Friday 31 May 2019

Budget Templates For Newlyweds

Whether you are getting married, newlywed, or looking to reconnect with your spouse about your finances, the money talk is one of the most important you will have as a couple. Having the money talk early and often will build trust and inspire a deeper connection with your spouse.

Deciding if and how you will combine finances and also how you will budget your life together will help you set realistic financial expectations for your future together. Talking about money seems uncomfortable to most, but why not look at it instead as an opportunity to learn more about your partner and their priorities?

Consider setting aside an evening or two to ask questions around your spouse’s financial past (such as what is your credit score?), lifestyle choices (such as what’s an ideal emergency fund amount), and future plans (what do you want retirement to look like?) Click here for more budgeting for newlyweds questions.

There’s not one right answer for questions about personal finance so having open and honest conversations with your spouse will help you better understand each other and prepare for life together.

If you do decide to combine finances, there will be lots of paperwork, research, sacrifice and compromise. Use these budgeting printables to make financially planning fun.

Whether you are using our monthly budget calendar to keep track of bills, or using our finance-focused conversation starters to discover more about your spouse and their relationship with money, these printables will get you on the same page and ready to plan your future together as a team.

You can also use these printables to set goals like building your credit and budgeting your first year of marriage.

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