Wednesday 15 February 2017

Teenage Kicks: Transform Kids Room's Without Breaking The Bank

We all know children grow up pretty quickly. One minute they're asking you to tuck them in as you kiss them and bunny goodnight. The next? You're lying awake on Saturday night listening for the sound of their key in the door at 1 am. If your little darlings aren't so little anymore, then you'll be looking for some cheap, easy and convenient ways to transform their room into a more adult living space.

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Trash The Train Duvet

Bin, or donate any bedding with child like cartoon drawings on them as well as sheets, pillows and duvet covers. Let them choose bedding they like, suggest neutral tones or patterned bedding like geo print, artistic leaves, swirly text, flowers, pinstripes or reversible duvets. This is a quick, wallet-friendly way to liven up a room and don't forget to replace any rugs, lamp shades or curtains that have similar decals for plain, or minimalist designs. Teens love to change their mind so a fun option might be reversible bedding, if they get bored of one design, they can just flip the quilt over.

Pick Out An Adult Bed

Now might also be a good time to consider updating their bed itself, while single beds are excellent for kids most adults need the space and comfort of a double. This is especially true if your child is particularly tall and needs extra leg room. There is a range of modern, stylish bed frames on the market which are more appropriate than the princess style turret frame your daughter currently has. The chances are the mattress needs changing too, they should be replaced every eight, to ten years and a good mattress is worth its weight in gold.
Visit John Ryan By Design, mattress specialists for other tips on mattress care, as well as what to look for in an adult sized mattress. While they aren't cheap, you can get a good deal by buying a mattress bed combo and just think when your child moves out they'll be able to take the adult size bed with them!  

Give Them A Paintbrush

Ask your teenager what colour they'd like their room painted, think carefully before you agree to black or red, and then have them help you repaint the space. Painting over babyish pinks, blues and yellows and replacing it with artistic stencils in mature mocha, navy and cream and peach can help transform a bedroom. If your child is exceptionally creative, or artsy why not ask them to create a photo collage they can hang from the ceiling? Or a mural of their favorite things to run along a back wall?

Don't feel like you need to stick to Design 101 let them experiment with color, fabric and shapes. If they think a velvet flocked feature wall looks cool, then all you can do is advise them it may look a little dark in forest green but ultimately the choice is theirs. Try to avoid any arguments over those must-have extras like throw pillows, blankets, lamps, stationery, desks and office chairs by giving them a budget up front and repurpose any old cushions and chairs where you can.

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