Sunday 2 June 2019

New Home Scavenger Hunt For Kids

Moving is a big deal for the entire family, but it can take an especially large toll on the kids. While there is excitement often surrounding the idea of a new house and a new room, this excitement can often fade away to anxiety and stress as children begin to realize that moving means leaving behind their friends and everything that is familiar to them. 

To help ease the transition into a new home, the folks at The Zebra have broken down everything parents need to know when it comes to making their children feel more comfortable during each stage of the moving process. Since kids of all ages react well to games and activities, they also created printable scavenger huntscatered to your child's age so they can have fun while getting to know their new home.

Over time, children will begin to love their new home and make new friends in their area. Until then, it's important to prioritize their comfort and safety so that they know that even though things have changed they will always be taken care of. By being honest and open with your children and investing in new home insurance, parents can lay the foundation for a successful family adventure in their new home.

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