Friday 30 May 2014

5 Ways To Add Relaxation To Your Day

Life can be crazy, and I go days and days without a break and the only way I get by is by sneaking relaxation into my daily duties. I have 3 kids and watch numerous others so slipping in some me time is very important. Here are ways to give yourself a break even while working your butt off:

Have a Picnic: Kids love picnics and they can be extremely relaxing even with little kids. Make sure you have the exact right spot like your backyard or a easily accessible park for the kids to play and let you sit and relax. Before you know it lunch will be calm and cool while the kids enjoy themselves.

Play Eye Spy: When your walking with kids, driving, or taking a bus nothing makes them calm and quiet quite like a game of eye spy. My 4 year old daughter will play this game for hours and it keeps her in a great mood while we travel from point A to point B. 

Read a Story: I love reading books with my kids and they love when I do it. Another excellent way to make sure you get some down time and relax. Story after story your kids will enjoy it.

Look For Shapes in the clouds: Find a comfy place on the grass and lay a blanket down. Have all the kids lay on their backs and try to find shapes in the clouds. Cloud-free day? Try making your own calming yoga routine for the kids to follow. You will be amazed at how much fun the kids will have copying your moves.

At Home Spa: Whether your children are boys or girls you can create your very own relaxing spa for you and the kids to enjoy. You can paint little girls nails, let them use some great smelling lotion on their hands and feet, clip their nails and do some simple hygiene that would normally be a chore. 

With all of these easy ways to sit and relax I hope you will find time for you in this busy life!

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