Sunday 21 October 2018

6 Self-care Habits that Have Nothing to do with Baths or Scented Candles

Aren’t caregivers entitled to have someone care for them? Mothers might have caring husbands and children, but self-care is the best way to go. It is not attained in the spur of a moment, but it is comprised of numerous habits, big and small alike. Furthermore, they are not the ones you might first think of. Bubbly baths, scented candles, and relaxing with a good book are not proactive enough. What mommies really need is something to get their adrenaline going and turn them into supermoms. They take care of the entire family, but finding time for these activities is important as well. Otherwise, they might experience the “mom burnout” syndrome. These habits include, but are not limited to, the following 6 self-care routines that will get any mom up and running.


Don’t you ever feel that everything should go quiet so you could for once think clearly? There is a method for achieving this and it is called meditation. It is a form a “mental break” associated with Eastern philosophy that has proved effective in thousands of examples of mothers. The best thing about it is that it does not require a lot of time. Just ten minutes a day are enough for achieving mental calmness. Additionally, it is quite simple as it consists of breathing, thinking, and timely stopping, which is something anyone can do. Meditation helps you find the much-needed inner peace that will allow you to fully recharge your batteries and be ready for daily challenges.

Family walks

One could perceive other family members as a factor that contributes to increased stress levels. One could, but one mustn’t think like that. The family is also a relevant factor and don’t forget to make full use of it. You can combine family time with time dedicated for any physical activity. During leisure time, like the evening or the weekends, go with your family for a stroll through nature. This is much better and healthier than going out for a meal or staying home and watching TV. This way the family bond is strengthened.

Cycling once a week

The aforementioned family walks are nice, but they are just one among many available forms of physical activity. For example, you could consider a weekly physical activity in the form of cycling. This would be excellent to lift the spirits up and relieve any kind of stress. Actually, it is among top remedies for “mommy burnout.” In addition, you will save money on gas when going shorter distances. Special seats for children can be attached to women’s bikes, so you will spend more quality time with them. During the ride, your young ones will be mesmerized by the roadside scenery. These rides can be less utilitarian if they are done on Sundays and include the whole family. This way you both have fun and relax with all your family members, as even grandparents can join the “cyclecade.”

Delicious food

Since mothers cater to the dietary needs of the whole family, this means that they eat what others like. Seldom do they have the chance to include the things they actually like on the family menu. Talk with your family members and make sure your wishes are respected. They are bound to accept any proposal as they appreciate you. The thing is: you have to learn to appreciate yourself. Children should be fed first, but that does not mean that your meal should be any less important. An active mom needs to eat enough to satisfy all her needs for energy.

Plenty of sleep

Sleep is no different than food: there should be enough of it and it should be of high quality. Yes, small children need a lot of attention during the night, but there are two parents. You can divide the work between you and your husband (or siblings or grandparents) so you will sleep enough and not collapse from fatigue.

First teeth, a fever, a tummy ache. Typical children’s health problems that mean you will be frequently at the doctor’s office. This is perilous, as you might forget that visits to the doctor are not carried out only when someone is sick. Regular checkup should remain regular even when you get children. If you are not well, how are you going to look after the health of your children? Like we said in the beginning: those who care should first care about themselves before helping others. Also, if mommy has a cold, it won’t be long before the whole family starts sneezing.

The best thing about the habits described here is that they do not require a major shift in your daily routine. These are just a few small things, but highly important, unlike bubbly baths which do not improve the quality of life of any mother.

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