Wednesday 24 August 2016

Smart Tactics for Making School Supplies More Affordable

Many children are now back at school after their summer break. While you might already have bought back to school supplies, there can often be many more things needed throughout the year. Various expenses can pop up that you have to meet. They range from new clothes when old ones have been outgrown to money to take on field trips. These expenses can add up so that you end up forking out a lot of money over the school year. This can be an annoyance for some parents but for others it can mean a struggle to take care of other costs. If you need to stock up on school supplies, try these tips to make it more manageable.

Find Ways to Fund Larger Expenses

There can be a few school expenses that result in spending a large chunk of money at once. You won't always have that money available, even if you've been trying to save. Many times the issue is that money has been tight for that particular month. You know that if you can wait until next month, you'll have the cash you need. This can happen for unexpected school costs, in particular. One of the options when this happens is to try a solution like Personal Money Store. You can search for short-term loans that are suitable for your purposes. You can usually borrow as little as $100, and you can pay it back on payday.

See How the School Can Help

If the cost of school supplies seems too high, you might want to see how your child's school can help. Not every school will be able to provide assistance. However, many make an effort to ensure that all their students get the supplies they need for their education. For example, some schools will try to offer more affordable supplies to purchase. Others might subsidize the cost of various items. Your school might also be able to refer you to a supply drive that could help you get the things you need. Sometimes, teachers even dip into their own pockets to ensure that pupils have the supplies they need for the classroom.

Look for Discounts and Inexpensive Options

If you need to save money, it's always best to start looking for cheap options. The cost of many school supplies has risen in recent years. However, it's still, fortunately, easy to find many cheaper options. Costs can add up and come to a larger amount, but you can reduce the expense if you buy carefully. The first thing to do is scrutinize back to school sales carefully. Make sure that you're actually getting a good deal and not just falling for something because it's in a sale. There might be a better option that's cheap all year and is similar in quality.

Reuse and Mend

Every year calls for new school supplies, but remember that you won't always have to replace everything. Some things could be a must, like certain clothes and shoes or stationery. But there are things you can use again, repair or recycle into something new. For example, is your child's pencil case from last year still in good condition? While a new one for the new year might be fun, perhaps it can keep going for a bit longer. Hand-me-down clothes have long been a way to save money when you have multiple children. If you can fix something instead of throwing it away, it can save you some money.

Separate Must-haves from Nice-to-haves

Children are often given a list of supplies they have to have for school. They may be expected to have everything on this list, and there's no getting around it. But there are still ways to ensure you only spend money on essentials and not on unnecessary items. Firstly, if your child has a list from school, check to see what is necessary and what is just a suggestion. Secondly, consider other school supplies that aren't on the list. Which of them does your child need and what might just be nice to have? This includes exactly which products you choose to buy. For example, it might be fun for your child to have a Frozen backpack. But if a plain bag is cheaper and sturdier, it may be a better purchase. Sometimes, you might have to compromise, and it could mean cutting out the extra niceties. Focus on making your kids happy in other ways to avoid making it all about the things you buy them.

You can't avoid the need for school supplies, but you can find ways to make them more affordable. Throughout the school year, look for methods to reduce the expense.

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