5 Feng Shui Tips For Your Home Office

As many know the Chinese tend to live longer than any other people. It might be due to the food and their eating habits, but actually, they have an absolutely serene way of personal and business life. Calm working surrounding – you wonder, is that possible? Well, feng shui method can be easily implemented into your home office and give you relaxing, spiritual and yet productive results. Here are the essential tips on how to make your home office more comfortable following the feng shui method which will guarantee results in the long run.

1. Shape up the surroundings

So, your home office is already your own private sanctuary, but you just can’t seem to get the work done effectively. Following the feng shui way, you should first declutter all the unnecessary items that have been pilling up. Consider completely throwing out the excess papers and files that you are not using. Also, get stylish plastic boxes to place the finished files and organize them neatly on the shelves. Try placing office stationery in separate cases, and organize and label the items on the shelves to easily reach and find the files. Too many objects that you no longer use can create unwanted stress, which probably occupies your mind and you don't get the work done.

2. Ease the air

Yes, it might sound strange, but it does the job. Since you work from your home, it is hard to completely escape and relax after a hard working job. Calm atmosphere in your home office is important, so the feng shui trick is to get a good ionizer to clear up the air. In no time you would feel refreshed. What is more, get some houseplant, such as Chinese Evergreen or a Bamboo, that will not only purify the air but it will be a nice decorative element and give your brain the much-needed oxygen. You can also buy a quality electrical air freshener with soothing lavender fragrance because it will definitely keep you focused and inspired while working.

3. Focus on the position

Certain feng shui positions attract the positive vibes and energize your area. Number one feng shui commanding position is to get quality office desks and place them further from the door. Next, do not place chairs in line with the door or facing the wall, but rather face them towards the window. To get the best feng shui energy you should get all the elements needed for perfect serenity. Put a vividly colored painting next to your working station, place a world map on a plain wall or get some earthy ornaments, such as a wooden clock. To attract the right energy let’s not forget about lighting. Light is more than essential, so make sure that you have at least one mild lamp or install uplighters that will boost up your mood.

4. Follow the right elements

There are 5 feng shui elements and each have their own unique representation that can bring the perfect balance into your home office. If your office is facing south, which represents the fire element, then you should not have water elements around it like blue wallpaper or a water dispenser. On the other hand, if your office is facing the north way then you definitely have to implement water elements. Get a black colored computer or stationary because the color of this element is black and blue. Pure white color represents the metal element so have some clear white frames or put a mirror. Earth and wood element are similar so get plants around the office or buy brown furniture.

5.  Address the details

It is not easy to completely bring the entire feng shui effect into your home office. However, you can enhance a mindful working atmosphere with a few details. Pay attention to colors and materials, for example, rectangular wooden frames and desks are the best recommendations in feng shui. Also, choose the colors that represent your work and you will channel positive energy. And to stimulate the energy, even more, implement warm colors in decoration like adding an orange cushion or a yellow bookmark. Another thing that would enhance calming feeling is placing an emerald green suede sofa to contrast the environment. You would be surprised what serene effect you would achieve by changing a few details in your home office.


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