Wednesday 24 October 2018

Self Care: The Family Edition

Before you become a parent, you only have to worry about yourself. Your evenings are all about focusing on self-care without distraction. Once kids come into your life, things couldn’t be more different. During the early years, you won’t even remember what a bubble bath looks like. Even once your littlies are old enough to walk, talk, and make mischief, you’ll struggle to find time for yourself. That’s a sacrifice you’ll be more than willing to make. It is worth noting, though, that neglecting yourself could leave you unable to provide the care your kids need.

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So, you could say that finding time for self-care is pretty crucial. You’ll certainly notice how much more able you feel to tackle parenting when you’ve recharged. The trouble is that most parents don’t get the chance to do that often. We snatch a few hours each week. Surely even you can see that’s nowhere near enough?

The main reason for difficulty here is the types of self-care we embark on. We consider things like private baths or spa days without anyone to worry about. You have to take time out for these, so they soon become a rarity. But, what if we were to tell you that it is possible to practice self-care without taking time out? By incorporating small self-care pointers into your parenting day, you could look after yourself and your kids at the same time. Here’s how.

Get out in nature as a family

Nature has always been fantastic for self-care. Back in your single days, the chances are that you enjoyed solo woodland walks on occasion. Yet, since the arrival of your children, you’ve considered this out-of-bounds. Why? The fact is that there’s nothing to stop you getting out in nature with your kids. It may not quite have the calming benefits of a walk on your own, but this can still work wonders for your wellbeing. Not to mention that it’ll give your children an all-important outdoor fix. So, go for a walk. Head out to pick mushrooms. Just get outside!

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Incorporate relaxing elements in the home

It’s also possible to incorporate relaxing elements into the heart of a family home. You don’t need to have a bath to make the most of sweet smells. Instead, you could incorporate something like these Aromatech scent diffusers into any room you fancy. There’s also nothing to stop you from playing calming sounds in your family rooms. These are small touches which could make all the difference for helping you chill out.  

Get crafting together

Crafts are also a fantastic way to calm your mind. There’s a meditative quality to things like knitting. That can help with things like mindfulness. Even better, kids love to make things. By embarking on regular craft sessions together, then, you’ll find no end of benefits. Admittedly, playful children don’t quite bring the relaxing benefits of an evening knitting session. But, you should still find that the act of creation helps to nurture you a little. 


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