance cover service provider. Before taking an insurance cover, it is a good idea to check for companies that cover such modern treatment procedures.

3.    Who can have LASIK eye surgery

For corrective eye surgery, you should seek medical diagnosis by a professional eye surgeon. If you have a weak cornea or cataracts, your doctor may not recommend the procedure. Due to continuous use of digital devices, many people are developing various eye conditions including short-sightedness. That is why you should visit an eye specialist for review regularly. In case of eye problems, then you can receive early treatment before the condition worsens.

4.    Recovery

After the surgery, you should expect some side effects for the first few days. Most patients report sensitivity to light, having trouble seeing at night, and irritation. Some patients say the eyes feel dry and uncomfortable for the first few days after the surgery. But all these symptoms disappear with time.

5.    Identify a good medical facility

Not all medical facilities have the modern laser equipment required for a successful surgery. Your doctor's experience, complications rate, and professional training will also matter a lot. You should confirm the doctor’s certification, the general reviews of the medical facility, and if they offer aftercare support after the surgery.

6.    Risks

Just like any other surgery, you should also be aware of the risks. If you identify an experienced and professional eye surgeon, you will minimize the risks. Some of the risks include cornea damage, inflammation, and infections. In some cases, one may also experience overcorrection or under correction which leaves you with worse vision problems. But the catch is to ensure that you get such sensitive treatment from professional eye surgeons.  They should also work in a reputable medical facility that practice proper hygiene and caution.

If you are looking for an effective eye treatment procedure, consider LASIK eye surgery. Your doctor should recommend it though. It may be expensive, but it is effective.


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