Tuesday 21 June 2016

How to be a cool mum this summer

Being a mom is not an easy job, and it can be especially difficult to stay cool during the summer when kids are out of school. Still, there are ways to keep the kids engaged and your energy levels in balance once the summer starts.

Fun summer activities
Going to the pool and other entertaining centers is not only fun but very beneficial for kids. Of course, someone has to take the kids and watch over them while they play. Be smart about this and share the responsibility with others. Talk to the parents of your child’s best friends and organize these events so that the different parent takes the role of a caretaker every time the children go somewhere. That way, the kids will have great time and all parents will be able to participate without feeling stressed or pressured. These awesome inflatable toys are great for some belly laughs!
Make tasty but healthy snacks

Summer is the time of delicious fruits. Still, more often than not, children express their dislike or disinterest in eating these healthy foods. Instead of tiring yourself by explaining why fruits are good for the body and begging the kids to take a bite, be creative in the kitchen. It is fairly simple to make ice lollies filled with healthy fruits and veggies while the kids would find this type of snack much more interesting, refreshing and acceptable to their taste. When it comes to food and kids it is all about the appearance.
Activity books to the rescue
There will always be those times when your kids are bored and there is absolutely no way for them to go out and play. In these cases, activity books can really help. There are many kinds of activity books depending on the child’s age and interests. If you present your kids with this fun pastime they are likely to engage in the activity and forget about feeling bored (and maybe some mischievous behavior that boredom usually brings as well).
Kids on the wheels

Both young and teenage kids love to have their own special “vehicle” to get around the neighborhood. Being a cool mum as you are, turn to the youth trends and get your kid a genuine self-balancing segway board so that they too can be cool while hovering the streets. Children would appreciate this gesture greatly and, most importantly, get a lot of physical exercise while spending time outdoors. What’s more, hoverboards can be a great conversation starter which might as well mean that you helped your kids make new friends and acquaintances indirectly, thus improving their social skills.
App help
Being a cool mum doesn’t mean spending the time and energy on your kids only, but on your friends and spouse as well, while at the same time keeping the chores in check. Luckily, today there are many phone apps that can assist you with your chores list, staying in touch with others, useful and quick mum advice, keeping fit, and other important parts of the busy day.

Try to stay relaxed and approach your kids and other daily responsibilities as calmly as possible. Summer time is all about fun and this is true for both the parents and children. If you manage to find your own inner child it will be easier for you to understand what your kids want and need, which will not only make the parent-child bond stronger, but will also give you some peace of mind to keep your cool.

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