Monday 17 October 2016

How to Make your kids love their appointment with the Dentist

Dental visits are very important to ensure good oral health for your kids. However, from your child's perspective, dental visits can be a strange experience and it can be quite scary: lying on a strange chair in a strange room with strange noises and objects, when a stranger pokes around your mouth with some cold, metallic and strange looking instrument. Therefore it is crucial to ensure that your kid does not develop any fear for dental visits. The following are some tips that will help your kid feel more comfortable and relaxed during his/her dental visits.

Keep It Simple

Do not overwhelm your child with too many details especially if it's his/her first dental visit. For instance, telling your child about an extra treatment like a filling he might need will cause unnecessary anxiety. Keep your conversation about an upcoming visit casual and tackle any queries with a positive attitude. However, avoid saying that everything will be fine, because if your child end up getting a treatment, he might lose trust in both you and the dentist.

Watch Your Words

Avoid using words such as “shot,” “pain,” “hurt,” etc while speaking to your child during a dental visit. Instead try use words like “strong, healthy teeth, clean” to make the visit seem fun and good rather than scary and alarming. For instance, you can tell your child that “the doctor is going to look for your smile and count your teeth” or “the dentist is going to find the sugar bugs and clean them off your teeth.”

Consider a Pretend Visit

If it is your child's first dental visit, it is a good idea to make your child familiarize with what usually happens during a dental appointment. Role play with your kid as the dentist and the patient. Take a toothbrush and count your little one's teeth in a playful manner. Avoid making drilling noises or including other “instruments.” You can even hold up a mirror and show how the dentist might look at and check his/her teeth. Now, you can let your child play the role of a dentist and let him/her use the toothbrush to check and clean the teeth of a stuffed animal toy. The aim is to make your child feel more comfortable about the real visit.

Do Not Try to Relate

It is not only children who are scared of having a dental visit. Many adults also feel anxious at the idea of getting a dental treatment. Do not take your child to your own dental appointment. If your child sees that you are scared or anxious, this will leave a sense of fear in his/her mind too. Also, avoid telling violent stories about root canals or other unpleasant experience will leave your child anxious and scared. Also, taking your child to an uninspiring and dull adult office will also give the wrong impression as majority of the pediatric dentists make their offices kid-friendly.

Prepare for Some Fussing

It is quite normal for a child to cry, make a fuss, throw a tantrum, and not want to be examined by a stranger. Let the dental care professional handle the situation because the dentist and his/her staff are used to such situations. You might be asked to stay at a distance or to hold your child's hand to provide comfort and to prevent him/her from grabbing any dental instruments.

Focus on the Importance of Good Oral Hygiene

It is important for your child to understand that visiting the dentist is a necessity, not an option. Also, tell your child that the dentist will take care of your teeth and make them stronger. You might also explain that dentists also help protect their teeth from cavities. Also that patients will have a patients will have a beautiful smile for years to come.

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