Monday 2 June 2014

Saving Over $1000 This Summer!

Summer can be super expensive and there are over a million different ways people are trying to save money. I have some super simple solutions that are going to save me probably close to $1000 this summer that you may or may not have thought of. Check this out!
1. I have a small creek in my backyard, which means I have free water in my yard. By buying a submersible pump I am going to save over $600 on my water bill watering my garden and lawn with my free water supply. If you have free water near you look into it, you can save a small fortune. 

2. Growing my own everything. I have a gorgeous vegetable garden and it has everything from potatoes, corn, watermelons, cucumbers, and much more all growing as we speak. Not only am I going to save around $200 or more on produce but I am sharing with friends and family and if I choose to I can sell some.

3. Walking, busing, biking, to all my summer locations is saving me hundreds on gas. I just make sure to bring everything I need for my journey so everyone is happy, comfortable and safe. We already do this on a daily basis so this just adds to the savings.

4. Playing outside is going to drop my electricity bill big time, between that and barbecuing I can save easily over $150 on my hydro bill. Even with my air conditioner on in the day I don't use T.V., lights, heat, or other electronics that are not necessary for our summer fun.

5. Making our own fun. We can make our own everything if we try hard enough, bubbles, play dough, paint, forts, etc. are all free or inexpensive. Not to mention the beach, summer events in your community, spray parks, and so many other free things you can do for fun. 

6. Make all your own food and buy in season fruit and out of season treats. You can make your own bread during the cooler times of day, as well as muffins, cupcakes, and other great treats start  now before the heat hits hard and freeze them for future use. Buy all the fruit that is in season and on sale. I avoid winter fruits and veg and stick with stuff I know is grown right now. If you look hard enough you can still find stuff from other seasons and holidays which is one of my favorite things to do. Saving 3-4 hundred dollars on food.

7. Camping can be cheap if done right. I do it in my backyard which means I have no camp ground to pay or gas to buy. I have a fire pit so I can cook on there for the real experience. If your not allowed a fire use your barbecue. Try to avoid going inside for any reason but the bathroom by pretending your actually out in the woods. The kids will love it and your electric bill will show it.

8. Go fishing and eat what you catch. I love fishing and we love fish in this family. It works out great because I can save a bundle just by eating fish a bunch during summer. 

As you can see the savings pile up but if you feel the need to go spend a bit of cash go see some garage sales or take a walk to get ice cream. It will satisfy your spending urge and still save you money.

What are you doing to save this summer? 

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