Monday 22 October 2018

Unexpected Ways To Save When Shopping Online

A lot of our shopping takes place online today, especially for younger generations, and it's not hard to understand why. It's fast, convenient, and in most cases, more affordable. But are you really saving as much as you could be while shopping online? Use a few of these tricks and tips for saving money while shopping online.

  • Use Cash Back and Rebate Apps: There are plenty of free apps, plugins, and websites that have been created in recent years to help you save money on each item you buy online. Different apps and sites are better for different things, so do your homework before deciding on one. Or better yet, double down and use multiple apps. For instance, there are free browser plugins that alert you to promo codes before you place an order. Other rebate apps literally send you money in the mail for qualifying purchases.

  • Pay Attention To Shipping: Sure, the item itself might be fairly cheap, but did you check the shipping costs? Shipping can be costly if you're not careful, and some companies default to a more expensive shipping option. In some cases, overnight or two-day delivery may be 50% more than the usual delivery fee. Check to see what shipping option you're defaulting to. If you can afford to wait a few extra days for your item to arrive, opt for the more affordable shipping options.

  • Leave Your Shopping Cart Full: It can be tempting to impulse buy online, especially if you already know what you need to buy. However, if you leave items in your shopping cart while you're thinking on it, you might decide you don't really need to buy everything on that list. Also, if you leave your shopping cart full, some sites will email you when the price of the item drops, so you can time your purchase well.

  • Watch For Discounts: Be aware of seasonal shopping trends and discounts; some types of products are more likely to be discounted at certain times of year. Additionally, the internet is filled with coupon codes that can be combined for maximum savings. You can find brand name sunglasses at discount prices as well!

  • If you do your homework and plan your shopping carefully, you could be able to save money in plenty of unexpected ways. When shopping online, be sure to use rebate apps, keep an eye on shipping, leave your cart full for a while, and be aware of coupon codes. You'll be surprised how much you save.

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    1. Shipping can be costly if you're not careful, and some companies default to a more expensive shipping option.